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Access Control Systems For Business

Many commercial properties or buildings of multiple occupancy can benefit from some kind of keyless door entry system. It will allow you to control who enters your building, and which areas of it. It can eradicate the need for keys which can be lost, stolen or broken and it allows you to give or withdraw access instantly.

An access control represents a secure way to give staff, customers and visitors access to your building. Where keys can be lost or stolen, an access control system operated via intercom, proximity fob or card, keypad or even a biometric system offers a very flexible security system that allows you to set access permissions for individuals and track movements in and out of your premises.

Why trust us for your Business Access Control Installation

  • SSAIB approved installers
  • Specialist security engineers and MLA approved locksmiths
  • Can offer all types of access control system including intercom, proximity fob, card swipe and keypad. We can even offer biometric systems that work with fingerprints or retina scans
  • Able to advise on the best type of system for your needs
  • Experienced with creating sophisticated access systems for large scale commercial enterprises as well as smaller businesses

Just as you would maintain your burglar alarm or fire alarm system, so too should you be servicing your access control system every year. These systems are very reliable but regular maintenance will check all key components, batteries and power supplies…

Why trust Calder Security for Business Access Control Maintenance?

  • SSAIB approved contractors
  • Specialist security engineers and MLA approved locksmiths
  • Able to maintain and enhance door entry systems
  • Working in the security industry since 1976

Your business’s security can potentially be compromised if errors occur to your access control system as it could affect the locking mechanism. We can get systems repaired quickly and efficiently and operate a 24 hour emergency service.

Why trust Calder Security for Access Control Repair?

  • Fast, efficient service
  • Qualified, security specialist engineers who understand access systems
  • SSAIB approved contractors
  • MLA approved locksmiths

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