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Locksmith For Schools, Nurseries & Colleges

Educational institutions such as schools, nurseries, and colleges have a huge responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of their students, teachers, staff members, workers, and visitors, in addition to securing school property from theft and damage.

Locks and doors are a big part of school security, and one that must be given its due importance. They are the first lines of physical defence that stop intruders and unauthorised individuals from gaining access to the property.

While most of us know and understand the importance of a good locking mechanism, we need professional help in choosing the best one for our requirements. Also, what would you do if you had a damaged lock or key or wished to upgrade to a better system?

Well, that’s where locksmiths come in. Locksmiths for schools, nurseries, and colleges provide a wide range of services that help you make your facility a safer and more secure place for all those on campus.

Read on to find out the different types of services offered by them, how they benefit schools, nurseries, and colleges, and who to contact for hiring the best locksmiths for an exceptional service:


Locksmith services for schools, nurseries, and colleges include, but are not limited to:

Door and window security

Educational institutions need to have strong door security for three main reasons: to prevent theft, keep unwanted and unauthorised individuals away, and allow a quick and safe exit route in case of emergencies.

Theft has always been a major problem in schools and colleges because of the presence of expensive equipment such as computers, laptops, and overhead projectors that can be stolen and sold very easily.

Access control is also very important to monitor and control who enters and exits the building. You can’t let strangers roam around inside with so many vulnerable little kids on the premises, especially in nurseries.

Also, in the event of a fire or some other emergency, there needs to be a proper exit route and strong door security to help with the quick evacuation.

When installing doors and locks, make sure they easily open from the inside, lock and unlock from inside the classroom without having to open the door, and automatically lock or unlock during emergencies.

One more thing to be careful about is finger trappings, which refers to kids trapping their fingers in the doors. The majority of the kids that do this are below 8 and in nursery or school.

These facilities need to prevent such incidents from happening by installing door guards and anti-finger trapping devices for doors.

The great news is that if you hire a professional locksmith, they will take care of all these things, and more, and even guide you on the best practices for your property.

Door and window lock repair

Locks can break and get damaged for several reasons: general wear and tear, misuse, and accidents.

While this is not an issue in itself, not getting the locks repaired is since it can put your entire property at risk. You know what they say, your security is only as good as your weakest link.

Someone trying to break into your school, nursery, or college will see the broken locks as an opportunity to get in with ease, making them not only an inconvenience but also a huge security risk.

A broken or damaged lock may not always mean that it has to be replaced, and most of the time it can simply be repaired by a professional locksmith who would know exactly how to do it. They are easily able to identify the problem and make the necessary adjustments ASAP.

New lock installation

Your property may need new locks because the existing ones are either broken or became obsolete, or simply because you need to upgrade to more secure locks for your school, nursery, or college.

Other times when you might need to change all the locks and get new ones is when you move your facility to a new location. The reason this is done is to ensure that the previous owners of the property or any other unauthorised individuals don’t have access to the locks.

Regardless of why you need new locks, you can call a professional locksmith to help you make an informed decision regarding your property’s security and upgrade to high-security locks if the existing ones are not up to the mark.

High-security locks are easier to control and manage and are highly durable against forced entry attacks. The best quality locks from the best brands are impossible to be tampered with and do not allow users to make copies of the keys.

Key cutting and duplication

Keys can get damaged, jammed into locks, broken, or even lost or stolen. Since they are used so frequently, the chances of damage due to general wear and tear are very high. Also, they are one of the most commonly lost items in the world.

You may require new keys if you wish to have spare ones and keep one or two for backup purposes. Also, you will need key duplication services when you have a new employee and you need to hand them a key.

Key cutting is a very popular method used by professional locksmiths to make keys and can be done by either making a duplicate of an existing key or making a new one altogether.

A key cutting machine is used to get the job done within minutes and with a high level of accuracy. Some common key cutting machines that professional locksmiths use are manual, automatic, laser, tubular, cylinder, mortice, and dual key cutting machines.


Lockouts are probably one of the most common reasons why locksmiths are called. They occur when you either forget your key, misplace it, or damage it, and there is no alternate entry point for the area you are trying to access.

This can be on the main doors of the school, in classrooms, staff offices, or any door on campus, and as is obvious, can be extremely stressful, especially if you need to access the area ASAP.

Instead of trying to break down the door, and not only damaging it but also hurting yourself, it is best to call a professional locksmith who can easily open the door for you with minimal damage to both the door and lock.

Some common door opening techniques that locksmiths follow include lock bumping, lock picking, cylinder grilling, reprogramming, and key analysing.


Rekeying refers to the process of realigning the pins inside a lock to prevent previously issued keys to work on it and is usually more feasible and affordable than getting the locks replaced.

Rekeying works best in certain scenarios such as when an unauthorised individual has keys to your property and may have made copies without your knowledge. Common examples include ex-staff members and employees who did not turn in their keys and who you do not wish to be given access to the premises.

Also, if your keys get stolen and the existing locks are working great, get them rekeyed to prevent whoever stole them from using them to gain access to the school, nursery, or college.

Another instance where you would have to get the locks rekeyed is if you switch to a master key system so that you don’t have to carry around a bunch of keys for different doors around the school.

Master key systems

With numerous access points on campus, it can be incredibly difficult to manage a traditional key system that has a different key for every door. It is not only cumbersome but also unsafe for all those in the school or college.

For this reason, it is a great idea to opt for master keying where specific keys are used to open a certain number of doors, resulting in a reduction in the number of keys and limiting the circulation of keys among staff members as well.

Master key systems are especially beneficial for large buildings such as schools and colleges where there may be quite a few door locks and each with a different key.

They require an effective key management system and offer convenience, increased security, and a higher level of control.

Cabinet and locker locks

Locksmithing services are limited to not only doors and windows but also cabinets and lockers, both of which are an integral part of schools.

Cabinets in classrooms and teachers’ offices need a proper locking system since they may contain confidential and restricted information such as exam papers and student records.

Lockers, on the other hand, are mainly for the convenience of students to securely store their belongings. They come in various types and usually have cam locks on them, which are an amalgamation of a combination lock and a padlock.

Installing alarm systems

Since many alarm systems are linked with door locks, their installation requires useful help and insight from professional locksmiths.

When installing burglar alarms in schools, nurseries, and colleges, in addition to sounding a loud alarm when triggered, they are also sometimes programmed to automatically lock all the unlocked doors and windows to ensure the intruders stay away and find no way to break in.

Fire alarm installation is another instance where professional locksmiths can offer their services by linking all the digital door locks to the fire alarm. This way, as soon as the fire alarm is activated, all the main exits are automatically unlocked to speed up the evacuation process.

This is a crucial step in school security and helps come up with a quick exit strategy during emergencies, especially when children are involved who might need extra assistance and help.

It is also extremely useful in lockdown situations when there is a threat outside the school and the kids need to stay inside for security.


Keys are one of the most commonly lost, misplaced, and stolen items in the world, making it extremely difficult to manage them and keep them out of the wrong hands. Most of them can also be easily copied and there is no way of knowing how many copies are out there and in whose possession.

The inability to control and manage access to the school, particularly during school hours when the students, teachers, and staff members are present on campus, becomes even more challenging with simple locks and keys.

To counteract this issue, we have electronic access control systems that eliminate the need for keys and rely instead on other authentication methods such as access cards, access codes, key fobs, biometrics, Bluetooth, and RFID.

Buildings such as schools and colleges that have multiple access points can be a nightmare to manage. With digital access control systems, you can manage them in a better way by relying on codes, biometrics, or smart cards to gain access to different areas of the campus.

Users with access permissions are allowed to enter, whereas restricted users are denied access. What’s great is that the system allows you to tailor the access permissions according to the user. For instance, a student would have different access permissions than that of a teacher.

It also allows for easy monitoring and helps track the users’ movement in and out of the campus. Additionally, it makes it super easy to give and cancel access to the users with just a simple click.

With conventional key systems, revoking access was a huge headache and included getting the locks rekeyed to be on the safe side.

However, with digital access control systems, it’s as easy as tapping a button and the access privileges will be revoked. This can be particularly useful when giving access to maintenance workers or visitors and then removing their access privileges once their work is done.


Here are all the reasons why you must hire a professional locksmith for your school, nursery, and college:

  • They have the necessary skill, expertise, and experience to work with all kinds of locking mechanisms.
  • They can run a risk assessment on your existing locks and security measures and have adequate knowledge to recommend tailored solutions for your needs.
  • They stay up-to-date with the latest lock technologies and are familiar with quality products.
  • They provide a holistic package that includes not just installation but a variety of other services as well, including maintenance and repair.
  • They are quick at what they do, offer emergency callout services, and can be counted on to respond during emergencies.
  • They carry specialised tools needed to carry out the job in the least amount of time with no or minimal damage to existing locks, doors, or windows.
  • All their services are insured, which means that any damages done to your locks or doors will be covered.
  • They have clear prices and quotes and will always give invoices with the cost breakdown according to the labour, material, and time.
  • They provide services of the highest standards because they have a professional reputation to protect.


You need to be able to trust the locks you have on your property but you also need to be able to trust whoever installs them. You need to know that they are skilled in the task and that they are honest and trustworthy tradesmen.

We at Calder Security are members of the Master Locksmith Association (MLA) since 1976 and can work on a wide range of locking mechanisms.

We are specialists in wooden, UPVC, and aluminium doors and the official suppliers for leading lock brands including Chubb, Yale, Securikey, and Garrison. Our team of experienced professionals can advise on the best types of locks for your residential and commercial needs.

In addition to installation services, our professional locksmiths offer repair services for when the locks become damaged or develop faults, and are also fully conversant in business master key systems.

Our qualified locksmiths have an in-depth knowledge of all kinds of locks and can often repair them on site. We can also access locks that have become jammed, including safes, and can respond to your calls quickly which can be very useful if you’ve locked yourself out.

We also offer expert key cutting services from our Lock & Safe Shop in Wakefield where you can get your keys cut while you wait.

Using our state-of-the-art digital equipment, we can cut virtually any key including cylinder keys, mortice keys, dimple keys, Mul-T-Lock keys, padlock keys, locker keys, and safe keys to a high degree of accuracy without having to send them away to be cut.

Contact us here or call us at 0800 612 9799 to talk to our professional locksmiths right away!

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