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Supporting Restorative Justice for National Home Security Month

Remedi UK is our nominated charity for this year’s campaign

National Home Security Month is coming around again in October and we are once again giving it our full support. Last year we chose Victim Support as our nominated charity, donating a fixed amount for each burglar alarm installation and service that we did. This year we have chosen Remedi UK, one of the UK’s leading provider of restorative justice services.

Why Remedi UK?

We have chosen Remedi UK for a couple of reasons: firstly, we’re interested in the idea of restorative justice – a system that brings together the victims of crime and the perpetrators of that crime – specifically in how it can help the victims of burglary. Secondly, they’re based in Sheffield which means that they are directly helping people in our region.

About Remedi UK

Remedi UK provides the opportunity for victims to engage with restorative justice. This is a process in which, with their support, victims are enabled to enter into some form of communication with the offender who committed the crime against them. This can be ‘face to face’ or via indirect communication via the organisation.

Steve Jones, director of Remedi UK, spoke of our support for National Home Security Month:

“We are delighted to have been selected as the charity to benefit from this very kind offer from Calder Security. Funding the work we do is a continual challenge and therefore any donation is greatly appreciated.

We are a ‘not for profit’ organisation and so every penny received from Calder Security will be re-invested directly into front line services supporting victims of crime- specifically burglary.”

How will we support Remedi UK?

National Home Security Month runs throughout October so WE WILL DONATE 40P FOR EVERY KEY THAT WE CUT OVER THE MONTH. 40p is in recognition of our 40th anniversary this year (which, coincidentally also falls in October) and we cut hundreds of keys a week so it could be a substantial number over the course of the month. We’ll also offer customers who come into the shop the opportunity to contribute as well.

How can you help?

You can help just by getting a key cut during October. It won’t cost you any more but we’ll donate 40p for every key cut to the charity. If you do want to chip something in yourself we’ll have a collection jar on the counter but this is, of course, optional.

Does restorative justice work?

Evidence suggest that it can help people; not only the victims of crime but the offenders too. The following are quotes from people that Remedi UK have worked with:

Quotes from victims of burglary

“I found myself looking at random people in the street- was it him? Or him? – I needed to put a face to the crime” Hanna

“I just wanted to explain what being burgled meant to me and my family” Chris

“I feel stronger, safer, happier, clearer… don’t know what else I can say” Nicola

“I wanted to know why he chose my house, it was that practical for me” Darren

“I have slept for the first real time in 6 months” Jane

Quotes from offenders who have committed burglary

“I wish I’d had chance to do this in my teens. I might not have ended up here. It changes your thinking” Robert, serving 4yrs

“I told myself there weren’t any victims other than the insurance company. I know now how wrong that was” Derek

“The penny just dropped. I’d fooled myself into thinking I wasn’t causing anyone any real harm. I now know I was only fooling myself” Craig