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SSAIB approved contractors

Security is a serious matter as it protects you from incidents that could potentially have a lasting impact on your mental, emotional, and financial health.

That being said, when you are hiring a third-party security company to install your security alarms, CCTV cameras, and access control systems, you’ll want to make sure that you can trust them fully.

In addition to being able to trust them, you also need to check whether they are suited for the job and have the necessary skills and expertise to carry it out with ease.

Luckily, there is a simple way to check whether the security company in question is competent and can be relied on to handle your property’s security – official accreditations.

If a security company is accredited by a professional body, such as SSAIB, it is a clear sign that they are capable and trustworthy. It also means that they have abided by a strict set of rules to get the accreditation and are better in terms of quality and service than the unaccredited ones.

Read on to find out more about SSAIB, the benefits of using SSAIB approved contractors, why companies must opt for the accreditation, and why you must trust Calder Security:


SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarm Inspections Board) is an SIA (Security Industry Authority) approved leading certification body for businesses providing security systems and services, including their installation, monitoring, and maintenance.

It was founded in 1994 and provides guarantees while promoting high standards of service. SSAIB certification is a mark of excellence and includes both small and large security companies.

Third-party certifications such as this one play an important role in allowing companies to compete with one another and maintain a high quality and standard of products and services.

SSAIB certifications comply with police policies and insurers and place certain demands on security systems. In the unfortunate event of a burglary, insurers will see it as a precaution to mitigate risk and a condition to provide coverage.


The SIA provides an Approved Contractor Scheme that gives your company the chance to prove its worth. The certification helps your organisation stand out from the rest and gives it an upper hand in this highly competitive security industry.

There are several advantages of becoming an SSAIB approved contractor in the UK that include:

Increased business opportunities

Being accredited by the SSAIB provides countless business opportunities due to your business being seen as reliable and trustworthy.

Since approved contractors have an upper hand compared to other businesses, they are usually preferred for work. The SIA also runs a register of Approved Contractors that can be accessed by people looking for security products and services.

This register is available on the SIA website and is often the first place where people search for reliable and competent security specialists. If your business is listed on the registry, it’ll be much easier to find and contact.

Free marketing materials

Marketing is an essential part of business and key to becoming a success. If you are an Approved Contractor, the SIA will provide your business with free brochures explaining all of the great benefits that your company can provide to its clients.

There are also some great promotional and marketing tools that can help you grow as a business. Plus, the approved contractor plaque and certificate can be proudly displayed in your place of business to act as a marketing tool itself, which it will.

You can also put up the SSAIB approved logo on your website to show all the visitors that you have the required accreditations to provide them with the best products and services.

The bottom line is that, as an approved contractor, you can get more clients and your business will grow at a much faster rate, allowing you to make more money in the process.


Just as there are several benefits of being an SSAIB approved contractor, hiring one for your work also has its fair share of advantages.

With the SSAIB accreditation under their belt, you can rest assured that they are most capable and hire only fully vetted staff to be on their team.

In addition to that, they provide a high level of customer service, ensuring you that they will go the extra mile to provide you with unparalleled services.

As per the SIA, all approved contractors must offer customised services for their clients, which is why hiring them is a great idea particularly if you are looking for tailored security services.

They are also capable of working alongside the police and local community, if necessary, in order to ensure that all your security needs are met.

The SSAIB, as a certification body, offers trust and reliability with the main objective of looking out for the interests of the customer.

It enforces strict quality and performance standards and provides an impartial third-party assessment of the business as a whole. These assessments are carried out every 3 years so that it is never too long since the last one was carried out.

Also, since most insurance companies will ask whether your security systems were installed and maintained by an SSAIB approved contractor and give you discounts if they are, it is all the more reason to opt for one.

Some benefits that you, as a customer, can enjoy by hiring an approved contractor include:

  • Confidence in the product or service purchased
  • Peace of mind knowing that your property is well-protected
  • The guarantee that you are complying with your insurer’s policy
  • Compliance with the British and EU codes of practice
  • Help and support provided by expert technicians
  • Properly vetted staff and employees
  • Competent staff and great customer service
  • Appropriate insurance cover for any type of work being carried out
  • Best maintenance services for the upkeep of your security equipment
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Personalised services perfect for tailored needs
  • Twice yearly inspections to ensure they meet the expected standards

Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, an accredited company will only employ professionals who can be trusted and are capable to carry out the job with finesse and ease.

They do not contradict the codes of practice and install compliant alarms and security systems that do not compromise on security.

All in all, they are able to provide a level of standard that meets the customer’s expectations and needs and offers the highest level of safety and security.


Calder Security is an SSAIB certified and approved contractor and provides the best level of service in terms of installation as well as the equipment we use.

An SSAIB approval is a mark of excellence and means that our customers can have full confidence in our expertise and workmanship.

Being an approved contractor allows us to demonstrate the high standards we have set for ourselves and allows us to achieve them with ease.

We have been certified consistently since 1994 and renew our certification every 3 years to stay on top of the game.

We understand that many insurance policies require you to have SSAIB security systems installed on your property and we help you minimise both security threats as well as your insurance premiums.

We are approved under several scopes that include intruder alarm systems, CCTV systems, and access control systems.

For verification, you may check the SSAIB website for our approved status here.


Calder Security is proud to offer a wide range of SSAIB approved security solutions to all our clients including home and business owners. Our services include:


Burglar alarms are a basic security device that can be installed in homes as well as businesses. We, at Calder Security, are SSAIB approved intruder alarm installers and all our systems comply with the latest industry standards.

This not only offers you and your property protection against intrusions and burglaries but also meets the requirements of your insurance provider.

Burglar alarms work on the concept of detecting an intrusion through the use of sensors and detectors and sending alerts in the event of one.

While they are effective deterrents against burglaries and intrusions, it is very important to install them correctly, place them in the right positions, and make sure they are properly maintained, and that is where Calder Security can help!

Professional burglar alarm installation

Our engineers and contractors are all SSAIB approved and offer installations of the highest standards. All our alarm installations comply with standards PD6662:2010, DD243, and BS8243, and meet the stringent requirements of BS4737 AND European Standard EN50131 (Intruder Alarm Systems In Buildings).

Our systems are designed specifically for your security needs using equipment from trusted brands including Texecom, Visonic, Scantronic, Risco, and Pyronix.

Professional burglar alarm maintenance and repair

We know the importance of professional installation coupled with regular maintenance that will allow your property to be protected from all kinds of security threats.

An annual service check is extremely important to check if everything is working as it should and our SSAIB approved contractors make sure to thoroughly check your systems for continued reliability and performance.

For times when your burglar alarm shows signs of a fault, our experienced engineers can assess the system and repair it in one visit. Due to our skillset, we can work with virtually any alarm system, even those that haven’t been installed by us.

Professional burglar alarm monitoring

As an SSAIB approved alarm receiving centre (ARC), we provide professional alarm monitoring services where our ARC is notified when your alarm is triggered.

It offers an extra line of defence in ensuring that any alarm triggers are dealt with in a professional manner, especially when the property is uninhabited.

We offer three main methods of monitoring depending on the level of security you require: digital monitoring uses a standard telephone line, DualCom GPRS operates via a phoneline and GPRS, and BT Redcare GSM operates via a phoneline and GSM.

When alerted to the alarm being triggered, the ARC performs checks to confirm the alarm, notify the key holder and, if appropriate, alert the police.


CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television and refers to a system of cameras that are strategically placed around the property to record video footage, which is then transmitted to display monitors for real-time viewing as well as video playback.

The main purpose of CCTV cameras is to increase security around your property. Although CCTV cameras are used for surveillance, both on-site and remote, they also act as effective deterrents to potential intruders and help identify criminals.

In addition to recording video footage, CCTV cameras can also send you alerts and notifications whenever there is activity or movement in a certain area of the property.

Calder Security is an approved installer and contractor for CCTV services which include:

Professional CCTV installation

CCTV installation is a specialist job with many factors to consider such as optimum positioning of the cameras, setting up the DVR, integrating with other security measures such as intruder alarm, and the settings of the system itself.

Our approved installers have the specific knowledge and experience to work on a wide range of CCTV systems to get the most out of them and use only quality equipment from manufacturers such as Hikvision.

Professional CCTV maintenance and repair

Maintenance is key to keeping your CCTV system working effectively and is very important in discovering potential faults and fixing them before they become serious issues.

Our specialist engineers can conduct a visual assessment of the system as well as a detailed inspection that includes checking all of its components.

In addition to that, if you find that your CCTV system isn’t working properly, you can count on our security specialists for a fast and responsive repair service, even for systems not installed by us.

Professional CCTV monitoring

Professional CCTV monitoring is another great service that allows you to keep an eye on your premises via a professional monitoring station, even when it is unoccupied.

Our trusted Remote Video Receiving Centres (RVRC) allow you to detect any breach of security in real-time, enabling you to take appropriate action to minimise the risk. It offers peace of mind to you as a property owner that any incident detected would prompt an appropriate response.


Access control refers to a type of electronic security system that gives you control over who can access your property, open a door, or enter a specific area.

They are commonly used in commercial properties such as offices and financial institutions but are now becoming a common sight in residential properties as well.

There are several types of access control systems, from simple ones that use intercoms and electronic locks, to more technologically advanced biometric systems.

They protect your assets and property from unauthorised access and, in order to gain entry, a person must possess the correct access control credentials in the form of a key code, access card, or proximity card.

Following are the SSAIB approved access control system services offered by Calder Security for both home and business security:

Professional access control installation

Since an access control system operates the locking and unlocking of your property’s doors, it is essential that they be professionally installed by someone who possesses the required skill and knowledge to work on them.

We are SSAIB approved installers for home and business access control systems, as well as MLA approved locksmiths, and can advise you on the best system for your needs.

We can offer all types of access control systems including intercom, proximity fob, card swipe and keypad. We can even offer biometric systems that work with fingerprints or retina scans.

Professional access control maintenance and repair

Like any other technology, access control systems require periodic maintenance to make sure they continue to work as they should.

Our SSAIB approved contractors, specialist security engineers, and MLA approved locksmiths are able to maintain and enhance a variety of door entry systems.

We also operate a 24-hour emergency service for fixes and repairs and can resolve issues efficiently and effectively using our vast knowledge and experience.


At Calder Security, we provide a comprehensive range of security solutions that include not just professional installation but also monitoring, maintenance, and repair services.

We are members of the Master Locksmith Association (MLA), approved members of the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB), and also conform to all the relevant British and EU Standards.

Contact us here or call us on 0800 612 9799 to talk to our experts right away!


Photo by Joe Gadd on Unsplash