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New IT System Set To Streamline Operations

This week we are embarking on a radical new development for Calder Security and the way in which we operate. We are in the process of implementing a new IT system that will streamline everything that we do – from stock control and booking jobs in, right through to customer after sales care.

Alarm Master is a bespoke security industry software system that centralises all data used within the business, streamlining our entire operation. We have spent months in the planning and this week we finally move over to the new system.

So what does this mean for customers?

We appreciate that this may not be the most exciting news you’ve heard this week but actually, the biggest motivation for moving to the Alarm Master system is the positive impact that it will have on our customers.

The main benefit will be efficiency and this will be advantageous to clients in a number of ways:

  • Better communication – we’ll be able to use the system to keep you informed throughout the job process so you know exactly what’s happening and when
  • Reduced costs – because administration is reduced, that means our costs are reduced. This will offset any inflation rises over the next few years and enable us to maintain current prices; effectively saving you money
  • Faster service – because we’re removing the burden of manual processes unnecessary delays will be eradicated at every step, creating a faster, more efficient service

Taking a great service and making it better

We like to think that the service we offer already is pretty efficient – our recent achievement of ISO 9001 is testament to that – and we could have quite easily continued to run our business in the same way for several years without compromising customer care. However, at Calder Security we believe in aiming for more than ‘good enough’ and that’s why we’re implementing the system now. It’s not going to be a simple process with 1000s of products, prices, jobs and customers’ details to input and many more months of work to get it running at optimum levels, but the end result will allow us to build even further on our position as the best in our industry. That means an enhanced service offering for everyone from the homeowner looking for a simple burglar alarm to a large multi-site corporation seeking a complete security solution. Watch this space for further developments!