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Business Master Key Systems

A Master Key System enables organisations with multiple locks, such as hotels, office blocks and buildings of multiple occupancy, to access all locks with a master key while maintaining the security of all individual rooms.

Business Master Key Systems Yorkshire

Buildings with multiple locking rooms can be complex to manage so a Master Key System can vastly simply the process without compromising security. A typical system operates on a tier system where locks are designated a hierarchy are keys are set to those levels, eg a high level key could open all locks whereas a lower level key could open only those appropriate to that level. We can design, install, maintain and repair business Master Key Systems as well as train all staff on proper operation.

Why trust Calder Security for Master Key Systems?

  • Fully conversant in Master Key Systems
  • Members of the Master Locksmith Association (MLA)
  • Security industry experts
  • Designed bespoke to your business’s requirements
What can we offer?
Our Promise

We also make sure that before we leave you are fully conversant with using the alarm (explained in clear layman’s terms) because an ‘all singing all dancing’ system is only of use if it’s operated correctly.

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