hurray your mega menu works


18th Jun 19


Is ‘insta-bragging’ making you a target for burglary? Your hashtags and tagging of locations, people, brands and celebrities could be giving a burglar all they need.

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8th Mar 19

The woman who invented the home security system

It’s probably fair to say that security tends to be male dominated, however on International Women’s Day we are delighted to pay tribute to a woman who has a huge legacy in security and deserves recognition. On International Women’s Day, we pay tribute to Marie Van Brittan Brown.

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25th Feb 19

More Burglaries Botched

We have covered this topic before but it seems there is a bottomless supply of ‘disaster criminals’ whose dastardly capers don’t go to plan. Here are yet more examples of why crime doesn’t pay.

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22nd Jan 19

Beware Porch Pirates!

A new term – ‘porch pirates’ – has been coined for dirty rotten scoundrels who may not break into your home but think raiding your porch or shed for parcels or other items is perfectly fair game.

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