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Increase in lock snapping reported in Ossett

Euro-cylinder locks targeted on our doorstep

West Yorkshire Police has reported an increase in the number of burglars targeting homes using Euro-cylinder locks in the Ossett area (see more details here). Being located on the outskirts of Ossett, this is right on our doorstep.

Why target Euro-cylinder locks?

Euro-cylinder locks are used on the majority of UPVC doors but unfortunately they are very easy to bypass due to a technique known as ‘lock snapping’. This is where the cylinder itself is broken by force, allowing the whole lock to be removed. It doesn’t require any specialist skills or tools and can be done in minutes. You can even learn how to do it on You Tube! Approximately 25% of all burglaries are committed in this way.

How can you secure your home against lock-snapping?

Obviously the best way to avoid lock-snapping is to use locks that cannot be snapped. Anti-snap locks are widely available. These cylinders do snap but at a specific point which does not allow the lock to be removed. The nationally recognised standard for these locks is either a 3 star TS007 rating or SS312 Sold Secure Diamond Standard. These locks start at around £53. You may be able to install them yourself, just make sure they don’t protrude from the handle, but if you’re not confident doing so they can be installed by a locksmith. We charge £48+VAT for a domestic installation.

Additional door security can also help to thwart intruders such as a chain or deadlock.

Why target a particular area?

There can be a number of reasons why it seems specific areas experience high numbers of break ins. They tend to be areas that are quite affluent, as they’re more likely to have more valuable contents, and often they’ll target estates that were all built around the same time. People rarely change locks unless they have a problem and usually houses built together will have the same types of locks installed. If they know that one or two have standard cylinder locks then the chances are that many others will too. Currently, as well as Ossett, we’re aware of increased break ins in Crigglestone.

Many people who are worried about the risk of burglary will often enquire about intruder alarms before they’ve considered how good their locks are. While we’d certainly agree that intruder alarms are an excellent deterrent against burglary, your locks should be a priority. Once they are secure, you would then move on to alarms and other security measures such as CCTV.

If you are worried about your locks or you’re just not sure what sort of locks you have then for the cost of less than a couple of hundred pounds you could have both locks upgraded and professionally installed.  Give us a call on 0800 612 9799 or send us a message.