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Spring Security

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It appears that nobody has told the weather that it’s spring but the clocks go forward this weekend and we would hope that warmer weather and lighter nights are on their way. We know that autumn/winter, when the clocks go back and evenings are darker, is peak time for burglary but that does not mean that we should be complacent at spring time because each season brings risks of its own.

This is the time of year when we start thinking about giving the house a big spring clean, start to hang our washing out on the line and want to be opening windows and doors more to let some fresh air in. These are all things that opportunist burglars can use to their advantage so you just need to take a few precautions; you don’t want to get the spring season off to a start with a break in!

Avoid a spring break in

  • Keep windows and doors closed and locked unless you’re in the room. 30% of burglaries happen via insecure doors and windows and this is totally avoidable
  • If you’ve had windows open during the day, make sure you close them when you go to bed. Sometimes it can be easy to forget about them if you’ve drawn the curtains over them.
  • Keep doors and windows closed if you’re doing a noisy job such as vacuuming. Burglars can sneak in and out in a matter of minutes while you’re distracted and unable to hear over the noise.
  • If you’re busy cleaning upstairs, make sure you lock the doors downstairs
  • When hanging the washing out, gardening or mowing the lawn, keep the door closed and don’t turn your back to it. If you can’t see the door from the garden, it’s a good idea to lock it as well
  • Don’t leave any gardening tools out after you’ve finished that could be used to break a window or force a door or window open
  • When you get the garden furniture out of the garage for the summer, don’t place it too close to the house where it could be used to stand on to get into upstairs windows or onto extension roofs
  • Hedges and trees are now starting to grow and blossom. Make sure that this doesn’t give any would-be burglar the cover they need to sneak around your property by keeping them cut back

Spring should definitely be a lovely time of year with warmer weather, longer days and holidays to look forward to. Don’t let a break in spoil that for the sake of just being a bit careful.

If you’d like additional security advice such as the best kind of locks to have or to get a burglar alarm installed or serviced, you can ring us on 0345 833 5543 or call into our security shop in Wakefield.