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When the boss is away, who looks after security?

How to maintain security when you’re away from the business

When you run your own business, security is obviously something that is high on your list of priorities. With summer upon us, thoughts turn to holidays and time away from the business so how do you ensure that your business remains as secure while you’re away without you there to be responsible for it?

It’s a typical trait of a business owner to believe that nobody in the business will ever be as invested in its care as you are and, to a degree, that’s probably true. However, the majority of employees are more than capable of taking care of things in your absence, given the right training and the authority, plus there are a few measures you can take that should offer you peace of mind from a distance:

Implement a written security procedure

We would advise any business to have a written security procedure and make sure that it is communicated to all staff who need to understand it. A written procedure just makes sure that security processes are always followed in the same way by whoever conducts them and offers a check list to work against, ensuring that no element is missed out. This procedure could be as simple as checking all windows and doors and setting the alarm when you leave on an evening or could be more complex – it really depends on the nature and size of the business.

Anybody who is expected to take on responsibility for security while you are away needs to not only have been trained in the procedure but have had at least a few ‘practice runs’ prior to being left in sole charge of it. This will give both of you the confidence that things are in safe hands.

Have a monitored burglar alarm

One way of making sure all is in order without having to keep an eye on things directly (certainly more conducive to a relaxing holiday!) is to link it to a monitoring station. Depending on your monitoring package they will test the phone line, make sure the alarm is set during specified times and act as a first response to any incidents of the alarm being triggered.

Alarm monitoring is an on-going solution, rather than something you would just implement while away however it does offer additional peace of mind when you’re not around.

Smart phone savvy alarms

If you want to keep a close check on things yourself rather than the more ‘hands off’ monitored approach there are ways of linking certain alarm systems* to your smart phone. To check that the system is being used correctly you can have it text you whenever it has been set or unset and should the alarm be triggered you would be notified and can even connect through the speech dialler to listen in to anything going on in the building.

Smart phone savvy CCTV

Just as you can link your burglar alarm to your phone, you can do the same with your CCTV system*. Online login means that you can check the view from your cameras via any device with internet connection. You can even connect a camera to the burglar alarm so that if an alarm is triggered you can take a look at what’s happening. If you do access your system online, make sure you follow our CCTV best practice advice on keeping it secure.

If you have time away from the business planned, whether work related or pleasure (don’t forget to follow our home security tips as well!, and would like some advice on the measures you can put in place to maintain security while you’re not there then e-mail us or call 0800 612 9799 (from a landline) or 0345 833 5543 (from a mobile).

*Capabilities depend on the specific system and its features