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Want to be different? Be efficient

One of the key principles of business success is defining your competitive advantage – just how do you differentiate yourself from the competition? We operate in the security industry which is essentially a commodity market – lots of companies offering similar products and services – so how do you find that edge? For us it boils down to good, old fashioned efficiency.

Putting efficiency at the core of our business impacts on everything that we do and the reason it gives us that competitive edge is because of the tangible benefits it brings to customers and to the company. For example:

  • We give specific times for site visits, not 4 or 8 hour slots, and if we say 10 o’clock we arrive at 10 o’clock
  • We are generously stocked on parts – both in terms of range and quantity. Our vans also carry good stock. This means that systems can be serviced and repaired in a single visit; no waiting for parts to come in, no having to return at a later date.
  • We have the right tools for the job. For example, at our workshop we have specialist equipment that allows us to cut any kind of key. This not only means that we don’t have to send keys away, it means that your new keys will work first time.
  • We have good internal systems. Jobs are booked in straight away, surveys and quotes are turned around quickly and work is completed in a single visit wherever possible.

What efficiency means to customers

Customers benefit from these efficiencies in several ways;

  • It saves money – call-out fees are chargeable each time we come out to you. Ensuring that we have the right parts, equipment and information when we make our initial visit means that we can conduct all work required there and then; no need to return a second time
  • It’s more convenient – because fewer site visits are required homeowners don’t have to rearrange plans to wait in and disruption to business is minimised
  • Security is maintained – being able to resolve issues quickly means that security is not compromised while you’re waiting for a solution eg no waiting for parts and no relinquishing keys from your possession

What efficiency means to us

It also makes sense from a business point of view, giving us reduced operating costs and more availability to take on additional work. Plus the experience of working with us means that customers remain loyal and repeat business reduces our cost of sale.

Our commitment to efficiency means that we’re continuously improving what we do. We have recently achieved ISO 9001 certification which we completed in just 8 weeks due to the systems we had in place. We have also just implemented a sophisticated new IT system which is industry specific and will streamline what we do even further.

Any point of difference is only relevant if it is of value to the customer. We know that the way we work offers real benefits and that’s what solidifies our position at the top of the security market in Yorkshire.