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Best Keyless Entry Systems for Your Home

How many times have you come back to your house after a long day only to realise that you don’t have your keys with you? The feelings of helplessness and regret are followed by sheer panic, frantically trying to find the keys, and hoping that there was a way where you would not have to rely on them at all.

Keys are one of the most lost items around the globe with every other person having misplaced or lost them at least once. This is a huge risk security-wise since whoever has access to your keys has access to your home.

Your doors, locks, and their corresponding keys are your most basic line of defence against unauthorised access and any issue with any of the three can put your entire home security at risk.

The traditional lock and key system have been used all over the world for centuries but they come with their share of drawbacks. There is a very high chance of lockouts with you finding yourself stranded outside your home and having to call a locksmith to open your door for you.

When using mechanical locks, as opposed to digital keyless ones, it is very difficult to maintain access control. Once someone has your house keys, there is no way to stop them from using them, unless you rekey your locks, and also no way to track their activity.

To overcome the issues associated with keys, keyless entry systems were developed in the 1960s that eliminate the need for keys and provide comprehensive control over the access activities along with access tracking capabilities.

Read on to find out what keyless entry systems are, how they work, the benefits of using them, and the best ones for your home.


Keyless entry systems, also known as access control systems, control and manage access into a property using a variety of authentication methods.

They control, manage, and establish access permissions for users, granting access to authorised people, whereas restricting access for unauthorised ones.

When used in homes, they offer control over who enters your home without you having to physically open the door, giving added security and accessibility to those with limited mobility.

The systems are made up of different components that include:

  • Authenticators – may be in the form of an intercom, proximity fob or card, keypad, touchpad, or biometrics verification.
  • Readers – check the authenticators to grant or deny access and are usually mounted on the door or the wall next to the door.
  • Digital locks – part of the hardware infrastructure of the system that are usually connected via wires that supply them the power to lock and unlock the door.
  • Control panel – also called the intelligent controller, this is what all the locks in the system are wired to.
  • Control server – acts as the brain of the system and checks whether the entered credentials match the ones authorised for the specific door.


Since keyless entry systems eliminate the need for keys, they use alternative authentication methods to grant or deny access. Let’s look at the most common ones in more detail:

Access cards

Usually the size of a credit card that can easily be kept inside your wallet, access cards come with access permissions and can be inserted into the system, swiped, or scanned using RFID technology to grant access through electrically-locked doors.

Keypad/Pin code

Working on the same principle as an ATM where entering the correct pin code gives you access to your account and the money in it, and entering the incorrect pin denies access, keypad/pin code entry systems also use a numeric keypad used to enter the pin code to gain access into the house.


One of the safest and most secure authentication methods available, biometrics use your unique biological features such as fingerprints, retina scans, and facial recognition to grant or deny access.

The system checks the scanned unique identifiers with an earlier saved version of the data and if they match, the system verifies the user’s identity permitting them to enter. If the data doesn’t match, the entry points remain locked and access is denied.

Remote access/Smart locks

These are the most technologically advanced keyless entry systems giving you the ability to control the locks from a remote location. Instead of being near the locking mechanism to touch, insert, scan, or swipe the authenticators, you can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to lock or unlock a door.

With push notifications sent to your smart device every time a door is opened, locked, or unlocked, smart entry systems give homeowners much control over their security, even if they are not physically present in their house.


Here are all the ways a keyless entry system can be great for your home:

Eliminating the need for keys

The best benefit and the reason why keyless entry systems were invented in the first place; you no longer have to keep track of your keys.

This is a huge sigh of relief for people prone to losing their keys that can be easily stolen, misused, and even copied to make duplicates.

It’s fairly easy to remember a code and keep a card inside your wallet at all times than to care for a set of keys. Plus, you always have your biometrics such as fingerprints and retina patterns on you so there’s no way of you forgetting or losing them, or them getting stolen by someone.

Ease of access for family and friends

How many times has it happened that you’re out for some chores and you get a call from a family member or friend telling you they’re outside your house? And then obviously you rushing back home to let them in? Quite a few times, we assume.

Since keyless entry systems do not rely on keys to unlock the doors, you can simply share the access code with them and ask them to let themselves in while you finish buying your groceries in peace.

The systems allow you to give temporary access to individuals and what’s great is that if you wish for them to not have your codes to be used later, you can instantly change them restricting access for them for future use.

Restricting access for intruders

Access control systems make it very difficult for intruders to gain access to your property. They use digital locks that are far more difficult to bypass than mechanical ones.

When burglars are watching your property to target, they look for valuables they can steal and easy points of entry. These include unlocked doors and windows and easily breakable locks.

Access control systems are one of the biggest deterrents for burglars since they can’t get access unless they are authorised to, and also because they are sometimes even integrated with other security systems such as burglar alarms and CCTV cameras.

Tracking access

A huge upside to using keyless entry systems is that they allow you to track who enters your home and when; something you could never do with traditional locks and keys.

You also have the added option to give out unique codes to each person who needs access to your house such as your kids, the cleaners, and other staff.

As a parent, this can be very beneficial for you in keeping an eye out for when your kids are getting back home and to ensure that they are safe.

If your house is targeted for a burglary, the tracking feature can help figure out how the burglars got in and who to hold responsible for it. You can check the codes entered at the time of the burglary and see who they belong to.

Withdraw access immediately

The recommended course of action for when your keys are lost or stolen, or if you wish to withdraw access privileges for someone, is to have the locks rekeyed or replaced, whichever is applicable.

Since there is no way of knowing who has your keys and when and how they might use them, it leaves your home security in a vulnerable state which is why it is best to do the needful ASAP.

Both rekeying and replacing the locks are done by a professional locksmith and come at an added cost. However, when using a keyless entry system, changing the codes and withdrawing access becomes extremely easy, and what’s best is that it’s free of cost.

If you feel like your access codes are compromised and might be misused, you can simply change the codes and instantly and very conveniently withdraw access privileges.

Remote access control

You’re out having a good time with your friends or family and suddenly you think about whether you locked the doors or not. Instead of having a good time, you spend the rest of the evening worrying about the security of your home. Sound familiar? Probably yes.

Using cloud technology, keyless entry systems allow controlling and monitoring access in homes from a remote location. You don’t have to be present inside or near your house to control the system.

It gives you the comfort of adding and removing access permissions, monitoring and tracking the access activity in your home, and locking or unlocking the entire house with just a single switch – all from absolutely anywhere in the world!


With so many great brands out there offering state-of-the-art keyless entry systems, it can sometimes become quite a challenge to choose the best one for your home.

Here are our top three brands for access control systems:

Paxton access control systems

Paxton is a leading brand for keyless entry systems based in Brighton UK, with over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing security solutions that are easy to use and install.

They offer a wide range of hardware and software access control solutions that include proximity readers, access cards and fobs, door entry systems, control units and monitors, energy-saving readers, hands-free interfaces, and exit buttons.

Videx access control systems

Videx is one of the top suppliers and manufacturers of door entry and access control systems in the UK. They have grown from a small setup in London to providing and serving a wide range of consumers across the country.

They create unique systems for every homeowner’s individual needs and provide a wide range of door entry systems from audio and video solutions to biometric readers to provide the best access security for your home.

Hikvision access control systems

Hikvision is a world leader in providing security solutions for domestic and commercial properties, manufacturing a complete solution of comprehensive products for a broad market around the world.

The systems range from simple card readers to biometric access control systems using fingerprints, retina scans, and facial recognition.


Before choosing the best keyless entry system for your home, there are a few things that you need to consider:

Running a risk assessment

The first step towards maximising the security of your property is to run a risk assessment to find out the areas that are most and least vulnerable and then making a decision accordingly.

Haphazardly installing security systems without any proper requirement analysis is as good as not installing them at all. The first step is to audit the current security measures you have installed in your home and determine the areas that pose a risk to the overall security.

Level of security

There are various types of keyless entry systems that offer different levels of security. Choosing the best one for your home security needs depends on the level of protection you’re looking for.

For homes that have valuables in them or are located in secluded areas are at a higher risk of burglaries and require added protection. For them, biometrics are the best suited since they provide a secure authentication method with no chance of them being lost or misplaced.

To take things a step further, keyless entry systems also come with two-factor authentication that use two different types of authenticators such as access cards and biometrics for double the reliability.

Therefore, if someone steals your access card, they still won’t be able to gain access because they’ll also be needing your biometrics for the system to validate the entry.


Before choosing an access control system for your home, it is always best to take the time to assess the costs involved, especially for individuals with a tighter budget. Although, spending money on your home’s security shouldn’t be considered as a cost, rather a long-term, very beneficial investment.

In addition to the upfront hardware and installation costs, there are a few recurring ones such as regular servicing and maintenance.


Calder Security provides a complete solution for keyless entry systems for your home which includes professional installation, maintenance, and repair services.

We’ve been working in the security industry since 1976 and partner with only the best brands for security systems. Our MLA approved locksmiths can advise you on the best type of system for your home by helping you assess its security needs and requirements.

Home access control installation services

Because an access control system operates the locking and unlocking of your home’s door, installation must be completed properly by someone with detailed knowledge of how these systems work.

We are SSAIB approved installers and offer all types of access control systems including intercom, proximity fob, card swipe, and keypad. We also offer biometric systems that work with fingerprints or retina scans.

Home access control maintenance services

Access control systems are very reliable and will last a long time, but like any technology, they require periodic maintenance to continue working as they should.

We conduct annual servicing to keep your system working well and give it a full check including checking the battery strength, power supply, and connections. That way you won’t get any nasty surprises further down the line.

Home access control repair services

While generally very reliable, sometimes problems occur with access control systems that can potentially compromise the security of your home as it could affect the locking mechanism.

Common issues are concerned with the power supply, batteries, or simple wear and tear, and to preserve your home security, you need to get the problems fixed ASAP.

We operate a 24-hour emergency service run by qualified, security specialist engineers who understand access systems and can resolve issues efficiently and effectively.

Contact us right away for a quick consultation and quote for our state-of-the-art keyless entry systems.


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