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Security Systems for Warehouses

Warehousing businesses are on the rise, and with such large operations, this type of business requires a completely different security system than office or commercial spaces. Warehouse security systems should ideally follow the “3C” approach which covers the Cost, Coverage, and Compliance aspects of the system.

In this guide, we will go through the many security systems that are ideal for warehouses and how you can pick the right solution for your business needs.

Advancements in Security Systems

Warehousing as a business is as old as commerce. In the old days, warehousing security was very straightforward. You would usually depend on human labour to fulfil the security requirements of the premises.

However, as you can imagine, human-based security has time and time again proven to be an ineffective way to deter crime. While hiring security personnel is usually a good idea for some businesses, human services should only be added to complement a larger and automated security system.

In today’s world, security has advanced to a point where we have been able to significantly bring down crime rates in an area. One way we have been able to achieve this is due to the advancements in security hardware. Modern security cameras can provide much more definition in both video and audio. This means that even in the dark, these systems can easily detect and help recognise faces.

Another aspect of these modern systems has to do with software advancements. You can think of software as the brains of the system. Previously we had rudimentary software for each security hardware which worked well in isolation, but thanks to modern technology and changes in software philosophy, we are now moving towards holistic systems that work in tandem with each other.

Take the example of Artificial Intelligence in security. Artificial intelligence has completely revamped the way we look at security. Using computing power, we can now boost our security hardware to be even better. One way Artificial Intelligence is helping us achieve this is by making marked improvements in video and audio, even with hardware limitations.

For example, at nighttime, using Artificial Intelligence software, even dark footage can be enhanced. Not only this but since Artificial Intelligence systems can be trained and they can keep evolving the longer you use them. This means that these systems can help detect, people, faces, objects, and more – and they will keep improving over time.

So, what do these advancements mean in the context of warehouse security? Read below to learn more!

Modern Warehouse Security

Modern security technology has profoundly changed warehouse security and has allowed business owners to manage large spaces with just a few smartly placed security hardware.

As mentioned above, while many people still opt to use human personnel for security, it is incredibly important to use human measures in conjunction with a variety of security hardware. Human security has a lot of limitations and security personnel cannot be everywhere at once. This is especially true if you have a large influx of people visiting your warehouse every day.

Before we get into the best security systems for warehouses, let’s first talk about the 3C approach to buying security hardware.

The three Cs are:

  • Cost
  • Coverage
  • Compliance


This is the most important factor in any security system. While warehouse security systems do tend to be more expensive than regular systems, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be economical. By following a few best practices, you can easily get the most value for money from your security system.

First things first, you will need to begin with your needs in mind. The first question that you need to ask yourself is related to your expectations from the system. Do you require employee tracking using cameras or keypad systems? Do you require a thorough coverage of the outside perimeter of your warehouse? Do you want to track inventory using RFID technology?

These questions will get you in the right mindset and help you determine a list of systems that you will require for your warehouse. Once you have figured out the ideal system according to your needs, you can then ask for quotes and compare the costs for each system.

For the best experience, we recommend that you work with a professional security company like Calder Security so that you save time and get the most value from your installation. Many business owners make the mistake of doing everything on their own to save a few pounds. The problem with this strategy is that you will likely end up losing more money and more importantly, time than intended.

Security companies are well equipped to provide you with all the solutions that you need – and since these companies also have a lot of warehousing clients, you can use their experience and expertise to customise a security system for your business too.

As a result of this, you will likely bring down the total costs of your security system, even if you account for the price of hiring a professional service!


Another aspect of security systems is coverage. Coverage isn’t just related to how many security cameras you install in an area. It has more to do with how much variety you have in your system. Think in terms of variety rather than just quantity. For example, you can begin by exploring Access Control Systems for your warehouse.

Warehouses may have multiple entry and exit points. Some larger warehouses may also have dedicated office spaces within the premises. This means that you may need to install a robust system that covers every aspect of your business.

We recommend that you begin with the basics. Start with a robust CCTV system. CCTVs come in several varieties. You can either go with wired or wireless systems. For the best experience, we recommend that you go with a traditional wired system as that is historically proven to be the best and most secure CCTV system. A wired CCTV system can provide seamless live footage to a central security hub and can give you a live view of your entire warehouse.

You can also go with hybrid CCTV systems that support cloud computing. These systems allow for a global view of your security footage using the internet. This means that you can effectively view old and live security footage on the go!

Secondly, you might also want to think about installing Access Control Systems. These systems can help keep track of who visits your premises and what areas they visit. These systems are excellent for preventing non-authorised personnel from visiting restricted areas in your warehouse.

Thirdly, if you want your inventory tracked or monitored then you can also go with RFID tags and special RFID-triggered alarms near exits. These alarms only trigger when an active RFID tag is passed through the sensors which can significantly help bring down theft.

In the same way, you can keep building on your requirements and think of all the ways that you want to be covered! This strategy is great for people who want a holistic system! We recommend that you also consult with an experienced security company like Calder Security to learn more about the best system for your needs.


With such a large space and numerous operations, compliance becomes an incredibly important aspect of a business. There are specific UK laws that you must abide by if you want to avoid penalties or problems with law enforcement. Always make sure that you keep the relevant building and public laws in mind while figuring out the right security system for your needs.

Don’t know where to start? Then you need to hire a professional security company to help you figure out the right way to install your security system. Please keep in mind that most security systems are installed with perpetuity in mind. Meaning that once installed, you don’t want to have to think about them again, except when it’s time for maintenance. If you fail to install your system without compliance, then you may incur huge costs in reinstalling or changing your system.

Some examples of compliance include camera coverage zones, fire alarm systems, compliance with insurance companies, and more.

Top Security Systems for Warehouses

Here are some of the many security systems for warehouses that you can use for your business:


Surprised to see this first?

Well, proper lighting is the best deterrent to theft and crime! It’s a tale as old as time. Where there is light and visibility, there is less chance of crime. Humans are afraid to get caught, which is why thieves usually use the dark or nighttime as their allies when committing crimes. If you want to bring down the chances of theft on your premises, then you have to start with the basics. Install proper lighting in your warehouse and make sure that every nook and cranny is covered.

We know, you might be thinking about the use of a lot of electricity when running lights all day long. The good news is that there is a fix for this too! Modern lighting systems can come equipped with special motion sensors that detect movement in an area. Basically, the lights will only work when there is movement in an area. This can significantly help bring down costs and even deter crime. You can choose to have these sensor-based lights installed in areas where you don’t want 24/7 lighting and have low-wattage and high-coverage lights installed where you need constant surveillance.

The types of lights you choose to install can also have a significant impact on your security system. We recommend opting for a professional opinion when installing a lighting system to prevent constant breakdowns and high electricity costs.

CCTV System

CCTV is the eyes (and ears) of your security system. These systems are one of the oldest and most effective ways to prevent crime. CCTV systems have come a long way and aren’t as expensive as they once used to be. This means that you can install several types of cameras and get the most out of your security system.

However, to get the most value, you will need to take a holistic approach. For example, if you intend to use motion-based lights, then we recommend that you use CCTV cameras that provide high-quality Night Mode capabilities. Since the lights only work when there are people around, you can add an extra layer of security by installing night vision cameras so that even if the motion sensors fail to detect someone, the cameras can catch everything.

You can also opt for Artificial Intelligence-enabled cameras that can detect people and automatically begin tracking and recording an intruder.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems are one of the most basic and most important security systems for warehouses. If you want to control the “flow” of people and place restrictions on who can access specific areas in your warehouse, then you need to go with an access control system.

This system is perhaps also best for monitoring the attendance of employees. Access Control Systems work by either a keypad, biometric, or RFID system. The best type of system for your needs will depend on your requirements. Ideally, you would want to go with a combination of two or three systems for highly restricted spaces, but for everyday access, a simple fingerprint or RFID authentication is more than enough.

Access Control Systems can also help track visitors on your premises. You can issue special keycards to suppliers who will have specific access to your warehouse. This way, they can come at their scheduled time and conduct their business without restriction.

Alarm Systems

Whether it’s general intruder alarms or fire alarms, having these loud alarms around a large warehouse is a great idea. Not only are they an excellent way to deter intruders, but they can also be useful in alarming people of emergencies, like in the case of a fire.

Keep in mind that warehouses usually cover a very large space, so you need to have a system that can reach all the personnel in the space in the case of an emergency!

Inventory Surveillance

Theft of inventory is an increasingly common crime in the warehousing business. However, installing the right security system can significantly bring down inventory theft. For example, installing an RFID tracking system to track the movement of inventory from one department to another inside the warehouse can be extremely useful in pinpointing theft. This system can also help keep track of your SKUs and even help bring down inventory costs!

RFID trackers tend to be the cheaper option for avoiding theft but for the best experience, we also recommend that you use high-quality and preferably AI-powered camera systems to further track inventory from one place to the next.


At Calder Security, we provide a comprehensive range of security solutions that include not just professional installation but also monitoring, maintenance, and repair services.

We are members of the Master Locksmith Association (MLA), approved members of the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB), and also conform to all the relevant British and EU Standards.

We follow all the best practices in the industry and install only high-quality, state-of-the-art security systems.

We offer various levels of monitoring via a 24-hour monitoring centre using Dualcom and BT Redcare signalling, which is the most secure alarm monitoring system and the largest supplier of intelligent alarm signalling services in the UK.

We understand the importance of having to regularly maintain security systems since the inability to do so might result in serious faults and consequent vulnerabilities in your property’s security.

We provide professional maintenance checks and reminders for when the checks are due to help you stay compliant with the law and work fast to restore your security systems to excellent condition.

We offer a 24-hour call-out service for customers and can also repair systems not installed by us. Our engineers are highly skilled and can restore faulty systems to full working order in one visit.

Contact us here or call us on 0800 612 9799 to talk to our experts right away!

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