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The burglary ‘perfect storm’

Local incident a combination of all the things we’ve been warning about

This is a clipping from this week’s Wakefield Express, our local paper. It’s only a small column, most probably wouldn’t notice it, but it caught our eye because it’s like a check list of all the things we’ve tried to warn people about here on the blog:

  • The victim was outside at the time, making this a ‘sneak in’ burglary. 30% of burglaries require no ‘break in’ at all – the home is accessed via an unlocked door or open window. Sometimes the intruder simply sneaks in when the victim is otherwise disposed or someone deliberately distracts them while an accomplice accesses a different entrance. Keeping the door locked would have prevented this or even a chime on the door would have alerted the victim that someone had opened it
  • The burglary took place during the day while the victim was home. Many people believe that they are most at risk of a burglary under the cover of darkness, when the house is unoccupied but this is not necessarily the case – most burglaries actually take place in broad daylight. Again, keeping doors locked or at least being equally vigilant about security during the day could have avoided it
  • All items stolen were easy to pick up and take as they were small and easily carried. If they had been secured in a home safe, they could not have been removed in this way
  • The burglars sneaking in while the victim was outside indicates that they weren’t in the house long and that they located the jewellery fairly quickly. Valuables should never be visible and easy to locate. Even if you don’t want to invest in a safe, you should keep items such as this well out of sight
  • The stolen items had significant financial and sentimental value. The financial value could potentially be recovered via insurance (though, the policy may not necessarily cover unsecured items stolen via an unlocked door) but sentimental items, such as engagement and wedding rings, gifts and heirlooms, can never be replaced
  • The victim was alone, elderly and vulnerable. Burglars are not fair minded people who enjoy a challenge – they will deliberately target those who can be easily outwitted or overcome who would not be in a position to stop them even if they were caught in the act

This is a horrible experience for an 87 year old lady and our sympathy goes out to her but it would have been avoidable but for a few simple actions – keeping the door locked, keeping valuables out of sight or in a safe etc.

The fact is that a determined burglar could potentially still burgle your home even if you have an activated burglar alarm, anti-snap locks and CCTV but by leaving doors unlocked and valuables on show, you are giving even the laziest of thieves the perfect opportunity to help themselves so don’t make it easy for them.

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