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Gordon Pearce

Testimonial – Gordon Pearce
Gordon’s first experience of working with Calder Security was over 10 years ago when he had a fire alarm fitted in a shop he owned. He’d had a bad experience with a national firm and so turned to a local company. Some years later he had problems again with the company that was maintaining his home alarm system. Remembering what a great job Calder Security had done, he called us in and was delighted that we were able to put in a new system with minimal disruption and without any damage to walls or property.

“Cutting my losses with the old system and getting the new one installed by Calder Security was the best thing I’ve ever done – I wished I’d done it years before! They have continued to maintain it every year since then and the service is very efficient. They are also very good at talking me through issues over the phone and have assisted me with several things, including a recent incident with interruption to the telephone line. They resolved the problem there and then which meant there was no need for an engineer visit.

It’s a real plus point for me that I can pick up the phone and speak directly to a local person without having to go through call centres and speaking to telephone operators rather than skilled engineers. My experience has been so good that, I can’t actually think of anything bad to say. I would definitely recommend them to others.”