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Office Security Alarm Systems – Best Burglar Alarm for the office

Offices house a lot of valuable items that are of interest to burglars, including computers and the valuable information in them, confidential documents such as business deals and employee and customer information, as well as expensive furniture.

It is the employer’s responsibility to secure the office space by keeping the assets in it safe and safeguarding their employees and clients, making sure they are not victims of crimes such as an office burglary.

Commercial burglaries, as we all know, can leave a lasting impact on the victims by demotivating them not to work and not trusting the business owners with their safety and security.

This can be detrimental for employers and business owners as it can lead to huge losses, both due to the burglary itself and the discouraged workers and customers, and land them in a bad position deeming them irresponsible.

Installing office security alarm systems such as a burglar alarm can scare off a burglar should someone try to break-in. They are an effective deterrent and must be installed in all offices, regardless of the type and size of the property.

According to the Metropolitan Police, an office is less likely to be a target for burglary if you have security systems such as a burglar alarm installed.

A burglar alarm is a key component in any office’s security needs, that works using a series of sensors that go off as soon as the security system detects any unusual or suspicious activity, alerting the owners and people in charge of the threat. Necessary action, such as calling the police, can then be taken to catch the perpetrators.

Let’s look at the different types of burglar alarm systems and which one is the best for your office.


There are several types of burglar alarms and choosing the best one for your office depends on your requirements and the level of protection you’re looking for.

  • Bells-only burglar alarms

The bells-only is the most basic burglar alarm and makes use of sounds, accompanied at times with flashing lights, to activate the sensor and scare off intruders.

They rely on the people inside or nearby to take action as soon as the alarm is triggered, which is why they aren’t particularly effective for offices in secluded and isolated areas, as well as for after working hours when the office is empty.

They can be used for small offices in areas with heavy foot traffic all day and night, but there is still a high chance of the alarm going unnoticed, unless the office owners or managers live nearby to hear the alarm go off.

  • Dialler burglar alarms

The dialler burglar alarms work just like the bells-only alarm with the additional feature of the business owners, managers, or the nominated keyholders being contacted in the event of an alarm trigger.

The system allows you to save three to ten numbers to be contacted in emergencies. It calls them one by one, in the order that they are saved in, and stops as soon as someone responds.

You can either have the system linked to your phone line, in which case it’ll use your landline to call the emergency contacts, or to your GSM mobile network, in which case you would require a sim card topped with credit all the time.

They are more reliable than the bells-only burglar alarms in the sense that the system tries to reach out to someone as soon as the alarm is triggered, making sure someone is always notified.

The major drawback with dialler burglar alarm systems is that the people contacted might be unavailable or not respond at all, and weak mobile signals can hugely affect the system’s performance and effectiveness in case of GSM connectivity.

  • Monitored burglar alarms

Monitored burglar alarms sound an alarm as soon as the sensors pick up any unusual activity and alert a professional monitoring centre manned by experts who notify the owners, nominated keyholders, or the police.

The system is connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) which is operated by experts who check and verify every alarm instance they receive.

This checking and verification process ensures that no alarm goes unnoticed, even when the owners are away. The system is also equipped to detect and verify false alarms, which can be caused by improper arming and disarming of the system, weak batteries, and even wandering pets.

  • Smart burglar alarms

Smart burglar alarms are managed via an app with notifications sent to your phone. Similar to monitored systems, they alert someone in case of a break-in but are usually integrated with your phone and other smart devices such as CCTV cameras and lights.

For instance, when the alarm is triggered, the smart lights inside and outside the office would turn on to scare away any intruder. The alarm can also be turned on and off from your phone and is extra beneficial when you’re away and need to keep an eye on what’s happening.

Smart burglar alarms are a comprehensive solution for office security, integrating well with other systems, making it the best choice for all business owners.

The various types of burglar alarms mentioned above are also available in wired and wireless versions.

Wired burglar alarm systems, as the name suggests, use wires to connect to the sensors. These burglar alarms take longer to install since there is more work involved and the cables and wires need to be properly set up. They generally have a higher installation cost due to high labour costs. However, they are cheaper to maintain due to less reliance on batteries.

In conclusion, wired burglar alarms have a higher initial cost, but are easier to maintain.

As opposed to their wired counterpart, wireless burglar alarm systems use Wi-Fi or radio frequency to connect to the sensors. They are easier to install due to the absence of cable and wires, resulting in low labour costs, and therefore, low installation costs.

However, their maintenance cost is relatively higher because of batteries needing to be replaced every couple of years. Another thing to consider when installing a wireless burglar alarm system is that they are not suited for offices that experience too much electrical interference. A weakened or interrupted signal can cause the wireless components to work improperly.

In conclusion, wireless burglar alarms have a lower initial cost but are relatively costlier to maintain.


There are a few features that every good burglar alarm system must have to make it an effective deterrent against burglars and protecting the property at its best.

Here are the top factors that you must consider before choosing the best burglar alarm for your office:

  • Customisation

A good security alarm system is tailored to every office’s individual needs. The security requirements of a large, multi-storey office are very different from one operating from a single room, with the former requiring a more complex system than the latter.

  • Backup power supply

Power outages can cause the security alarm systems to shut down if that’s the only the way they are powered. This can leave the office in a vulnerable state until the power is restored, which is why the burglar alarms must have a backup power supply – either a battery or generator – that ensures uninterrupted power supply.

  • Reliable components

Every burglar alarm system is made up of different components such as the control system, sensors, keypad, etc, all of which need to be reliable and dependable for the security alarm system to work efficiently.

  • Compliance with UK standards

Suppliers of security alarm systems have certain standards and code of practice to follow to design, install, and maintain the burglar alarms, such as BS4737 and European Standard EN50131 (Intruder Alarm Systems in Buildings).

  • Monitoring

Professional monitoring services, where the alarms are tracked 24/7 by professionals at an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) are an almost fool-proof way to ensure none of your alarms go unnoticed and that action is always taken. Additional features such as two-way communication is sometimes enabled in professional monitoring for you to speak to the monitoring station and take guidance from them if and when disaster strikes.

  • Remote accessibility

Naturally, business owners would want to know of a breach if there is one in their office. Remote accessibility enables them to always stay in the loop, no matter where they are. All that is required is an internet connection and a phone, tablet, or laptop.

  • Integration with other systems

A burglar alarm is an effective security measure for offices. But what’s even more effective? A burglar alarm integrated with other security systems such as CCTV and smart lights. In the event of an intrusion, a burglar alarm would sound the alarm, the CCTV camera would capture footage of the perpetrators, and the smart lights would automatically turn on, exposing them entirely and foiling their plan.

  • Professional installation

The quality of the burglar alarm and the expertise with which it is installed are two crucial factors for the systems overall health. Having a professional service, with SSAIB approved installers and contractors set up your system can significantly reduce the risk of faults and issues since they are experts in the field and know what they are doing.

It is very important to assess your office and the security risks to determine which type of burglar alarm is most suited to your needs.

If you are unsure, you can call a professional security service to assess your office for you. We, at Calder Security, would be happy to help with our vast knowledge and experience of over 40 years. Call us right away for a quick consultation.


The brands that top our list for alarm systems include:

  • Hikvision
  • Texecom
  • Scantronic
  • Risco
  • Visonic

These companies offer a multitude of burglar alarm systems for offices to help make your workplace safe for everyone in it.


Hikvision’s burglar alarms are one of the most popular and widely accepted systems by both home and business owners.

They offer a wide range of wired and wireless burglar alarms for different scenarios, coupled with easy installation, excellent reliability, and compact design.

The systems are equipped with many advanced technologies that make them more efficient than their competitors. Their devotion to the hardware and software of their security products makes Hikvision a serious contender in the market. Some of the highlighting features include:

  • Animal-immune Detection
  • Dual Technology and Tri-detection
  • Anti-masking and Anti-blocking


Texecom has two burglar alarm ranges; Veritas and Premier Elite.

The Veritas series is recommended for homeowners and small offices and businesses, whereas the Premier Elite series is more suitable for large commercial properties.

The Veritas series contains five models out of which all five can be used as bells-only alarms and dialler alarms. Some models are more advanced than others offering additional features such as an LCD keypad, speech diallers, the ability to set the alarm ahead of time, and remote key fob controllers.

The Premier Elite series is a comprehensive range of alarm systems that come in several varieties including wired, wireless, and hybrid systems.

They make use of Texecom’s Ricochet mesh technology, making the connections between the wireless devices even stronger, allowing the systems to become more flexible and scalable.

There are multiple control options to choose from including remote keypads, smart keys, proxy tags, and mobile applications.


Scantronic makes burglar alarms for both homes and businesses, consisting of the i-On, Hybrid, and EN models.

The number of zones is usually written after the name, for instance, i-On30 consists of a maximum of 30 zones. The number of zones determines whether the system is suitable for homes, small offices and businesses, or large organizations.

They come in wired, wireless, and hybrid variants, also enabling remote controlling via key fobs.

A few of the systems can have a speech dialler incorporated, along with the ability to set and unset the alarm remotely and connect with other smart devices in your office.


Risco has three burglar alarm ranges; Agility, LightSYS, and ProSYS.

The Agility series is recommended for home security, the LightSYS series is for both homes and businesses, whereas the ProSYS is made solely for commercial use.

The Agility burglar alarm series is a wireless system providing complete protection against intrusion and safety hazards – both indoors and outdoors.

The alarms are flexible and scalable, with visual verification for advanced security, and can be controlled via a single intuitive app, sending immediate push notifications in the event of an alarm trigger.

The alarm system’s ability to integrate with smart devices such as lights and other smart appliances discourages potential burglars and scares them away.

The LightSYS series offers burglar alarms for residential and commercial properties and are extremely reliable, flexible, and easy to install.

It supports RISCO Group’s live video verification solution that uses IP Cameras to view real-time videos to check and verify the alarm triggers, along with integration with other smart security solutions.

The ProSYS series consists of powerful hybrid security systems designed for the commercial sector.

The state-of-the-art system offers a variety of benefits such as unlimited scalability for up to 512 zones, a cloud-based smartphone app used to remotely control the system, and live HD video verification.


Visonic has two burglar alarm ranges; PowerMax and PowerMaster.

The PowerMax series are ultra-flexible wireless burglar alarm systems for varying needs and budgets and offer simple, hassle-free installation.

Some models offer additional features such as remote monitoring, two-way communication, and pet-immune motion detectors.

PowerMaster is Visonic’s new series of wireless burglar alarms made with PowerG enabled control panels that provide wireless systems that are almost the same strength and reliability as wired systems. These also support the environment by providing a green, energy-saving solution.

PowerMaster employs the use of 2-way wireless technology which constantly checks the system’s status. This also saves the sensor’s battery life, since the detectors can be turned off when not in use. These self-checks are great at detecting potential faults in the system rather quickly, resulting in no downtime.


Here’s why Calder Security is the best choice for your office security alarm system:

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