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Smashed window

November 14, 2017
Smash and grabs rising: businesses warned to take precautions

Clerical businesses with shop fronts especially vulnerable Insurance broker, Lonsdale, has reported a sharp rise claims for ‘smash and grab’ thefts by scooter gangs. These gangs are particularly targeting computer equipment so businesses that are predominantly clerical/IT-based with a high street shop front – such as estate agents and even solicitors and insurance companies – […] full article

recruiting alarm service engineer

2 Alarm Installation/Service Engineers Required

Due to the rapid growth of our company, we are seeking to recruit not 1 but 2 additional full time alarm installation and service engineers to join our friendly team! The ideal candidates will be experienced with Scantronic, Galaxy and Texecom systems, or other programmable burglar alarm systems as well as CCTV, fire alarm and […] full article

WYP anti-burglary winter campaign 2017

November 7, 2017
Keep a Burglar Out: West Yorkshire Police Autumn/Winter Burglary Prevention Campaign

How absent-mindedness can allow a burglar into your home West Yorkshire Police release two main anti-burglary campaigns each year – one in spring/summer and one in autumn/winter. The new autumn/winter campaign for 2017 has just been launched and it’s all about preventing those little lapses of concentration that can enable a burglar to gain access. […] full article

National Home Security Month

November 1, 2017
National Home Security Month Round Up

All the home security advice we’ve covered this month National Home Security Month is over for another year. During the campaign we’ve aimed to offer you a range of home security advice while working with the themes as established by the national campaign. We’ve written a new blog post each week and we’ve shared 31 […] full article


October 31, 2017
Home security at Halloween

Trick or treating offers perfect cover for burglars If you read this blog regularly you will know that this time of year, when the clocks go back and darker nights come, is peak burglary season (hence National Home Security Month taking place in October). Burglaries rise by around 20% at this time of year and […] full article

Home security child's play

31 Home Security Tips #NHSM17

Our daily security tips for National Home Security Month Over the last month we have shared a range of advice about home security including a tip every day which we’ve posted on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Now that National Home Security Month is over we’re pleased to be able to provide all these tips […] full article


October 30, 2017
A different kind of intruder setting off the burglar alarm?

Spiders so big they’re triggering alarms Have you experienced any odd occasions where your alarm has been triggered for no apparent reason? Your panel may identify which sensor has been disturbed but there’s no obvious reason why? It could be that you have been a victim of an intruder of a different kind: a giant […] full article

Banishing the burglar

Banishing the big bad bogeyman [burglar] #NHSM17 Week 5

Burglars can’t scare you if you’re doing all you can to protect your home Our last blog in the National Home Security Month (NHSM17) series was based around securing your outdoor space as the nights get darker. The clocks went back this weekend meaning that the dark nights are only going to get earlier and […] full article

Student campaign - harry-potter-

October 24, 2017
Student anti-burglary campaign looks to the movies for inspiration

Campaign tackles high student burglary rate in Leeds The charity Crimestoppers has teamed up with students from Leeds University to create a series of visual messages to raise awareness of the issue of burglary amongst the student population and encourage them to protect themselves. Statistically almost a third of students in Leeds (which has the […] full article

Who's afraid of the dark?

October 23, 2017
Who’s afraid of the Dark? #NHSM17 Week 4

Keeping your outdoor areas secure once the dark nights come The nights are drawing in, telling us that winter is on its way. Unfortunately, dark nights also bring with them peak season for burglars. Once the clocks go back at the end of October, burglaries spike by a huge 38%! For week 4 of National […] full article

Police officer

October 17, 2017
Wakefield ‘bust-a-burglar’ op underway

Police target sneak-in thieves in Wakefield West Yorkshire Police has a number of initiatives underway in Wakefield, Pontefract and Castleford as part of a ‘bust-a-burglar’ op to catch and deter burglars. This includes appealing to the public for information, carrying out disruption visits at the addresses of known offenders and patrols in burglary hotspots. Chief […] full article

Using your smarts

October 16, 2017
Using your Smarts – #NHSM17 Week 3

Getting to grips with smart security and all it can offer Most people are familiar with the term ‘smart security’ now – using technology to enhance your security and maintain control of it while you’re away from the home. We have covered the topic before but by its nature, smart security is an ever-evolving thing. […] full article

Knock knock who's there

October 9, 2017
Knock, Knock Who’s There? #NHSM17 Week 2

Taking care of the entry points in your home Your locks are the first line of defence against a break in but would you believe that 48% of people often don’t bother locking their doors when they’re in the house, 64% sometimes leave doors open when they’re NOT at home, 30% of break ins happen […] full article

Home security child's play

October 2, 2017
National Home Security Month Week 1

Making home security child’s play National Home Security Week (NHSM) is here again, celebrating its 5th year. This is a national campaign that takes place throughout October every year to give people tips and advice about securing their homes. You can see more about the national campaign here. This year the theme is around making […] full article


September 5, 2017
If you can see any of these items through your windows – move them immediately!

The 8 things you should never have on show When selecting a house to rob, burglars will almost always have a good nosy around first which includes looking through the windows for signs that the house is unoccupied and/or has items worth stealing. With this in mind, if you have any of the following items […] full article

Dirty dishes

August 29, 2017
The most inventive ways to look in if you’re out

Including dirty dishes and fake social media posts Yale has just conducted a survey to find out people’s best hacks for making burglars think they’re home when they’re actually away on holiday. It includes, as you might expect, measures like having lights on timers, asking neighbours to park on their drives and cancelling the newspapers […] full article

Pet theft

August 22, 2017
West Yorkshire a hotspot for dog AND cat thefts

All animals at risk as the number of pet thefts rises This is a subject that we seem to be covering a lot at the moment as pets are becoming increasingly attractive targets for theft. At the beginning of this month we reported the news that West Yorkshire had the most dog thefts outside of London, […] full article


August 17, 2017
Release the Parrot…

Forget a guard dog, get a protection parrot! ‘Beware of the Parrot’ is not a sign you tend to see on houses but that may all change after Rocky the parrot single handedly (single beakedly?) brought down a burglar recently in Kent. The intruder attempted to steal the parrot, along with other items, as they […] full article

Woman looking at phone

August 15, 2017
Family watch man burgle their home from 120 miles away

Burglar triggered alert on mobile phone A family on holiday in Somerset was able to watch a burglary as it took place at their home at their home in Birmingham, 120 miles away. The Marusamy family had a security system installed that notified them via mobile phone that someone had set off a sensor in […] full article

Dog thefts

August 2, 2017
West Yorkshire has most dog thefts outside London

208 dog thefts reported in 2016 A recent report reveals that West Yorkshire has the highest number of dog theft incidents outside of London having risen by 19% since 2014. The most common breed to be targeted is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, closely followed by Chihuahua, Jack Russell and French Bulldog. Criminals take dogs for […] full article

Man hiding

July 31, 2017
Bungling Burglars #5

You can rob but you cannot hide! There are so many bungling burglars it seems that we never run out of new shining examples of stupidity to share with you. So much so that we have actually started theming our blogs such as the last one that was all about how the attire of the […] full article

Ginger cat

July 25, 2017
The Ginger Cat Burglar and Bogus Gardeners

Distraction burglars target vulnerable people in Wakefield Two burglars in the West Yorkshire area have been in the news recently for using distraction or confidence burglary methods to prey on older, vulnerable people. Jonathan Schofield, dubbed the ‘ginger cat burglar’ has just been jailed for 4 years 9 months for burgling several houses in Sharlston, […] full article

Shop thief

July 18, 2017
“Another break in and my business will close down”

Can small businesses afford the cost of security? And what is the price of insufficient security? Businesses in Wyke, Bradford, are appealing for more security in the town centre after being hit by several burglaries over the last few months. One business in particular has been hit 5 times this year including twice in the […] full article

fFlat cap

July 10, 2017
It’s a fair cap!: Yorkshire burglars busted by their flat caps

Distraction burglars who targeted vulnerable victims caught by their head wear A couple of Yorkshire thieves who deliberately targeted elderly people have been caught after police issued a description of them wearing flat caps. A witness spotted 2 men in caps acting suspiciously and reported them and their vehicle details. When North Yorkshire police tracked […] full article


Home burglaries set to double – but that doesn’t mean there are more!

New rules for recording burglaries reflect all home break ins People are being warned about what could be a dramatic increase in instances of home burglary this year, but being told not to worry about it – it doesn’t actually mean that more break ins have taken place! Sounds contradictory but it’s just because the […] full article

Arrested man

June 28, 2017
Sting op to catch summer burglars!

Police in Sheffield are taking a new approach to catching burglars this summer – by setting traps to catch them in the act. Teaming up with landlords and housing providers, they’re setting up sting operations by installing state of the art covert security equipment in empty properties and tempting burglars in by leaving valuables out […] full article

Door security for older people

June 27, 2017
Door security for older people

Door security is obviously important to everyone but maintaining door integrity can become more complex for older people for a range of reasons. We recently had an enquiry from Lise Duma-Toros whose elderly mother was struggling to lock and unlock her door due to arthritis in her hands. She was also wary of anything too […] full article


June 20, 2017
SSAIB, so what?

We are an SSAIB certificated security systems provider, and we’ve just successfully been re-assessed, but so what? What does that actually mean to you, the householder, the business owner, the landlord etc? SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) is a certification body that assesses security systems providers against a national standard. All firms that […] full article

Burglar taking car key

June 6, 2017
Car Key Burglaries

‘Creeper’ car key criminals It is estimated that 10% of burglaries in West Yorkshire are conducted purely to get hold of car keys in order to steal your car. This can also be known as a ‘creeper’ burglary (where they literally creep in just to steal a specific item and leave). Cars are often stolen […] full article

wish list

May 30, 2017
Leaving the House: 6 Point Security Checklist

Visual guide to help you leave your home secure Leaving the house should be a fairly simple process but we all know that often it isn’t. We may be in a rush to get somewhere, already pre-occupied with where we’re going or maybe even still half asleep. Those of us with young children will also […] full article


May 25, 2017
Could house sitters prevent burglaries?

Could ‘people protection’ help top up your security? While we may have a number of security measures in place, one of the most common concerns for people is when they are away from the home for any length of time, such as to go on holiday or away for business. Obviously there are precautions that […] full article


May 16, 2017
Could stones be marking property for burglary?

A couple of years ago we covered a story about chalk markings being feared to be codes for burglars. That was largely debunked as utility worker symbols but police in the Somerset area are warning of a potential new method being employed by thieves – white stones. These stones are being left outside homes and […] full article


The importance of securing your security

Security measures such as a burglar alarm and CCTV are great ways to safeguard your home however, ensuring that the security for your security is up to the job is vital otherwise it could potentially be a cause for risk rather than a solution for it. That may seem like a contradiction in terms but […] full article

Business security

May 2, 2017
Secure business brings additional unexpected benefits

While even the smallest of businesses seem to understand the importance of cyber security, often physical security is overlooked. And while the benefits of securing your building, in terms of preventing theft or damage, should seem like justification enough there are additional advantages that you may not have anticipated. According to, strong physical security […] full article


April 25, 2017
Employee theft could be costing British businesses £190 million a year

67% of office workers admit to stealing from their employer In a survey conducted last year, two thirds of office workers confessed to stealing items with an average estimated value of £12.50 per year. You may think that is a relatively small amount and it’s not really worth getting wound up over post-it notes and […] full article

WYP spring burglary campaign

April 4, 2017
West Yorkshire Police Spring Burglary Campaign

Don’t forget the simple measures you can take to prevent a burglary West Yorkshire Police has released its new spring/summer burglary awareness campaign. They issue these types of campaigns twice a year (spring and autumn) to make people aware of the risks and take steps to improve their home security. This year, the spring campaign […] full article

impact of burglary

March 30, 2017
What impact does burglary have on victims?

25% struggle to sleep. 11% can’t be home alone. 13% have moved home. We can all imagine how devastating it must feel to be the victim of a burglary but can we truly understand unless we’ve experienced it first hand? In 2016, Churchill Insurance commissioned research into the impact of burglary, speaking to people who […] full article


March 28, 2017
Burglary victims have 1 in 4 chance of being burgled again

Research from Churchill shows victims have 28% chance of another break in and an 8% chance of multiple subsequent break ins Nationally, 1 in 5 adults have experienced a burglary and here in Yorkshire the statistic is 1 in 4. Being the victim of a break in is traumatic enough but this research shows that […] full article


March 21, 2017
Spring Security

It appears that nobody has told the weather that it’s spring but the clocks go forward this weekend and we would hope that warmer weather and lighter nights are on their way. We know that autumn/winter, when the clocks go back and evenings are darker, is peak time for burglary but that does not mean […] full article

Moving home

March 14, 2017
Home security only 43rd most important factor when moving home

When buying a new home we all have a wish list of what’s important to us about the house and the location. Some will be non-negotiables and others more ‘nice to haves’ but we’ll all know what our priorities are. With that in mind, where does home security come on that list for you? Yale […] full article


March 7, 2017
Bungling Burglars: yet more ridiculous robberies

Continuing tales of thieves you won’t believe We have previously posted not one, not two but three separate blogs about the misadventures of bungling burglars. However, it seems there is a never-ending supply of them so, yet again, we bring you a series of calamitous incidents of break ins that didn’t go to plan. Clothes […] full article

External CCTV camera

March 3, 2017
Chief Inspector Advocates CCTV over Burglar Alarms

But adds that it should all be part of a ‘chain of security’ Chief Inspector James Sutherland, of South Cambridgeshire Police, spoke at a panel meeting in Cambridge recently and stated that, in his opinion, CCTV is a bigger deterrent than a burglar alarm and that “one of the reasons why solving crime in rural […] full article

Stuff for sale

February 28, 2017
Is selling on social media attracting burglars rather than buyers?

The potential dangers of buy/sell/swap sites We have already spoken about the dangers of sharing too much on social media such as when you’re away on holiday or showing off about some new gadget or nice new piece of jewellery but there is another aspect to social media that can leave you vulnerable to attention […] full article

CCTV monitor

February 22, 2017
CCTV: What’s the advantage of IP over analogue systems?

As well as a deterrent to crime, the main purpose of CCTV is to capture evidence that can help to catch a perpetrator in the act, identify them and provide evidence to secure a conviction. It can therefore be quite frustrating when the footage is not of a high enough quality to do that. There can […] full article

Arrested man

February 14, 2017
Just 6% of reported burglaries in West Yorkshire result in charge being made

Figures recently made available via a freedom of information request reveal that in England and Wales, only 10% of burglary reports have resulted in someone being charged with the crime. However, some even fall below that with West Yorkshire Police reporting a charge rate of just 6%. That’s among the lowest in the country. See […] full article


February 7, 2017
Things burglars do before committing to the break in

Many burglaries are opportunistic in nature but don’t confuse spontaneous for rash: even if a house seems a likely target at first glance, most will still make a number of checks before fully committing to breaking in to the house. Knowing what these checks are can help you lead any would-be burglar to conclude that […] full article

Kirkstall Abbey

January 31, 2017
Leeds postcodes in the top 20 burglary hot spots

Two postcodes in Leeds feature in the top 20 list of most burgled areas, according to research. The LS5 area of Hawksworth / Kirkstall and the LS8 area of Fearnville / Gipton / Gledhow are in the 4th and 17th position respectively. However, it could be worse: London postcodes account for 16 of the […] full article

Fire alarm maintenance

January 24, 2017
How do you prevent false fire alarms?

West Yorkshire Fire Service charging businesses for false alarms It has recently been reported that West Yorkshire Fire Service has made almost £450,000 since 2014 from charging businesses who persistently call them out on false alarms. They’re charging companies £375 a time where they’ve had them out more than 3 times in a 12 month […] full article

Burglar alarm engineer

January 10, 2017
How to use your burglar alarm

We recently received the following review via our Facebook page from a customer who had called us out to service his burglar alarm and show him how to actually use it: “Extremely useful visit to a new home with existing alarm (and clueless owner). Showed me how to work it, reset the entry and exit […] full article


January 4, 2017
Case your own home for a burglary

Think like a burglar to secure your home The best way to make your home secure is not to think like a homeowner but to think like a burglar. Take a good look around your house and your garden and assess it as a would-be burglar would assess it. By looking specifically for the things […] full article


January 3, 2017
Our Burglar Alarm Offer – Winner Announced

Clare Ford wins a free alarm and installation During December we ran an offer via our Facebook page to win a new burglar alarm and full installation. All you had to do to enter was like our page and share the post. We had over 300 entries and we picked a winner on 1st January. […] full article


December 20, 2016
Dear Santa: a burglar’s Christmas list

Dear Santa, I would really like the following this year: • Houses with lots of new, expensive items in them • Said items to be left in a really easy-to-find place, all together • These houses to be unoccupied for most of the time • Owners of said houses to be distracted enough to be […] full article


Christmas Opening Times

Security shop and engineer availability over Christmas We very much hope that you don’t need us over the Christmas period but if you do experience an alarm fault or lock yourself out (whoops!) then don’t worry, we will be here to help. We’re open as usual up to Friday 23rd December and the shop and […] full article

Calder 40 year logo

December 18, 2016
2016: A Significant Year

40 years down, here’s to the next 40! As 2016 draws to a close, it seems fitting that we look back on our 40th anniversary year as well as look forward to the next phase of the company. New Premises This has certainly been a fairly epic year for us. Aside from the anniversary itself, […] full article

boy detective

December 13, 2016
Extra Christmas presents for burglar-catching-kids!

Three 9 year old children have had their quick thinking rewarded with an extra Christmas present each for helping to catch a burglar who stole an 88 year old woman’s funeral savings. (See the story here). The incident took place in Whitby a few weeks ago. Children feature heavily in this story as the burglar, […] full article


Security solution pays for itself at Ackworth Garden Centre

It has been reported recently that Ackworth, a small village near Pontefract, has been the target of multiple thefts and break ins recently with 15 burglary offences reported since July. One Ackworth business was itself a victim of theft when it approached us a couple of months ago. Simon Harpin from Ackworth Garden Centre reached […] full article

recruiting alarm service engineer

December 8, 2016
Alarm Service Engineer Required

Due to the rapid growth of our company, we are seeking to recruit an additional alarm service engineer to join our friendly team. The ideal candidate will be experienced with industry standard programmable burglar alarm systems. Multi-role engineers experienced with CCTV, access control and fire alarm systems are also welcome. Formal qualifications are not necessarily […] full article

Home security

Compare the Security Measures

We have shared a number of stats around burglary lately (daily throughout October for National Home Security Month in fact!) and have recently come across this post by that neatly sums up some of those stats and is accompanied by a video featuring fictional detectives DCI Gunn and Sergeant Book who discover that all […] full article

burglar alarm installation

December 1, 2016
Win a free burglar alarm and installation!

Our 40th birthday gift to you Get a brand new wireless alarm system plus full installation worth £650 just by liking our Facebook page and sharing our post. It’s not every year you celebrate 40 years in business so we’re rounding off the year by offering this fantastic prize. Evidence suggests that having a working […] full article

SYP Christmas burglary campaign

November 29, 2016
Is your house an open invitation?

The latest Christmas crime prevention campaign from South Yorkshire Police has been launched this week with the overall message of “don’t make it easy”. This refers to the way many people are too complacent to the risk of burglary and theft. The burglary element of the campaign features an invitation to an open house for […] full article


November 23, 2016
Bungling Burglars: Caught out by Clothes

We have brought you various stories of bungling burglars before (here and here): the criminal cretins caught out by their own stupidity; but it seems that for every one that is hoist by their own petard, there are several waiting to take their place. We always follow these stories with interest but a few have […] full article

Silly walk

November 15, 2016
Could a burglar be caught by his walk?

CCTV can be a great tool for capturing evidence in the event of a break in. Intruders will therefore do what they can to avoid being caught on camera or make it difficult to be identified. One such burglar attempted to do this by wearing a hat, keeping his face down and even placing his […] full article

Remedi donation

November 9, 2016
Cutting Keys to Cope with Crime

£250 donated to Remedi UK for National Home Security Month As you know, National Home Security Month has now finished and one of our ‘key’ activities during this time was raising money for Remedi UK by donating 40p for every key that we cut during October. We also had a collection jar on our trade […] full article

WYP autumn burglary campaign

November 4, 2016
Remember Remember… to lock the door / set the alarm / hide your valuables / leave a light on…

The new autumn/winter anti-burglary campaign from West Yorkshire Police is out Hot on the heels of the end of National Home Security Month, West Yorkshire Police has released its autumn/winter anti-burglary campaign. This time the message is about remembering simple things that can make all the difference between getting burgled or not. In the campaign […] full article

National Home Security Month 2016

November 1, 2016
National Home Security Month – over for another year

A look back at the NHSM campaign 2016 October is over and therefore so is National Home Security Month for another year. Here is a round-up of everything that we did over the month: Themed blogs Using the themes set by the national campaign, we created original blog posts for each of them. They were […] full article

Burglary Statistics

NHSM16 – Security Stat Round Up

All 31 security stats from the campaign Throughout October we have been posting a daily security statistic as part of our campaign for National Home Security Month 2016. These stats have been curated from a variety of sources and shared daily via our Facebook page and Twitter profile. Now that National Home Security Month has […] full article


October 31, 2016
NHSM16 – Week 5: Spooky Season

Why trick or treaters are not the scariest characters at Halloween If you read last week’s NHSM16 blog, Dark Nights, you will know that burglaries spike by a massive 20% when the clocks go back and you’re more likely to be burgled on Bonfire Night than any other night of the year. While last week’s […] full article

card operated burglar alarm

October 25, 2016
Foiled by a Fob

Intelligent fob controlled alarm system puts ex-employee in the frame One of the benefits of a fob (or card) controlled burglar alarm is that each fob is uniquely programmed and therefore it’s easy to report on who has set the alarm and when. This can be really useful information for a business anyway – knowing […] full article

Burglar in dark

October 24, 2016
NHSM16 – Week 4: Dark Nights

As the days get shorter, burglars get braver The clocks go back on Sunday, bringing darker evenings and heralding the start of winter. With the dark nights, along come the burglars – home burglary usually spikes by around 20% at this time of year and the day that you’re most likely to be burgled out […] full article

compare security doors

October 19, 2016
NHSM16 – Compare Doors for Security

Guest Blog from Gen Hulley, Value Doors UK When it comes to home burglaries, the two main entry points are through doors or windows, in fact 66% of burglars gain entry to your property this way. Therefore, this blog will look at different doors and their security information, to help you maximise your entry point […] full article

smart home security

October 17, 2016
NHSM16 – Week 3: Smart Home Security

The growing popularity of connected security systems The theme for week 3 of National Home Security Month is smart home security. If you asked the question, ‘how smart can your security system be?’ the answer would have to be ‘how smart do you want it to be?’ because these days, the sky’s the limit. What […] full article

safe as houses

October 10, 2016
NHSM16 – Week 2: Safe as Houses

How to keep the entry points to your home secure For the second week of National Home Security Month we’re looking at the 2 main entry points into your home – your doors and your windows – and the various ways that you can prevent a burglar from using them to enter your property. Doors […] full article


October 5, 2016
Did Kim Kardashian compromise her security via social media?

The dangers of over-sharing The news of reality star, Kim Kardashian’s, recent robbery ordeal in Paris has been widely reported in the media. She was reportedly held at gun point and tied up while the robbers got away with $9 million worth of jewellery. This must have been a very traumatic experience – but could […] full article

Burglary Statistics

October 3, 2016
NHSM16 – Week 1: 10 burglary stats that may shock you

Being forewarned is forearmed! Welcome to the start of a month of home security awareness, advice, tips and facts. Home security may not be the most exciting subject but knowing how to protect your home, your belongings and your family is really important so we really do advise that you use this opportunity to arm […] full article

Did you know

September 30, 2016
Stat-tober? A new security statistic every day in October

Demonstrating why National Home Security Month is so important October is National Home Security Month and you may be questioning why we need a month of talking about home security because everyone knows home security is important. Don’t they? Well the statistics seem to argue otherwise unfortunately. Being in the industry and putting home security […] full article

how burglary made you feel

September 27, 2016
How did a burglary make YOU feel?

Counting the emotional cost of a break in Many victims of burglary say that the worst thing about a break in is not what they took but how they made them feel. It can be a very traumatic experience that can leave people feeling vulnerable, unsafe and uncomfortable in their own homes. Often, possessions can […] full article

Home security

A Visual Guide to Home Security

From the Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters Blog As we approach National Home Security Month, which starts on 1st October, you might be interested in this infographic created by the team at Sainsbury’s Bank’s Money Matters. It offers a good overview of the various measures you can take to protect your home. We have lots of […] full article

Remedi UK

September 20, 2016
Supporting Restorative Justice for National Home Security Month

Remedi UK is our nominated charity for this year’s campaign National Home Security Month is coming around again in October and we are once again giving it our full support. Last year we chose Victim Support as our nominated charity, donating a fixed amount for each burglar alarm installation and service that we did. This […] full article

National Home Security Month 2016

National Home Security Month 2016 is Almost Here

A month of tips and advice about home security Annually, October is National Home Security Month – a campaign that runs throughout the month to highlight home security and share tips and advice for protecting your home and belongings. You can see more information here. The purpose of the campaign is to get people talking […] full article

recruiting alarm service engineer

September 13, 2016
Security Service Engineer Required

Due to company growth, we require an additional service engineer The ideal candidate will be experienced with Scantronic, Galaxy and Texecom systems, or other programmable burglar alarm systems as well as CCTV, fire alarm and access control systems. Formal qualifications are not necessarily required but you will ideally be apprentice-trained and have several years’ experience […] full article

Support meeting

Could you face your burglar?

Restorative justice and how it can help victims and perpetrators Victims of burglary often speak of the emotional and psychological impact of burglary as well as the financial loss. They often feel unsafe in their homes, bereft at the loss of items of sentimental value and angry that someone felt they could invade their space […] full article

Operation Joypad

August 30, 2016
Only 10% of York residents left house unsecured

Operation Joypad checks security of over 21,000 homes Operation Joypad is the name for York’s biggest ever crime prevention campaign whereby North Yorkshire police checked 21,004 houses between May and July to see how many people were properly securing their property. Both physical and visual checks were made to see whether people were locking doors and […] full article


August 23, 2016
Our own worst enemy?

Who is the greatest risk to our own security? The burglars or ourselves? On this blog we usually talk about protecting yourself against burglars but how would you feel if we said that the greatest risk was not posed by burglars but you, yourself? While we would of course never suggest that anyone deserves to […] full article

Distraction burglary

August 18, 2016
“Look over there!”…

The most common distraction burglary tactics Distraction burglary is a very common form of burglary and the victims are often, though not always, vulnerable people. Distraction burglary is the name given by police to incidents where victims are literally distracted in some way in order to gain access to their property and steal from them. […] full article


August 1, 2016
Beware ‘Facecrooks’ crashing your parties

Burglars target house parties publicised on social media Police are warning people not to openly advertise house parties on social media after burglars have started seeking them out and gatecrashing in order to steal items or rob guests. Dubbed ‘Facecrooks’, they particularly look for teenagers who may be throwing parties when parents are away on […] full article


July 26, 2016
Pokemon Go catch burglars!

How the latest craze is helping to fight crime Even those with no interest in gaming could have failed to notice people going mad for the latest smartphone game, Pokemon GO. It in, people take to the outdoors to find and ‘catch’ Pokemon characters that are virtually placed in hundreds of locations around the country […] full article

Summer working

July 19, 2016
Why businesses need to re-think their security in summer

The different challenges that the holiday season presents Security is an ever changing solution for any business. Technology develops, new risks present themselves and different strategies are developed for protecting your business. Seasonal factors will also require adaption to normal routines and practices and the summer period is certainly one that requires some consideration. Hot […] full article

burglar breaking into house and stealing television

Burglaries doubled in Wakefield this time last year

Hotter weather brought more break ins – don’t be caught out this year Pretty much exactly 12 months ago this week, West Yorkshire Police issued a warning to local residents following a sharp increase in burglaries as the weather became warmer. This increase was unprecedented and most were connected to an insecure burglary – where entry […] full article

July 12, 2016
Summer Holidays = Opportunities for Burglars

If you make it easy for them It’s nearly the end of the school year and while we all start to relax a little and unwind, opportunistic burglars get ready for ‘open season’. You see, the summer offers so many chances for them to commit quick, sneak in burglaries that they go on high alert. […] full article

Simon Cook cuts the cake for our 40th!

Back to Normality

It’s been a busy week or so here at Calder Security. We moved into our new premises on 4th July and we held our open day on 9th July to celebrate the move and our 40th anniversary. The event was really well attended, despite the torrential rain, and we cut over 100 keys that day […] full article

wired or wireless burglar alarms

July 5, 2016
Wired v Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems

Which type of burglar alarm system is best? One of the most common questions that we are asked is ‘which is best; a wired or wireless burglar alarm system?’. We have therefore put together a guide to help you, looking at all the different aspects of an alarm system that are important; from cost to aesthetics […] full article

Calder Security shop exterior

We’ve Moved!

Bigger and better shop and office facility After many months of planning, work and a lot of construction work, we are delighted to announce that we have moved into our new building. We’re now on Roundwood Industrial Estate, just off the A638 Dewsbury Road and close to junction 40 of the M1. The new shop […] full article

recruiting alarm service engineer

June 14, 2016
Security engineer and apprentice engineer required

As well as moving to new premises because of company growth, we also need to recruit more engineers to meet customer demand for our services. We therefore have vacancies for an experienced security service engineer and an apprentice engineer. see below for details: Security Service Engineer We are seeking a full time multi-skilled electronic security […] full article

Burglary news clipping

June 7, 2016
The burglary ‘perfect storm’

Local incident a combination of all the things we’ve been warning about This is a clipping from this week’s Wakefield Express, our local paper. It’s only a small column, most probably wouldn’t notice it, but it caught our eye because it’s like a check list of all the things we’ve tried to warn people about […] full article

secure door and lock

May 24, 2016
Your lock may be solid but is your door?

Being locksmiths (and security specialists) we’re obviously big advocates of good quality, anti-snap locks to keep your home secure, however locks are only part of the story. Just as important is the quality of the door in which it’s installed. A poor door cannot be saved by a good lock and vice versa. The following […] full article

Key for a pound

Key Cutting for £1!

We’re having a party and you’re invited To celebrate our move to new premises and show off our fabulous new shop we’re holding an open day on Saturday 9th July 10am-2pm. On that day we will be offering key cutting while you wait for just £1 per key*. You can also have a nosy around […] full article

Stuff for sale

May 17, 2016
We’re Moving!

Our new, bigger premises off Dewsbury Road, Wakefield We are delighted to announce that we’ve outgrown our existing office and shop and on 4th July will be moving to much bigger premises off Dewsbury Road and close to junction 40 of the M1 in Wakefield. The new building on Roundwood Industrial Estate is currently being […] full article


May 11, 2016
How To Maximise Home Security and Deter Burglars

Guest Blog from Gen Hulley, Value Doors UK In February 2011 there were 2946 home burglaries reported in Yorkshire. The last report from February 2016 shows that the burglary crime has dropped, but it is still in the 2000s. This still isn’t good enough. We need to maximise our home security the best we can, […] full article

Visitors sign

May 4, 2016
Who’s hanging about in your business?

Knowing who’s on your premises and maintaining security Whatever the nature of your business, the people within the building will include several ‘types’ of occupant. This may include staff, customers, visitors and service providers and possibly other people. So, do you know who’s on your premises and where they are at any given time? Maintaining […] full article

WYP spring burglary campaign - washing

April 26, 2016
Spring Burglary Campaign – West Yorkshire Police

West Yorkshire Police release an anti-burglary campaign twice a year in spring and winter and the new spring campaign is now out. Last spring the campaign was all about the true cost of burglary and featured insights from convicted burglars. This year it focuses on one of the key factors in burglary – unlocked doors […] full article