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Spooky nursery rhyme alarm triggered by spiders terrifies local resident

Creepy song, intended to scare away trespassers, gives residents night terrors

Imagine hearing a nursery rhyme tune playing every few minutes at low level for months during the night. You’d probably think you were going mad wouldn’t you. That’s what one woman in Ipswich thought after being tormented every night by low level strains of “It’s raining, it’s pouring” on repeat.

It sounds like something from a creepy horror movie and it was only after reporting it to the local council that they discovered the source: a unit on a local trading estate that was using the children’s song as an unusual method of warning off trespassers!

If you’re thinking it couldn’t get any creepier, think again – the spooky song was triggered by spiders! It turns out that the security system at the unit was set up to play the song whenever motion was detected by the CCTV cameras in an attempt to warn trespassers that they had been spotted. However, it was being continually set off by spiders crawling across the camera lenses.

The company who owned the security system said that the song was intended to spook trespassers and they thought it could only be heard by people on its property. They have since turned the volume of the song down to a level where it can’t be heard by residents. Read the full story here.

We’re not sure whether a nursery rhyme is a more effective deterrent than a siren but it certainly freaked out a few local residents!

Spiders and CCTV

Spiders can be the nemesis of CCTV systems. Not only can they trigger motion sensors, but their webs can obscure the pictures of even the most sophisticated cameras. You can see more information about how to stop spiders spinning webs over cameras here. Solutions include peppermint oil, Vaseline and even conkers!