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Keyless Entry Emergency Locksmith Services

Keyless entry systems have become commonplace in both commercial and residential properties. They offer far better convenience and reliability than regular locks and are one of the most accessible locks since they can be used and operated by regular people and people with disabilities.

These locks work by combining a digital interface like a keypad, biometric scanner, RFID scanner, or a regular swipe card with a traditional locking mechanism.

However, like any other type of lock, there are some scenarios where you would want to call in a professional to either tweak, calibrate, or unlock a stalled system. For example, you may have forgotten your PIN, lost your RFID card, or in worse (and rare) cases, the system might malfunction.

In this guide, we will look at keyless entry emergency services provided by locksmiths and how they can help you access any type of keyless entry lock.


Access control systems, also called keyless entry systems have been around for a long time although in different forms. The earliest type of keyless entry appeared in the automobile industry where car manufacturers began implementing a system where you would require a compact remote control rather than a physical key to access the car.

The idea was soon commercialised and made available for various types of locking applications. Today, keyless entry systems can be found in commercial spaces and businesses like retail stores, offices, warehouses, and residential spaces like homes, rental properties, and more.

These systems work using multiple digital and analogue components. To understand how a locksmith can access these locks, we must first take a brief look at the components of a regular keyless entry system.

Here are some of the most common components that make up a keyless entry system:

User Interface

Keyless entry systems feature user-facing hardware or an interface that is used to interact with the system.

These locks can be interfaced using a keypad, swipe card, RFID, or biometrics. When authenticated, the system checks a stored database for a match and approves or denies entry based on the access permissions.

Server-Side Components

The server-side components are invisible to the user and form the foundations for the digital interface on the system. The authentication data for these systems is saved in either the onboard memory of the system or over the internet (cloud computing). When a user interfaces with the system, the data is authenticated with the data stored on the system or the server for access.

Furthermore, the server-side also allows an admin to access the settings of the lock and can enable the user to change the parameters, roles, calibration, and user passwords.

Electrical/Locking Components

Keyless entry systems require electricity to operate which is why they often use electrical components such as wiring, fuses, backup batteries/power, and other power management tools to keep the system running.

The system also includes a physical lock. Keyless entry systems can use a variety of locks depending on their type. These include stand-alone, electromechanical, or electromagnetic locks.


Here is how a typical access control system works:

  1. The user presents the credentials to a reader,
  2. The credentials are verified by the control panel.
  3. The control panel compares the credentials to a saved database on the system,
  4. If the credentials match, an electrical component engages the lock and unlocks the door.
  5. If the credentials do not match, the control panel keeps the door locked, provides an incorrect authentication error, and saves the entry/denial in a log.


With a keyless entry system, one might think that since there is no physical key involved, a traditional locksmith won’t be suitable for the job. However, modern locksmiths are more than just key makers. Most professional locksmiths, like the ones provided by Calder Security, are certified for operating and fixing keyless entry systems.

Locksmiths provide a lot of advantages, and with a digital system, you might want to get professional help or risk “bricking” the system and making it unusable. Sure, there are ways to DIY these locks, but unless you know what you are doing, you will likely end up making the problem worse.

Here are some of the benefits of using a professional locksmith for keyless entry systems:

  • Have the necessary skill, expertise, and experience to work with all kinds of keyless entry systems.
  • Run a risk assessment on your existing keyless entry system.
  • Knowledgeable about lock technologies and familiar with reliable security products.
  • Provide a holistic service package that not just includes installation but repairs, resets, and more.
  • Quick at what they do because of their skill and experience under their belt.
  • Offer emergency callout services and can be counted on to respond to them.
  • Offer services that come with insurance which means that any damages done to your locks or doors will be covered.
  • Have clear prices and quotes and always give invoices with the cost breakdown according to the labour, material, and time.
  • Provide services of the highest standards because they have a professional reputation to protect.


Professional locksmiths for keyless entry systems offer several services that include:

Repairing and fixing locks

Keyless entry systems might need repairs if they are damaged due to electrical or environmental factors. Locksmiths have the expertise to not only diagnose issues with these complex systems but also fix them using precise hardware and digital tools.

Emergency Callouts

Getting locked out of your home or premises can be nerve-wracking, especially when you are dealing with a keyless entry lock. The good news is that most professional locksmiths, like the ones at Calder Security, offer emergency callouts where you can have a professional locksmith at your doorstep in no time!

This service is by far the most important that any locksmith can provide and can save you a lot of time and stress when you are locked out.

System Resetting and Configuration

Locksmiths can not only help you unlock keyless entry systems, but they also know the inner workings of the system. Locksmiths can easily configure and even help reset the system in case of a malfunction.

When you combine this service with emergency callouts, you don’t have to worry about being locked out ever again!

Upgrading to digital locks

Locksmiths can also help you upgrade traditional locks. Property owners looking to upgrade locks for extra security can call in a professional locksmith to assess the premises and provide a detailed report on the type of locks required for maximum security.

Maintenance Services

Locksmiths provide emergency repairs and maintenance services so that you can easily access your lock when it runs into an issue. These locks can be complex, and although malfunctions are rare if the conditions are right, keyless locks may be “bricked”. This is when the system simply does not respond to user interactions and remains locked.

By going with regular maintenance, you can avoid these issues since locksmiths run several diagnostic tests and can detect and fix problems on the fly.


Here are some of the most important ways locksmiths can help you with your keyless entry system:

Upgrade the Firmware

Like any other electronic device, keyless entry systems operate on firmware that enables them to connect the user interface to the server. When there is a problem in the firmware, the system can malfunction.

A professional locksmith can not only help upgrade the firmware, but they can also “flash” the software (reinstall the firmware), or even downgrade to a more stable firmware.

Troubleshoot the System

if you have forgotten your PIN, misplaced your RFID, or can’t access the biometric scanner of the system, then a professional locksmith can help you troubleshoot the hardware. Most professional locksmiths provide priority-based emergency services so you can call in a professional when locked out for peace of mind.

Replace Batteries

Smart keyless locks require batteries or electricity to operate. If there is a problem with the power or backup supply, the system can show errors and may simply not work. A professional locksmith will be able to replace batteries and check the electrical components for problems.

Calibrate the Sensors

Keyless entry systems can use a series of sensors for authentication, this is especially true for more complex systems that require biometrics. Since these sensors are highly sensitive, any damage or debris stuck in the sensors can cause errors.

A professional locksmith can calibrate and clean the sensors using precise instruments. They can also provide you with a maintenance schedule to keep the sensors operational 24/7.

Identify Software Problems

As mentioned, modern professional locksmiths can handle more than just traditional locks. They are certified to diagnose software and hardware issues for these locks. Since keyless entry systems are highly reliant on software, they can show errors when there is a bug in the system.

In this case, a professional locksmith can look at the error code and help identify the root cause of the issue. They may even be able to help you reset the system to get it working again.

Setting User Profiles

Keyless entry systems require profiles. A “super admin” is an account that has all the privileges to edit and set passwords for accounts. If you don’t have any idea about how to use the system, then call in a professional locksmith!

Locksmiths can help you calibrate and configure the lock as per your specifications. They can help you set user preferences, passwords, PINs, and more.

Teach Users About the System

If you are installing a keyless entry system for your residential property, then it would be a good idea to bring in a professional to help you learn about the system. While this service is usually provided at the time of installation, you can also call in a professional for this service when you need help educating elderly people living alone at your home.

A professional can not only help educate the users on how to use the system, but they can also provide valuable tips to help fix common issues with the system like how to re-enter a PIN after incorrectly entering it and more.

Provide Regular Maintenance

If you want to keep your system running optimally and without issues, then you must have a professional check the system periodically. A professional locksmith can provide you with a detailed maintenance schedule and contract where they can periodically visit your property and maintain the system automatically.

This is an excellent service because you won’t have to do anything and maintaining the system will result in it running 24/7.

Network Configurations

Using a smart keyless entry system? Then you might need help securing the network for the system. Since these systems access the internet, you will need to configure them properly and enable firewall access so that the system can easily communicate with the server without problems.

Failure to configure the network settings can result in malfunctions. A professional locksmith can advise you about the best practices for keeping the system hackproof and enable all the necessary security protocols for keeping the system safe from digital threats.

Registry and Installation

Locksmiths can not only help you install the system, its components, and all the required electrical hardware but they can also immediately register the system to the manufacturer. This is a commonly omitted step that many amateur locksmiths miss.

Some manufacturers may put in software blocks that limit the features of the system until you register the system. Most users won’t notice this, but if you are someone who wants to continually tweak the system for different users and roles, then you will have to register the system to gain full control of the hardware.

Luckily, professional locksmiths can quickly register the system, configure the hardware, and tweak the interface to run optimally. Plus, by registering the system, you may also get access to the warranty provided by the manufacturer!


You need to be able to trust the locks you have on your property, but you also need to be able to trust whoever installs them. You need to know that they are skilled in the task and that they are honest and trustworthy tradesmen.

We at Calder Security have been members of the Master Locksmith Association (MLA) since 1976 and can work on a wide range of locking mechanisms including keyless entry systems.

We are experienced in creating sophisticated access control systems for residential properties, large-scale commercial enterprises, as well as smaller businesses.

We are SSAIB-approved installers and offer all types of access control systems including intercoms, proximity fobs, access cards, and keypads. We also offer biometric systems that work with fingerprints or retina scans.

We are specialists in wooden, UPVC, and aluminium doors, and the official suppliers for leading lock brands including Chubb, Yale, Securikey, and Garrison. Our team of experienced professionals can advise on the best types of locks for your residential and commercial needs.

In addition to installation services, our professional locksmiths also offer repairing services for when the locks become damaged or develop faults and may not require changing, and are also fully conversant in business master key systems.

Our qualified locksmiths have an in-depth knowledge of all kinds of locks and can often repair them on-site. We can also access locks that have become jammed, including safes, and can respond to your calls quickly which can be very useful if you’ve locked yourself out.

We also offer expert key-cutting services from our Lock & Safe Shop in Wakefield where you can get your keys cut while you wait.

Contact us here or call us at 0800 612 9799 to talk to our professional locksmiths right away!

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