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Home CCTV Services

A CCTV system adds an extra layer of security, allowing you to monitor activity around your property and also acting as a visual deterrent against a break in or vandalism.

Not only is CCTV a method of capturing evidence of a crime but it’s a very effective deterrent. The cost of a home CCTV system has become much more affordable in recent years and that’s why its popularity is growing with homeowners. We can design, supply and install a range of domestic CCTV systems. We offer both analogue HD and IP camera systems and can advise on the best solution for your home.

Why use Calder Security for Home CCTV installation?

  • Qualified security specialist engineers
  • SSAIB approved installers
  • Only high quality CCTV equipment installed
  • Specialists in the security industry since 1976
  • CCTV installation, maintenance, repair and monitoring offered
  • Full training on equipment provided

As with any electronic system, optimum performance depends on good maintenance of the system. We recommend servicing your CCTV system annually to check all equipment and cables, clean lenses, cameras and housing and test the system. We can service all good CCTV systems, regardless of whether we installed them.

Why use Calder Security for home CCTV maintenance?

  • SSAIB approved contractor
  • Specialists in the security industry since 1976
  • Can offer CCTV as part of a comprehensive security solution
  • CCTV monitoring also offered
  • Can add additional cameras to existing systems

A CCTV monitoring service will ensure that your home is being watched over by professional monitoring staff when your home is unoccupied or when it’s most vulnerable, such as when you’re asleep. The real advantage of detecting a break in while it’s in progress is the action that can be taken to deal with it such as notifying your key holders, alerting the police or speaking directly to the property via an appropriate alarm system.

Why use Calder Security for home CCTV monitoring?

  • Trusted Remote Video Receiving Centres (RVRC) used
  • Home security specialists since 1976
  • SSAIB approved contractors
  • Can be provided as part of a comprehensive security solution

Even well maintained home CCTV systems can develop faults or lose connections. If your system fails to record properly, loses clarity of picture, experiences drop out or won’t playback (or any other issue), our engineers can diagnose and, usually, repair any faults quickly and with minimal disruption. If a fault cannot be repaired, we can replace all or part of the system to get it up and running again.

Why use Calder Security for home CCTV repair?

  • SSAIB approved contractor
  • Experienced in repairs of a range of CCTV systems
  • Can recommend improvements to CCTV systems including better positioning of cameras
  • Able to repair both analogue and IP camera systems

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