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Hikvision vs Texecom vs Scantronic vs Risco vs Visonic Alarm Systems

Security systems have become so pervasive that they have spawned a billion-dollar industry with multiple big players.

Rightfully so, they are the most effective deterrent for burglaries and other threats. The market is flooded with various types of systems for all your needs. But not all alarm systems are created equal and with so many choices in the market, it is easy for anyone to get confused.

There are various companies offering alarm systems to deter crime and protect valuables by strengthening your property’s security.

Also, in addition to deterring criminals, alarm systems with fire and smoke detectors are particularly useful for warning people about the risk of a fire in the premises, triggering just in time for them to evacuate and call the authorities.

If you are having trouble settling on a security system then we can help you choose the best one for your home and business security needs.

The brands that top our list for alarm systems include:

  • Hikvision,
  • Texecom,
  • Scantronic,
  • Risco,
  • and Visonic.

These companies offer a plethora of wired and wireless systems, as well as monitored and unmonitored ones, helping to make your home and business safe for everyone in it.

Read on to find out more about each alarm system company, their featured products, and our top pick amongst the lot.


Hikvision is a world leader in providing security solutions for domestic and commercial purposes, manufacturing a complete solution of comprehensive products for a broad market around the world.

It has invested a lot in its R&D, guaranteeing state-of-the-art security equipment for different industries including residential, banking, retail, education, traffic, and offices.

It also offers safe city solutions to take urban security to a whole new level. The different phases include basic city surveillance, intelligent video systems, and data fusion and sharing.


Hikvision’s burglar alarms are one of the most popular and widely accepted systems by both home and business owners.

They offer a wide range of wired and wireless burglar alarms for different scenarios, coupled with easy installation, excellent reliability, and compact design.

The systems are equipped with many advanced technologies that make them more efficient than their competitors. Their devotion to the hardware and software of their security products makes Hikvision a serious contender in the market. Some of the highlighting features include:

  • Animal-immune Detection

Animals and pets wandering near security systems are one of the most common causes of false alarms.

Hikvision’s animal-immune detection feature enables the furry creatures to freely roam around without causing panic and alarm for the owners, making it the ideal choice for pet owners and properties frequently visited by harmless animals.

  • Dual Technology and Tri-detection

This is another great feature reducing false alarms to a minimum.

Normally, sensors in a burglar alarm use heat and movement to detect an intrusion. Hikvision combines the two technologies and only sound the alarm when both the sensors are triggered.

Tri-detection is another form of multi-technology detection method where two PIR sensors and a single microwave sensor must be triggered at the same time for the alarm signal to sound.

  • Anti-masking and Anti-blocking

Most burglars thoroughly plan their crime, keeping a close lookout for any opportunities. At an instance when the detector is unarmed, they might cover the sensors with a cloth or spray paint and then break in later knowing that the alarm won’t be triggered.

Hikvision’s use of anti-masking technology uses the microwave module to detect such an attempt and issue an alert.

Anti-blocking, quite similar to anti-masking, detects the entire area for any blockages or unusual placement of an object such as a car or a box, behind which an intruder can easily hide.


Hikvision uses state-of-the-art thermal cameras to be used for perimeter protection, temperature measurement, and fire detection.

Thermal cameras make use of the differences in Infra-Red (IR) intensity between objects and map the visible hot pixels in the form of heat zone images.

These systems guarantee awareness and detection across a range of scenarios as they can record the IR levels under any lighting or weather conditions, distinguishing people and vehicles via deep learning capabilities.

Hikvision thermal cameras are the ideal choice for fire-related emergencies 24/7 and are widely used for fire prevention in both homes and businesses, and electrical and mechanical inspections.


Texecom is a European security alarm specialist providing tailored solutions to homes and businesses worldwide, offering a full range of security products such as intrusion detectors, control panels, perimeter protection devices, and fire detectors.


Texecom has two burglar alarm ranges; Veritas and Premier Elite.

The Veritas series is recommended for homeowners and small businesses, whereas the Premier Elite series is more suitable for large commercial properties.

  • Veritas burglar alarms

The Veritas series contains five models:

  • Veritas Excel
  • Veritas 8
  • Veritas 8 Compact
  • Veritas R8
  • Veritas R8 Plus

Out of which all five can be used as bells-only alarms and dialler alarms. Some models are more advanced than others offering additional features such as an LCD keypad, speech diallers, the ability to set the alarm ahead of time, and remote key fob controllers.

Professional monitoring contracts can be purchased with the Veritas R8 Plus and the Veritas Excel alarm models, allowing them to be connected to an alarm receiving centre at all times.

Texecom doesn’t provide in-house monitoring services, so the monitoring contract would have to be purchased by another security company.

  • Premier Elite burglar alarms

The Premier Elite series is a comprehensive range of alarms systems that come in several varieties including wired, wireless, and hybrid systems.

They make use of Texecom’s Ricochet mesh technology, making the connections between the wireless devices even stronger, allowing the systems to become more flexible and scalable.

There are multiple control options to choose from including remote keypads, smart keys, proxy tags, and mobile applications.

The series is smart home compatible, with the ability to be controlled and connected via the internet.


Along with burglar alarm systems, Texecom provides excellent fire and smoke detection systems that secure your property from even the slightest risk of fire.

  • Exodus fire alarms

The Exodus 4W series of smoke and heat detectors comprises of four models:

  • Optical and heat multi-sensor smoke detector
  • Rate of rising heat detector
  • Fixed 64ºC heat detector
  • Fixed 90ºC heat detector

All of them use state-of-the-art microprocessor designs that offer reliable protection against fires, featuring a dedicated built-in relay for connection to security control panels that delivers outstanding performance.


Scantronic has been recognized the world over for excellent quality and performance in the security industry for over 30 years. Initially part of the electrical company Cooper Security, Scantronic was bought by Eaton in 2012.

Scantronic offers security systems that include multi-zone wired and wireless intruder alarm systems, digital and voice communicators, access control systems, and fire and smoke detectors.


Scantronic makes burglar alarms for both homes and businesses, consisting of the i-On, Hybrid, and EN models.

The number of zones is usually written after the name, for instance, i-On30 consists of a maximum of 30 zones. The number of zones determines whether the system is suitable for homes, small businesses, or large organizations.

They come in wired, wireless, and hybrid variants, also enabling distant controlling via key fobs.

A few of the systems can have a speech dialler incorporated, along with the ability to set and unset the alarm remotely and connect with other smart devices in your house or office, whereas all of the systems can be bought with a monitoring contract, where a monitoring centre, manned with experts, keep an eye on your property.


Scantronic brings high-quality fire detection systems to the market with its products found all over the world in offices, government buildings, hospitals, transport hubs, industrial facilities, and retail/leisure complexes.

They offer addressable and conventional fire alarm systems that are compliant, efficient, user-friendly, and configurable for specific application needs with a comprehensive system including alarms, beacons, call points, detectors, and other installation equipment and software to protect your property from fire.


Risco group is a recognized security solutions specialist manufacturing a wide range of products for home and business security.

From comprehensive burglar alarm systems for both residential and commercial properties, including a full range of accessories, to large scale access control and integrated smart security, Risco provides top-of-the-line security management solutions.

Risco provides complete security solutions, as well as both standalone and monitored alarms.


Risco has three burglar alarm ranges; Agility, LightSYS, and ProSYS.

The Agility series is recommended for home security, the LightSYS series is for both homes and businesses, whereas the ProSYS is made solely for commercial use.

  • Agility burglar alarms

The Agility burglar alarm series is a wireless system providing complete protection against intrusion and safety hazards – both indoors and outdoors.

The alarms are flexible and scalable, with visual verification for advanced security, and can be controlled via a single intuitive app, sending immediate push notifications in the event of an alarm trigger.

The alarm system’s ability to integrate with smart home devices such as lights and other smart appliances discourages potential burglars and scares them away.

  • LightSYS burglar alarms

The LightSYS series offers burglar alarms for residential and commercial properties that are extremely reliable, flexible, and easy to install.

It supports RISCO Group’s live video verification solution that uses IP Cameras to view real-time videos to check and verify the alarm triggers, along with integration with other smart security solutions.

  • ProSYS burglar alarms

The ProSYS series consists of powerful hybrid security systems designed for the commercial sector.

The state-of-the-art system offers a variety of benefits such as unlimited scalability up to 512 zones, a cloud-based smartphone app used to remotely control the system, and live HD video verification.


Risco’s wireless smoke and heat detector is a relatively new entrant in the market, that combines two technologies – the smoke detector using a photoelectric chamber, and the fire detector using dual-sensors with fixed temperature and “rate of rise”.

These are small systems, therefore they are recommended for residential and small business fire safety.


Founded in 1973, Visonic is a renowned international manufacturer of high-quality cutting-edge wireless security systems for homes and small businesses.

They offer a range of systems including burglar alarms and fire detection systems, offering an improved wireless range, prolonged battery life, and reliable security solutions.


Visonic has two burglar alarm ranges; PowerMax and PowerMaster.

Due to both the systems being wireless, they cannot rate higher than a Grade 2 for security, remaining a good choice for home and low-risk businesses.

  • PowerMax burglar alarms

The PowerMax series features five models:

  • PowerMax
  • PowerMaxExpress
  • PowerMax+
  • PowerMaxPro
  • PowerMaxComplete

All are ultra-flexible wireless burglar alarm systems for varying needs and budgets and offer simple, hassle-free installation.

Some models offer additional features such as remote monitoring, two-way communication, and pet-immune motion detectors.

  • PowerMaster burglar alarms

PowerMaster is Visonic’s new series of wireless burglar alarms made with PowerG enabled control panels, that provide wireless systems that are almost the same strength and reliability as wired systems. These also support the environment by providing a green, energy-saving solution.

PowerMaster employs the use of 2-way wireless technology, which constantly checks the system’s status. This also saves the sensor’s battery life, since the detectors can be turned off when not in use. These self-checks are great at detecting potential faults in the system rather quickly, resulting in no downtime.

They are surprisingly easy to install, resulting in low installation costs.


Visonic offers a complete range of safety alarms including sensors for smoke, gas, CO, floods and temperature detection.

All the detectors offer easy installation and maintenance, working seamlessly with PowerMax home security systems, creating a complete and highly reliable security solution for your property.


Our top pick for the best alarm system company would be Hikvision, hands down.

Why? There are a few metrics that determine how good a security company is. Such as:

  • Having a Diverse Product Portfolio
  • Focusing on Ease of Installation
  • Being a Comprehensive Solution Provider
  • Investing in Research and Development
  • Having Reliable Products and Services in Various Markets.

Hikvision excels in all these metrics and offers precise security systems that can cater to all your needs.

They are the market leaders and one of the top manufacturers of security systems around the world, providing state-of-the-art burglar and fire alarm systems to detect even the slightest form of intrusion or threat while guaranteeing close to zero false alarms.

They do not just detect intrusions, but also ensure that the systems aren’t tampered with using anti-masking and anti-blocking mechanisms.

They provide complete solutions for every industry out there, working towards making our cities a safer place with their “Safe City” initiative.

Even for common households, Hikvision truly focuses on developing next-gen, state-of-the-art hardware and services.

Remember, a burglar or intruder looks for weaknesses in your security system, which is why having a state-of-the-art alarm system is crucial as it alerts the owners and people at the right time, possibly scaring away the criminals in the process!

Calder Security provides professional installation of all Hikvision alarm systems for both domestic and commercial properties.

If you are unsure about which Hikvision alarm system to choose, you can call our expert engineers to guide you through the process.

Our SSAIB approved installers and contractors will assess your property to determine all possible risks and advice on the best solution to keep you and your assets safe.

We’ve been operating in the security industry since 1976 and all of our intruder alarm installations comply with standards: PD6662: 2010, DD243 and BS8243.

We provide professional monitoring services for all Hikvision alarm systems, where your premises will be monitored 24/7 by experts in a monitoring centre, keeping an eye out for any threats and intrusions, informing you and the authorities right away.

Our reliable and qualified engineers will regularly maintain your alarm systems to keep them working effectively, and in most cases, continue to meet the terms of your business insurance.

Our expertise and experience enable us to service and repair a majority of alarm systems, regardless of whether we’ve installed them or not.

Contact us right away to have your Hikvision alarm system installed at your home and business.