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Mrs Laycock

Testimonial – Mrs Laycock
When Mrs Laycock needed her front door lock changed she searched online for a local locksmith. However, rather than choosing a company from the search results she went onto the West Yorkshire Police website, found the number for non-urgent community enquiries and rang them. It was they who recommended Calder Security and she appointed us to conduct the work.

She said:
“A time was pre-arranged and the young man was prompt and efficient. He also responded fully to my queries re locking mechanisms etc and actually explained to me the locking arrangement on another door I had had fitted.”

A short while later Mrs Laycock’s shower room window became faulty and, having been pleased with the service received previously, she called us in again.

“This repair was not straight forward and required the ordering of a part.  Again, prompt attendance; left in secure state until spare part ordered and received; fully explained and subsequently fitted (in a very short period of time). I would definitely recommend Calder Security to others.”