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Advanced Burglar Alarm Systems for High-Risk Businesses

Own a high-risk business but don’t know the right security system for it? Then this guide is just for you. High-risk businesses require a proper futureproofed security system that can not only fulfil your current security needs but also have the capacity to be scalable and compatible with growing demands.

For example, you could perhaps have a series of CCTV cameras installed on the premises, and later upgrade the same system to incorporate AI-enabled surveillance to further strengthen your business security!

Read below to learn more about some of the best-advanced burglar alarm systems for high-risk businesses and a few best practices to keep in mind.

Keeping up with the Trends

Security systems, at their core, have remained the same for decades – but we can’t simply talk about burglar alarms without mentioning the quintessential security system that started it all: CCTV cameras.

The age of surveillance began with the advent of CCTV cameras which debuted in 1943. Invented in Germany to monitor the stockpile of V2 Rockets, the technology only entered the mainstream market around 1949 when it was first commercially sold to businesses.

CCTV systems work by connecting a series of cameras through wires. These cameras then send security footage to a central hub that displays the footage on monitors. CCTV systems usually worked in tandem with burglar alarms because back then, burglar alarms did not have motion sensors. This meant that someone would have to manually trigger the alarm after detecting an intrusion.

Even now, nearly after about 70 years, CCTV cameras remain an integral part of any business or home security system. However, these systems have gotten an upgrade over the years thanks to technological advancements.

Today, CCTV cameras don’t just provide passive security by recording footage, but can also help take active and automated actions to prevent burglaries.

For example, thanks to the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), security cameras are now much smarter than they ever were. CCTV cameras are often connected to the internet and provide cloud-enabled security which helps users save footage over the internet where it can be accessed from anywhere. These systems are also powered by advanced AI-enabled software that enables the cameras to “see more” than they ever could.

For example, some security systems have the ability to continually be better with the same hardware. How? Well, using AI-enabled software and new and advanced algorithms, security companies can push a software update to old camera systems that can help them record clearer and better footage. These types of systems are prized for their futureproofing capabilities and have quickly become the default choice for many businesses that want an adaptable system.

Before we get into all the advanced burglar systems, we need to first discuss why high-risk businesses need a holistic approach to anti-burglar systems.

Why High-Risk Businesses Require a Complete Solution

Whether it’s a bank, a jewellery shop, or virtually any establishment that deals in a lot of cash or valuable items, high-risk businesses often require a system that works together in harmony. Having just one or two security measures is usually not enough for such establishments, which is why we recommend following the guide below to get the most out of your burglar alarm system:

Start with an Audit

The basics of any security system begin by assessing your needs. To get the most out of your security system, we highly recommend that you set up an appointment for a security risk assessment.

The reason why you need an audit for your business is simple: installing a security system by yourself will almost invariably leave you with dangerous loopholes. Some businesses decide to purchase a system without expert help. In the short term, this strategy may help you save SOME money, but in the long term, it will always cost you more – not to mention the fact that you may even expose your high-risk business to threats!

Hiring professionals, like Calder Security, will not only guarantee that you will get a holistic security solution, but it will also ensure that you will get the most value for your money too! That’s right, contrary to popular belief, getting professional help can end up saving you money instead of costing more.

The truth is that experienced security companies have a security blueprint for almost every business in existence. These companies use their vast experience and provide their clients with the best possible solution that minimises redundancies and saves you money on additional and unnecessary hardware.

Once an audit has been conducted, security experts will be able to highlight key vulnerabilities in your business and work with you to overcome various security gaps. For example, an audit can highlight important blind spots that may require not just a burglar alarm but also other security hardware like motion sensors, CCTV cameras, access control, and more.

This approach can maximise your business security and provide you with peace of mind that is seldom found in self-installed security systems.

Go with Modern Hardware

Thanks to technological advancements and the decline in manufacturing costs, security hardware is more affordable than ever. However, to get the most benefit out of your security system, it is essential that you go with modern hardware that is designed to be scalable and compatible with future technologies.

Take the example of holistic CCTV and burglar alarm systems. Alone, one of these systems will not be enough to secure the premises – but by combining security hardware with advanced software, you can connect both systems to provide tighter security.

How? It’s all in the software! Modern CCTV camera systems are the eyes of smart security systems. These systems, with the help of AI-enabled software, enable the cameras to detect faces and movement, and even perform a gait analysis. This means that the camera system can effectively tell the difference between authorised and unauthorised personnel on the premises.

Here’s a quick scenario to help you understand how modern burglar alarm systems can work with smart cameras:

Imagine you have smart cameras installed at a restricted area that also happens to be an access point into your high-end jewellery shop. Using advanced algorithms, the system can (in real time) detect faces and pick up on the people who pass through the area. If the system detects an unfamiliar face, a loud sound, or multiple people accessing the area at the same time, then it can selectively trigger the burglar alarm. Not only this, but the alarm can further trigger other security measures like the disabling of access keypads!

This is just one way these smart systems can work together to deter crime! So, if you truly want next-generation security for your high-risk business, then you will have to go with next-generation hardware!

Leave the Installation and Procurement to the Professionals

Finally, if you truly want a robust system, always go with one security company that provides you with all the services. The biggest benefit of going with an all-in-one security company like Calder is that you will always get super-compatible hardware that is made to work together with other security systems.

Many security companies provide discrete solutions where they may even outsource hardware and services from other companies. While this strategy is also feasible, it doesn’t provide the right security that high-risk businesses require.

If one company handles all your security needs end-to-end, then you will be guaranteed a foolproof and robust system that can easily be maintained and even improved later with relative ease.

Regular Maintenance is Key!

Modern security systems are getting better and require less and less maintenance. However, if you have older hardware and multiple outdoor cameras then it would be a good idea to have a regular maintenance schedule of your system. Since there is wear and tear involved with using security hardware, it is important that a professional team regularly inspects the system for potential flaws.

If you have a software-intense security system, then you may also opt for virtual maintenance services where a professional team will remotely access and analyse your security system for bugs. System or software updates are also part of maintenance activities and failing to perform them may result in software bugs – or worse, you may not get access to the latest security updates or features for your hardware.

Advanced Burglar Alarm Systems for High-Risk Businesses

Here are some of the best burglar alarm systems for high-risk businesses that require extremely tight and reliable security:

Perimeter Security Systems

Do you know what all burglaries have in common? They begin with an undetected perimeter breach. Your goal should be to stop the burglary before the bad guys even enter the premises of your business.

To that end, it is important that you install perimeter security. This type of burglar alarm works proactively to deter threats and can stop crime before it happens. An effective perimeter burglar alarm system works using infrared sensors, laser detectors, and even pressure-sensitive sensors to detect breaches.

CCTV Cameras

As mentioned above, CCTV cameras are the eyes of any smart security system. These camera systems are crucial for not just recording crime but also helping authorities catch the bad guys. CCTV cameras work in tandem with burglar alarm systems to provide a foolproof system that can deter almost every nefarious attempt.

There are several types of CCTV cameras that you can go with. For example, the outside area of your business will require outdoor cameras that are built to withstand various environmental factors. You can also go with static or motorised cameras that can pan, tilt, and zoom. You should also consider the recording capabilities along with the DVR requirements for these systems! For the best experience, we highly recommend that you go with an experienced security company like Calder Security to secure your business in the best possible way.

Advanced Intrusion Detection Systems

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) consist of multiple anti-burglar hardware that provides a comprehensive security solution for high-risk businesses. Apart from the hardware that we have discussed above, some common examples of IDS hardware are sound detectors and vibration detectors. Combined with other security hardware, these systems provide a holistic solution that covers all bases of a business that requires constant and tight security.

Sound detectors work by detecting unusual sounds in an area. For example, the system can detect loud thuds or spoken language. Once triggered, the system can send out a distress signal to the relevant authorities. Similarly, vibration sensors can pick up on minute movements on windows, doors, air ducts, or virtually any other access point – so even if the intruder passes through other security measures, there is no way they can attempt a crime without making tactile contact!

Monitoring Services for Burglar Alarms

If you run a busy business and don’t have time to personally monitor the security of your premises, or if you don’t have the space to accommodate a separate security office, then you can always go for external monitoring services.

An important thing to keep in mind, though, is that not every company offers monitoring services! Luckily, Calder Security provides a comprehensive solution which means that you can not only get your system installed by us, but you can also opt for our external monitoring services where our team of professional security personnel will continuously monitor your premises for you.

This way, if there is a crime or a potential threat, the team can either reach out to you or to the relevant authorities to take immediate action. This type of service is highly recommended for businesses that require tight and constant security, especially outside of business hours.

Duress Burglar Alarms

In the exceedingly rare case of total security failure, you can also have a duress alarm. These alarm systems are there for worst cases. In the event of a successful breach, duress alarms can be activated to quietly alert the authorities. Duress alarms are an effective last-resort anti-burglar system that can help you during intense moments. However, the placement of these systems is incredibly important. Duress alarms can commonly be found in jewellery stores, banks, and money exchangers.

A professional security company will not only be able to help you identify the placement of these alarms, but they can also help train your employees or staff on the dos and don’ts of worst-case situations.


At Calder Security, we provide a comprehensive range of security solutions that include not just professional installation but also monitoring, maintenance, and repair services.

We are members of the Master Locksmith Association (MLA), approved members of the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB), and also conform to all the relevant British and EU Standards.

We follow all the best practices in the industry and install only high-quality, state-of-the-art security systems.

We offer various levels of monitoring via a 24-hour monitoring centre using Dualcom and BT Redcare signalling, which is the most secure alarm monitoring system and the largest supplier of intelligent alarm signalling services in the UK.

We understand the importance of having to regularly maintain security systems since the inability to do so might result in serious faults and consequent vulnerabilities in your property’s security.

We provide professional maintenance checks and reminders for when the checks are due to help you stay compliant with the law and work fast to restore your security systems to excellent condition.

We offer a 24-hour call-out service for customers and can also repair systems not installed by us. Our engineers are highly skilled and can restore faulty systems to full working order in one visit.

Contact us here or call us on 0800 612 9799 to talk to our experts right away!

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