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Your lock may be solid but is your door?

Being locksmiths (and security specialists) we’re obviously big advocates of good quality, anti-snap locks to keep your home secure, however locks are only part of the story. Just as important is the quality of the door in which it’s installed. A poor door cannot be saved by a good lock and vice versa.

The following factors will all improve the security of your door:

  • A solid door with no glass panel is much more difficult to breach plus does not allow an intruder to see in to look for occupants or valuables
  • Door contacts linked to your burglar alarm will trigger the alarm as soon as someone enters (if the alarm is set of course)
  • Door chimes will alert you if someone opens the door if you are home (though we would always advise keeping doors locked even if you’re in the house to reduce the risk of a sneak in burglary)
  • A spy hole and/or a security chain will allow you to see who is at the door before you have to open it fully
  • Make sure the letterbox is no closer than 400mm from the lock (to prevent someone reaching it from the outside)
  • Don’t leave your key in the lock. Not only could it potentially be reached from the outside, it can damage your lock and prevent a legitimate person with a key getting in case of an emergency
  • A solid uPVC door has a core of galvanised steel so can’t be forced in the same way as a traditional door
  • Ensure the door frame is also of equal quality and secured properly

By giving both your lock AND your door equal consideration, your home security is immeasurably improved.

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