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Banishing the big bad bogeyman [burglar] #NHSM17 Week 5

Burglars can’t scare you if you’re doing all you can to protect your home

Our last blog in the National Home Security Month (NHSM17) series was based around securing your outdoor space as the nights get darker. The clocks went back this weekend meaning that the dark nights are only going to get earlier and earlier for the next few months plus Halloween and bonfire night statistically carry the highest risk of a break in of any time of the year.

Therefore, to conclude NHSM17 we’re looking at securing your home now the dark nights are here because there’s no need to fear a break in if you’re doing all you can to protect your home.

Here are our tips on securing your home ready for dark nights:

Don’t make your home a goldfish bowl

Close your curtains as soon as it gets dark outside. When you have lights on inside and it’s dark outside, you’re effectively making your home into a bit of a goldfish bowl giving observers outside a clear view of the inside of your home. Not only can a would-be intruder see what you’ve got but you can’t see anyone outside because of the reflection.

Don’t let a trickster treat themselves

Halloween is obviously the time for trick or treating so watch you don’t get tricked at the back door while you’re treating someone at the front. Burglars will often take advantage of you being distracted at one door while sneaking into another and they only need a few minutes. Always make sure you keep back doors locked while answering the front one.

Likewise, if you’re in the back garden letting off fireworks, make sure you keep the front door locked.

Look in when you’re out

A dark house looks obviously unoccupied in winter so if you do go out on an evening leave some lights on and maybe even a TV or radio on to make it look like you’re home. Always lock up and set the alarm if you have one, even if you’re only popping out – especially on Bonfire Night as burglars will take advantage of the noise of fireworks to cover up break ins.

Don’t share your outings

As much as your little one all dressed up for Halloween looks adorable or you want to check in at your local bonfire, don’t post on social media until you’re home again. Burglars will often look at social media to find out when houses will be empty so you could be making yourself a target.

Lock up your windows

You’re much less likely to be opening windows so much over the window so be extra security conscious by keeping them locked rather than just closed.

This is the final themed blog for NHSM17 but you can see them all here. Have you been reading our daily security tips on Twitter and Facebook? Don’t worry if you haven’t because we’ll be posting a round up of all of them tomorrow.