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Business Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

Fire alarm monitoring offers you peace of mind that should the alarm be triggered, it can be responded to quickly minimising danger for people and premises.

Fire alarm monitoring Yorkshire

Having fire alarm monitoring using Dualcom or BT Redcare facilitates a fast response should the alarm be triggered for any reason. In the event of an alarm a professional monitoring centre would be notified immediately 24/7 enabling them to contact the emergency services and/or named key holders. Not only can that significantly minimise the seriousness of the situation through fast action, it can also reduce your insurance premiums.

Why trust Calder Security for fire alarm monitoring?

  • Only partner with trusted monitoring stations
  • Dualcom and Redcare monitoring systems used
  • Can offer fast repairs should monitoring detect any faults with the system
  • Help you comply with business insurance terms
What can we offer?

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