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Who’s Looking at You?


Cameras worldwide hacked and streamed on the internet

Owners of any internet enabled cameras are being warned to check that they have strong passwords set up on their equipment after a Russian website has hacked into thousands of devices across the world and streamed live feeds on their website.

This includes CCTV cameras, webcams and even baby monitors. The site claims to have done this to highlight poor password security and is refusing to take the images down until “all cameras are password protected”. If the site had been based in the UK this would have been illegal but the international element makes this more difficult to deal with. Police estimate around 500 cameras have been hacked in the UK alone. Some have been traced to Bradford, Leeds, Keighley and Wakefield.

They’ve largely been able to do this because people have either not set their own passwords – the factory set passwords on devices are widely available – or have set very weak passwords. If you have a camera of this kind you need to set a secure password that is not easily guessed. It should ideally contain both upper and lower case letters and numbers.

Remembering a complicated sequence of numbers is a pain but far preferable to being streamed live across the world!

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