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Business Burglar Alarm Key Holding

A key holding service is an add-on to a monitoring service where an SIA approved guard would go to site to check your premises in the event of an alarm trigger.

Business Burglar & Intruder Alarm Key Holding, Yorkshire

If your alarm is triggered at your business premises at night that could be a false alarm, it could be a fault or it could be a genuine break in. The issue is there may not be any way of knowing until you get there to check it out. At best this could be an inconvenience to go and check at 2am or at worst, you could come face to face with burglars. If this isn’t something that you’re prepared to put yourself or your staff up for then key holding could be a solution.

In the event of an alarm call, SIA approved guards would be dispatched to check the premises. They would conduct a thorough survey of the site, both inside and out and can also deal with securing the site following an intrusion, including basic building repairs, changing locks and resetting the alarm.

Why Use Calder Security for Business Key Holding?

  • We offer a complete commercial security alarm system from installation and maintenance of the alarm to monitoring, key holding and police response
  • All aspects of our service conform to the relevant regulations and standard set by the professional bodies of the industry including the SSAIB, SIA and the police service
  • We only use a reliable SIA guard service with whom we have a long-standing relationship
  • We oversee all monitoring and guard response service
What can we offer?

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