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Bungling Burglars: yet more ridiculous robberies

Continuing tales of thieves you won’t believe

We have previously posted not one, not two but three separate blogs about the misadventures of bungling burglars. However, it seems there is a never-ending supply of them so, yet again, we bring you a series of calamitous incidents of break ins that didn’t go to plan.

Clothes seem to play quite a significant role in bringing down burglars (our last post was all about this). Here are a couple more examples of crims caught out by clothes:

Cross dressing burglar has wardrobe malfunction

This burglar dressed as a woman and drew an imitation gun from his handbag to rob a jeweller’s shop in Surrey. Unfortunately, he suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction when tackled by staff; his wig falling off and his skirt falling down, exposing his bottom. All this was caught on CCTV. He did escape the shop but was later arrested after his partner informed the police. See the story here.

Caught by his shorts

You know how it is when you get a load of new clothes; you just can’t wait to wear them. Well it’s just the same when you’re stealing them. This dedicated follower of fashion was so keen to deck himself out in the clothes he was stealing from a home in Cambridge, he left behind his old shorts and trainers – complete with his DNA that led the police straight to him. This led to him getting another brand new set of clothes shortly afterwards – from Her Majesty’s exclusive prison collection! See the story here.

Burglars go Bananas!

It’s not every day you hear of a burglary involving bananas, and we have two for you!

One thief attempted to rob a fish and chip shop in Manchester by brandishing a banana. Disguising the fruit with a bag to make it look like a gun, he pointed it at staff and demanded they open the till. Whether he was just in it for the money or making a statement on healthy eating, he left empty handed and empty stomached as his banana looked a bit fishy and they refused to hand over the cash. See the story here.

Most burglars are after cash, jewellery or tech that they can sell but not this health-conscious thief. After breaking into a restaurant in New York, he made sure he got his 5 a day (and more!) by scoffing almost a dozen bananas, weeing in a bin and then falling asleep on the floor – all caught on CCTV. Amazingly, this wasn’t how he was caught as he had left by the time staff came to open up the following morning. Clearly a bit dozy from his fruit-induced nap, he managed to leave his driver’s licence and watch behind. Not the cleverest burglar in the bunch! See the story here.

Freeze, Police!!!

These burglars in Brighton thought they’d found a great hiding place when the police turned up at the restaurant they were robbing. The experience soon left them cold though when they realised they had locked themselves in to the walk-in freezer. Had the police not persisted with their search, they would have almost certainly frozen to death. See the story here.

How much is that burglar in the window?

This burglar spotted a bathroom window open at a property in Bury and saw his opportunity. Unfortunately, the smallest room in the house also appears to have the smallest window in the house and he soon became well and truly wedged, where he stayed until the homeowner returned and found him dangling from the upstairs window. The police had to come and rescue him, but not before they took a snap of the embarrassing incident. See the story here.


Of course, we know that burglary isn’t funny and that the experience of being burgled can be traumatic. As amusing as these are, it’s still vitally important to remember that many burglars are cleverer and/or luckier than these so take suitable precautions to protect your home or business.

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