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Are you summer security savvy?

Beware what you share: our summer security campaign shows you how risky social media can be be if you overshare

The summer is here, schools have broken up and the sun is shining (mostly!). No wonder we all get a bit excited about trips away, parties in the garden and making the most of the summer in general. More often than not we like to share this stuff on social media. But be careful.

The things you share, and even the hashtags you use, can provide information that could be used to target your house and even if you think you have very tight security settings, you never really know who’s seeing all those little details you’re putting out into the public domain.

That’s why we’ve put together some visual reminders about what you really should not be posting online, represented as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts.

We’ve included comments from our unscrupulous would-be intruders – Dodgy Dave and Burglar Bob – just to show the opportunities that they’re spotting. Now obviously they wouldn’t really be commenting on your posts; they know the danger of oversharing. They’d just be plotting their break-in in private!

Watch out for these memes on social media and share them to let everyone know the dangers.

savvy security - Instagram

Savvy security - Facebook


Savvy security - Twitter