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What Is BT Redcare Alarm Monitoring & Why Is It important

In the simplest terms, alarm monitoring is the act of remotely controlling and analysing the sensors of your burglar alarm via a security company. 

In other words, it is how your security system and the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) communicate with each other in the event of an alarm trigger. 

The ARC is a highly secured monitoring centre operated by experts round-the-clock who monitor a range of security systems such as burglar, CCTV, and fire alarms for both residential and commercial purposes.

When the security system’s control panel and sensors register a threat and sound the alarm, the signal is sent to the ARC for the professionals to take the necessary action such as calling either the owners, nominated keyholders, the police or fire department, if needed.

At Calder Security, we use 3 main methods of monitoring depending on the level of security you require:

  • Digital monitoring using a standard telephone line, 
  • DualCom GPRS operating via a phone line and GPRS, 
  • and BT Redcare GSM operating via a phone line and GSM.

The type of monitoring solution you choose is determined by the level of security you require. Digital monitoring works fine for most but would fail in the case of a faulty phone line or the phone line being cut. 

DualCom offers a dual signalling system so that the ARC gets notified even if the line is faulty or tampered with. BT Redcare alarm monitoring is the most secure monitoring system as it continuously monitors the alarm and can detect any issues with the line, even if the alarm itself is not triggered.


BT Redcare is the most secure alarm monitoring system and is the largest supplier of intelligent alarm signalling services in the UK. It is a widely used service established around 30 years ago, securing many residential and commercial properties throughout the country.

BT Redcare GSM is one of the best grade 4 alarm signalling services as it uses two secure signalling paths to communicate with the Alarm Receiving Centre. It ensures that signals sent from the security systems are never compromised since it provides double protection against risks of failed alarm signals. 

It is a 99.997% reliable dedicated network developed specifically for alarm signalling.


BT Redcare provides non-stop monitoring of a BT telephone line that links the Alarm Receiving Centre to a professionally installed alarm security system on your property. It combines two secure paths; the Redcare landline connection and a GSM radio backup path. 

In the event of a line tamper, the system enables the alarm system to be monitored by the radio backup path. This enables continuous protection of your property, day and night, all year round.

BT Redcare GSM uses a secure BT phone line with the added protection of a GSM radio backup path. In the event of either path being tampered with or developing faults, the other one continues to work and monitor the system for any alarm triggers, transmitting them as confirmed activations. 

This provides extra confirmation that a threat is detected on the premises, such as an intruder or fire, and that the alarm isn’t false or a misfire

The bottom line is that regardless of which path is faulty or has been tampered with, the Alarm Receiving Centre will always be alerted. As compared to other alarm signalling services, BT Redcare notifies the ARC when it detects a tamper or a line cut, along with providing encryption to prevent replication and hacking of the system, which is why BT Redcare GSM is the most secure system of its kind.

To install BT Redcare signalling, all you need is a BT telephone line and an approved installer registered with a recognised trade association such as the SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board). The availability of a suitable GSM radio signal at the premises will be necessary and will be carried out by the installer.

A BT Redcare alarm monitoring system can be installed on an existing alarm security system as well. However, you might require a block terminal to enable your security alarm to be connected to your telephone line. 

You can contact us for professional advice along with the charges it will incur.


BT Redcare GSM alarm monitoring services comply with British and European Standards for alarm monitoring up to the highest level of protection i.e. grade 4. They are backed by the insurance industry and approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), the independent recognised body certifying security products.

BT Redcare GSM offers a plethora of benefits to its users for both residential and commercial security. It is one of the most reliable alarm signalling solutions in the market and is important for the following reasons:

Complete peace of mind
This is probably the most important key benefit BT Redcare alarm monitoring provides. Knowing your valuable property is monitored uninterruptedly by professionals gives a sense of peace nothing else can. The ARC gets notified within seconds and sends help right away. You always know that the monitoring centre has got your back.

The monitoring service itself constantly analyses each ‘incident’/alarm to determine whether if it is a genuine call for help or a false alarm. In any case, you will always be notified whenever the system detects any activity.

Backup path
BT Redcare GSM uses a secure BT phone line with the added protection of a GSM radio backup path. In the event of interference due to the path being tampered with or the general development of faults, the other line continues to work and monitor the system for any alarm triggers – transmitting them as confirmed activations. The ARC will always be alerted to take the necessary action.

Continuous monitoring
BT Redcare GSM ensures the continuous monitoring of your security system, even when there is a fault or the phone line has been tampered with. In the event of a fault, the ARC will be notified within seconds and the system will switch to the backup path.

You will always be kept in the loop of any changes so that you are also aware of the situation.

Emergency services at the ready
In the event of both the phone line and the GSM radio backup paths failing, a separate failure alert for each path will be sent to the ARC and the Emergency Services will be alerted.

Intelligent roaming SIM
BT Redcare GSM is the most secure alarm monitoring system and is the largest supplier of intelligent alarm signalling services in the UK.

What makes it ‘smart’ is that it selects the best GSM network to work on, and if it becomes unavailable, it automatically switches to the next best alternative for the best possible signal. This way, there’s always a backup path ready for the signalling service.

No interference
The BT Redcare network is a dedicated network used by no other system ensuring there is no risk of the signal getting lost due to interference.

Encrypted signals
End-to-end encryption ensures that the data transmitted through the BT phone line or GSM radio remains encrypted, hidden and inaccessible for unauthorized users.

Adding a much-needed layer of extra security in today’s ever so changing digital world.

Easy installation
The BT Redcare GSM can be installed as a new installation or upgraded from an existing system. All it requires is a BT telephone line and an approved installer registered with a recognised trade association such as the SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board).

No additional installation costs
BT Redcare doesn’t need a separate dedicated phone line and can work on an existing one.

What’s great is that it provides signalling services through the phone line even if the line is in use. No additional installation costs are required and the service can be installed on an existing system as well.

No extra call costs
There are no additional call charges applied for communication between the security system and the ARC via the BT phone line!

24/7 support
The support team is at your disposal 24/7 – all year round! Ensuring all your needs are met and your property is secure from all kinds of threats. Even when you are off on a vacation.


The BT Redcare network offers various types of services such as the simple alert system, using an existing phone line to send a signal to the ARC notifying them that everything is okay, and the BT Redcare GSM system that utilises a secure BT phone line with the added protection of a GSM radio backup path, should the phone line be compromised.

BT Redcare Classic
This system is one of the most widely used systems in the UK and works using the BT phone line, checking it continuously for any interruptions. In the case of an interruption, a warning signal is delivered to the Alarm Receiving Centre.

This continuous monitoring ensures that the alarm signalling can never be compromised without the ARC knowing about it and taking the necessary action.

BT Redcare GSM
As mentioned above, the BT Redcare GSM system combines two secure paths; the BT phone line connection and a GSM radio backup path, making it the highest level of monitoring money can buy.

In the event of a line cut or tamper, the system enables the alarm system to be monitored by the radio backup path. This enables continuous protection of your property, day and night, all year round.

BT Redcare GSM doesn’t require a dedicated phone line for it to work and will make use of your existing BT phone line, saving you any extra installation costs.


Whether you are a homeowner looking for extra security for your property or a business owner running any kind of business, BT Redcare GSM monitoring is a great and secure option for you and your business needs.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of BT Redcare monitoring, considering its importance and wide range of benefits, is that it’s too good to be true and if it is true, it must be very expensive. 

Well, you are about to be pleasantly surprised.  

BT Redcare alarm monitoring makes use of your existing BT phone line, which means that there are close to none additional installation costs, providing you with a state-of-the-art monitoring alarm system that gives you complete peace of mind that you and your premises are fully protected.

The average monthly charges for burglar alarm, fire alarm, and CCTV monitoring services fall in the range of £15-£45. When alerted, the Alarm Response Centre (ACR) performs a check to confirm the alarm, notifies the person-in-charge, and if appropriate, alerts the authorities. In the case of police/fire department monitoring, the cost is likely to go up a bit.

The cost for alarm monitoring seems very well worth it when you compare it to the threats unmonitored alarms pose to you and your property. Doesn’t it?

Alarm monitoring services guarantee a response. Whether it’s to contact you, your family, your keyholders, or the police; the Alarm Receiving Centre will always notify the relevant people and take action.

In the case of unmonitored alarm systems, a lot is left to chance. 

What if you’re not in the vicinity? Or what if your neighbours or passers-by just ignore the alarm? With professional alarm monitoring services, your safety is in the hands of experts trained to do their job instead of at the mercy of random passers-by – which is a pretty reassuring thought.


Once the alarm signal reaches the ARC from your security alarm system through BT Redcare signalling, the type of action that the ARC takes depends on the type of alarm monitoring service you opt for.

There are two types of alarm monitoring services that can work with BT Redcare signalling services. Which one you choose depends completely on the kind of security you’re looking for:

Keyholder monitoring

Keyholders are trustworthy people, such as family and friends, who have keys to your property and are nominated to be notified by an alarm monitoring service in the event of an alarm trigger. 

You must carefully choose your keyholders. They must be responsible, live within 20 minutes of your monitored property, and know-how to drive so that they can reach the premises ASAP.

There are professional keyholding services available as well where a professional SIA guard is sent to your property to check the situation. 

You may want to use a key holding service if your property is unoccupied or for when you’re away on holiday. This option will give you the peace of mind of having all alarm calls checked out by a professional.

Police/Fire department monitoring

In this type of alarm monitoring service, as the name suggests, the ARC directly alerts the relevant authorities instead of contacting keyholders. From there, the police or fire brigade arrives at the premises and take control of everything from there.

The alarm must be verified before calling the police to avoid it being flagged as a false alarm. In the UK, if you accumulate three or more false alarm activations within a year, the police will withdraw your response privileges for your alarm, as per policy. You will then have to take rectifying actions to achieve a reinstatement status. 

A professional alarm monitoring service such as the one offered by Calder Security ensures that this risk is eliminated and the authorities are called only for verified alarm activations, thus maintaining your credibility and ensuring your response privileges.


We are Yorkshire’s leading independent security company and you can rely on us for all your alarm monitoring needs.

  • Our alarm monitoring services work seamlessly with BT Redcare signalling services and offer you round-the-clock, uninterrupted monitoring of your property.
  • All our alarms are installed according to the British and European standards for alarm installation and monitoring.
  • We are SSAIB approved installers.
  • We have highly experienced security specialists and can advise on the best monitoring solution for you.
  • Our Alarm Receiving Centre works 24/7 to ensure you receive the maximum level of security and peace of mind. Even when you are away from your property.
  • We use trusted Remote Video Receiving Centres (RVRC) for CCTV monitoring.
  • We offer fast repair services if our monitoring detects any faults in the system, guaranteeing continuous safety and security.

We also offer installation, maintenance, monitoring, as well as repairing services for all kinds of security systems for both your home and business. 

Regardless of how big or small your property is, we bet that we have the ideal security system for you!

Contact us now for a quick quote on our comprehensive security system services!