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If you can see any of these items through your windows – move them immediately!

The 8 things you should never have on show

When selecting a house to rob, burglars will almost always have a good nosy around first which includes looking through the windows for signs that the house is unoccupied and/or has items worth stealing. With this in mind, if you have any of the following items visible through a window, you need to move them – now.


This one is self-explanatory, however many people continue to leave valuable items such as phones, iPads and even money on view. This can be enough to convince a would-be intruder that it’s worth their while breaking in. Keep these items out of sight, even if you’re in the house as a sneak-in thief can be in and out without you even noticing.

Car keys/spare keys

Many burglars have no interest in the contents of your house, they break in for the keys to your car. If keeping your keys in a pot by the door is convenient, it’s equally so for burglars. House keys are also a great find for them; some will sneak in and take them to return later when you’re out or asleep. Don’t keep keys in obvious places where they can be easily spotted and always keep spare keys hidden away.


Just like valuables, burglars will be on the look-out for handbags due to the potential promise of purses, phones or bank cards. Even if there’s nothing of value in the bag, a burglar wouldn’t know that and may still enter your home to get it.

ID/paperwork etc

While you may think that items like letters from your bank or credit card or your driver’s licence or passport have no value, data can be taken from them that can be used for identity fraud and that can have a very large cost to you. Keep important paperwork in a safe place and shred or burn anything that you don’t need.


“What value does a calendar have?” you may well ask. It may not have a value as an item but it could certainly contain information of value. By marking your holidays or even work shifts on a calendar that can be seen and read through a window you are effectively telling anyone who looks in when your home will be unoccupied and that knowledge is priceless to a burglar!

Notes for milkmen/deliveries

If you have a delivery coming that you’re not going to be in for or need to cancel the milk while you’re away on holiday then the natural thing to do is to leave a note. However, if a delivery person or milkman can read it then so can anyone else so find another way to do it (eg rearrange your delivery or contact the milkman by phone).

Stacks of post

Nothing quite says ‘we’re not home’ than stacks of post piling up behind the door. If you have a glass door or windows near the door it’s worth finding some way of obscuring the view (such as a curtain), having your post held by Royal Mail or getting someone to come in and move it while you’re away.


Luggage waiting in a hallway or room is a really strong indication that you’re shortly about to go on a trip. All they have to do is keep an eye on your house to monitor your movements and seize their opportunity once you’ve left. Many people like to pack well in advance but keep the cases out of sight upstairs until you’re ready to go.

Keeping all these items well out of sight, and ideally locked away in a safe, is just as important as keeping your doors locked and your burglar alarm set in terms of keeping your home secure.

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