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Car theft at a 7 year high

Here’s how to deter car thieves

The Association of British Insurers has just reported that motor theft claim payouts have reached their highest level since 2012 based on claims in January – March this year. Keyless car crime is being partly blamed for this rise with 6 new vehicles launched this year achieving low security ratings. See the story here.

Keyless car theft, also know as relay theft, refers to thieves using a device to pick up the radio signal from your fob and using it to open your car. They can do this without needing to enter your home, if the key is within range. We have covered this issue on the blog before which you can read here.

However, don’t assume that because your car isn’t a brand new model that it’s safe from thieves. People steal cars for many reasons ranging from resale to use in criminal acts. They even sometimes just steal the number plates.

While car insurance is there for such an occurrence, it’s inconvenient and can be costly in terms of your excess and subsequent hikes in premium so it’s worth taking all the measures you can to secure your car. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can minimise the risk of car crime above and beyond your car alarm.

Prevent keyless car crime

Keep your car keys well away from doors and windows and ideally in a signal-block pouch or a security safe.

Deter car key break ins

Often house break-ins are motivated by car key thefts to take your car. Keep all car keys well hidden and especially don’t leave them where they can be hooked out via the letterbox. Standard home security measures such as a burglar alarm and anti-snap locks will also help.

Park in well-lit areas

Car thieves are often shy types who don’t like to work under a spotlight. If you park within the boundary of your own property, such as on a driveway, install some security lighting. If you have to park on the street, choose an area well-illuminated by street lighting.

Drive security

There are several ways you can make your driveway more secure such as a gravel driveway that prevents a silent approach, installing a gate or parking posts. If you have CCTV, make sure it covers the drive and display a sign to inform any would-be intruders that they’re being monitored.

Garage security

It is estimated that up to half the people who have a garage choose to use it for storage rather than for parking their car. If that’s you, ask yourself what’s more valuable: your car or a few ¾ empty tins of paint and the lawnmower?! If you have a garage, park in it but also make sure it’s secure. This means having locks that are as good as the ones you have on the house and consider adding it as a zone on your burglar alarm. Dead locks are a good idea and cover any windows so you can’t see what’s inside.

Don’t overlook the obvious stuff

Without wishing to patronise, make sure you do the basics as well as the extra security measures outlined here. Make sure you always lock the car and don’t leave anything of value on display.

If your car is your pride and joy, or you just don’t fancy the cost or inconvenience of having it stolen, we strongly advise you to take heed of these deterrents. If you would like any further advice you can call us on 0800 612 9799 or call into our security shop in Wakefield.