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Stat-tober? A new security statistic every day in October

Demonstrating why National Home Security Month is so important

October is National Home Security Month and you may be questioning why we need a month of talking about home security because everyone knows home security is important. Don’t they? Well the statistics seem to argue otherwise unfortunately.

Being in the industry and putting home security content together on a regular basis means that we come across a lot of facts and statistics and some of them are pretty worrying. For example, did you realise that 30% of burglaries are conducted while there is someone in the house? That most burglaries, around 60%, are committed during daylight hours? And that 30% of break-ins happen via an unsecured door or window. 60% of burglars check social media to target empty properties and 64% of people sometimes leave their doors unlocked when they are away from home.

When you hear stats like that it really demonstrates that people are still pretty complacent about home security and that burglary is more common than we realise. We are therefore backing up our National Home Security Month campaign with a daily security statistic. These will be posted every day on our Twitter and Facebook pages. You can follow them using the hashtag #HomeSecurityStat.

We don’t do this to worry or panic people but we do want to get people thinking and talking about their home security, because nobody wants to be one of these statistics.

Of course, it would be a very unbalanced view to post these terrifying statistics without giving some advice on how you can protect yourself so of course we will be doing lots of that with new blog posts every week around the themes of the campaign. We’re also supporting a charity that helps the victims of burglary – Remedi UK. We’ll be donating 40p for every key that we cut in October to them so you could say we’re tackling the issue from all sides!

If you want to see more details about National Home Security Month and what we’re doing you can catch up here.