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Home renovations and security

Why many home improvements need you to factor in your security set up

Major home renovation projects such as new windows and doors, conservatories and extensions require lots of planning and your home security needs to be included in that. Any burglar alarm system you have will be disturbed by any replacement of doors or windows, due to the contacts you have on them. Even decorating can potentially damage or disturb sensors and if you’re creating new spaces in the house, either by extending or by removing walls you will most likely need to configure the system slightly differently.

If you are embarking on these kinds of home improvement then we suggest that you consider the implications for your security systems alongside all the other stages of your project, rather than thinking about it as a separate job. This is because you will certainly need tasks to ensure a smooth transition to be done at various stages along the way rather than waiting until building works are complete.

For example, if you’re having new doors or windows, the door contacts will need to be disconnected or moved prior to the old ones being removed. Otherwise you run the risk of the alarm being triggered. Likewise, if you’re having an extension or conservatory built, it’s best to install new wiring for sensors and contacts at first fix, before any plastering is done.

We would therefore recommend that you involve us at the beginning of the process. We can then advise you about the best time for us to slot into your building works plans (we may need to come out a couple of times; to disconnect safely and then get everything set back up again).

If you don’t already have a security alarm, then renovations can be a good time to consider getting one as it generally doesn’t cause any greater disruption doing it all at once. We can also offer services such as getting extra keys cut for new doors and windows or extra security for patio doors.

If you are currently thinking about your next home project, give us a call on 0800 612 9799 so we can help you plan and maintain your security throughout.