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More Bungling Burglars

For every master criminal there are many would-be burglars who fail to make the grade

We’ve previously written about bungling burglars but it seems there is no shortage of stupidity in this area and, as it never hurts to remind ourselves that many burglars are not the sharpest tools in the box, here are some fresh new examples of karma coming to bite them on the bottom.

Smile, you’re on remote camera!

Two young thieves in Tennessee in the USA though they were being clever by stealing the security camera that was recording their break in, not realising that the images were being synced to a remote device, capturing them in the act. The police now have images of their faces and they are wanted for the crime. See the story here.

Not to be sniffed at

A trio of teenagers broke into a home in Missouri and stole various items including an Xbox system, cash, prescription medication and, what they believed to be, a large stash of cocaine. They only discovered that this substance was not class A narcotics but in fact the ashes of the homeowner’s late husband after they tasted it. Their misfortune didn’t end there; they were eventually tracked from the IP address of the Xbox, when they set it up and played it, and duly arrested. See the story here.

Just thought I’d drop in…

This burglar in Florida (America again, is there a pattern emerging?!) had a cunning plan to crawl through the ceiling space in a restaurant to sneak unseen into the office from the toilets. An inspired plan, had the ceiling been able to take his weight. Alas, it could not and he came plummeting down, through the ceiling, into the restaurant below. Despite sustaining several injuries, the suspect attempted to abscond but was apprehended by a diner. See the story here.

It seems that America does not hold the monopoly on such incidents as something similar happened in Stoke when a teenager attempted to break into a school’s tuck shop. Having scaled the roof he jumped onto a glass skylight and fell through, sustaining very serious injuries. His family have recently been left with a £150,000 legal bill after trying and failing to sue the school for not doing more to secure the building. See the story here.

Badly thought out exit strategy

Last but by no means least, we have an easily disoriented intruder who broke into an electrical store in Canada by smashing his way through a glass door but then attempted to leave via the fully intact door adjacent to it. He can be clearly seen running head first into the door before bouncing off, getting his bearings and leaving via the hole he had previously smashed; empty handed but possibly with some kind of concussion. See the story and the video here.

Sadly not all burglars are this intellectually challenged so it does make sense to take precautions and secure your home. If you would like to talk to us about home security please call us on 0345 833 5543.

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