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National Home Security Month Round Up

All the home security advice we’ve covered this month

National Home Security Month is over for another year. During the campaign we’ve aimed to offer you a range of home security advice while working with the themes as established by the national campaign. We’ve written a new blog post each week and we’ve shared 31 security tips – one a day for the whole month – which we’ve posted on our social media channels.

Here’s a rundown of everything we’ve shared this month including a highlight from each post:

Week 1 – Making home security child’s play

This was our introduction to the month explaining what we would be covering.

Highlight: “you might expect us to advise you that you need to spend a lot of money to truly make your home secure but NHSM is really not about that – it’s about giving you simple practical advice about the little things you can do to improve your home security.”

Week 2 – Knock, knock, who’s there?

Looking at securing the entry points to your home.

Highlight: “25% of burglaries involve lock snapping – that means gaining access by snapping the cylinder to manipulate the lock to open. If you know how it’s quite a simple process – unless you have an anti-snap lock fitted.”

Week 3 – Using your smarts

An insight into smart security and the latest technology

Highlight: “One of the interesting developments in this area is compatibility with home voice activated smart systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. When connected to other smart systems you can perform a number of tasks using voice commends such as locking your doors, accessing CCTV cameras and controlling lights and curtains.”

Week 4 – Who’s afraid of the dark?

Securing outdoor areas, now that the evenings are getting darker

Highlight: “Once the clocks go back at the end of October, burglaries spike by a huge 38%!”

Week 5 – Banishing the big, bad bogeyman burglar

Highlight: “As much as your little one all dressed up for Halloween looks adorable or you want to check in at your local bonfire, don’t post on social media until you’re home again. Burglars will often look at social media to find out when houses will be empty so you could be making yourself a target.”

31 home security tips

A round up of all 31 security tips that have been posted every day in October.

Highlight: “Have more security than your neighbours. Why?: Burglars will always choose the easiest house to break into.”

You can see everything we’ve produced for all National Home Security campaigns here. We hope that something in these posts resonated with you and that you’re heading into winter with an informed approach to your home security. If there are any elements of your home security that still concern you then you can of course call us on 0345 833 5543 or pop into our security shop in Wakefield.

NHSM may be over for another year but we’re committed to offering security advice all year round