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NHSM16 – Week 1: 10 burglary stats that may shock you

Being forewarned is forearmed!

Welcome to the start of a month of home security awareness, advice, tips and facts. Home security may not be the most exciting subject but knowing how to protect your home, your belongings and your family is really important so we really do advise that you use this opportunity to arm yourself with knowledge and make sure that you are comfortable with the home security that you have in place. If not – do something about it, even if it’s just a small thing like locking the door behind you when you come in or setting the alarm at night.

To get us started for week 1 we’re going to take a look at some of the facts and stats around home security and burglary. Complacency is a burglar’s best friend as that’s when we get sloppy; we all think it won’t happen to us – until it does. By knowing the risks and the realities it gives people the push that they need to take home security seriously.

Here are 10 shocking burglary stats to consider:

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If those stats have got you panicking – please don’t! We will be sharing lots of strategies and advice over the next month to ensure that you don’t become one of these statistics. Keep checking in to the website where we’ll be posting new blogs every week or take a look at all the great advice on the official National Home Security Month 2016 website.

Love a statistic?

We’ll be posting a different stat, including some of those you see here and on our post last week, on Twitter and Facebook every day during October. Just follow the hashtag #HomeSecurityStat

Have you ever been the victim of burglary?

We’re asking people to share they stories and how they felt after a break in. See more details here.