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Home security only 43rd most important factor when moving home

When buying a new home we all have a wish list of what’s important to us about the house and the location. Some will be non-negotiables and others more ‘nice to haves’ but we’ll all know what our priorities are. With that in mind, where does home security come on that list for you?

Yale has just conducted a survey of 2000 adults who have recently moved home and asked them to list the things they considered important when buying a new house in order of priority. They then compiled a list of the top 50 items. You can see the full list here.

While knowing the local crime rates rated pretty high at number 6, home security being up to scratch only just sneaked in at number 43. This ranked behind obvious things like council tax banding and cost to perhaps more surprising factors such as will there be enough plug sockets, is there enough space for a dish washer and how easy it is to get the bins out.

Evidence suggests that security needs to be a much bigger priority than it seems to be as, according to Home Office figures, you are almost twice as likely to be burgled in the first 12 months of being in a new home. In fact, changing the cylinders in the locks is something that is highly recommended because you never really know who may have had a copy of the existing key – family members, friends, tradesmen etc.

The survey also asked people about their habits after they’d moved house and found that 16% don’t bother to lock the windows and doors every time they go out, 70% don’t have a burglar alarm, 64% don’t have much outdoor lighting and 73% don’t bother to put lights or radios on timers when they go away.

Because you are more vulnerable to a break in when you move house, here is a useful check list that we have put together to make your new home secure:

  • Upgrade your locks to anti-snap cylinders
  • If there is no burglar alarm, have one installed
  • If there is a burglar alarm, have it serviced and change the alarm code
  • Have security lighting installed
  • Have new locks installed on any garages and out-buildings
  • Cut back hedges that offer cover to burglars
  • Join or set up a local Neighbourhood Watch scheme
  • Introduce yourself to the neighbours – people are more inclined to keep an eye out for people they know

If you are moving house, and would like some advice on the best security measures for your new home why not give us a call on 0345 833 5543 or come and see us in our security shop in Wakefield.