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Holiday Park Security – What do you need and why?

With international travel not as easy and convenient as it used to be, people are looking towards local tourist attractions in the UK such as campsites, beaches, and national landmarks to spend their holidays.

With the influx of visitors and the places at full capacity, it puts a significant amount of pressure on their parking facilities with security becoming a huge issue.

For people planning these staycations, security is usually the last thing on their minds and unfortunate incidents such as thefts and break-ins can put a serious damper on their mood and ruin the whole holiday.

Holiday park security needs to be given more attention since summer 2021 is likely going to be the season of UK staycations with an increased interest in camping and glamping.

With that in mind, we’ve put together ways for improving holiday park security and listed down what you need to do to prevent theft across a host of tourist attractions such as campsites.


Caravans and motorhomes are a huge part of local travelling and staycations. They are significant investments and a popular target for thieves, which is why it makes sense to protect them from such threats.

They aren’t just valuable in their own right but are also full of expensive contents and equipment which, if not properly secured, can easily fall into the hands of criminals looking for opportunities to make quick money.

There are two main types of holiday park thefts:

  • Entire vehicle theft where the caravans and motorhomes are stolen and broken down to sell off their parts, and
  • Vehicle break-ins where the caravans and motorhomes are broken into to steal the contents inside them.

Holiday park security involves preventing both types of thefts by employing some of the best security measures and making it difficult for thieves to break-in.

When talking about campsite park security, there are two things that you need to make sure of:

  • Keeping your vehicle safe at night when you’re sleeping inside, and
  • Keeping it safe when you leave it during the day while exploring the campsite.


Here are all the things you need to do to ensure your vehicles remain safely parked at your campsite, leaving both them and their contents safe from petty thieves who won’t even think twice before ruining your holiday:


When it comes to campsite parking security, a little planning ahead of time can go a long way. Do your research before taking out your precious camper and choose an area that isn’t just a great campsite but also safe for your parked vehicle.

As a general rule of thumb, positioning your motor vehicle in a way that it can’t be seen from the road will limit visibility and prevent passers-by and stalkers to have a view of the vehicle and its contents.

Based on the same theory, rural areas are a far safer option and are less likely to have experienced and calculated thieves nearby looking for easy targets.


The more valuable things you have, the more likely you are to be targeted by thieves. Therefore, before you set off on your holiday, ask yourself whether you really need to take your diamond ring or iPad along.

Fancy gadgets and valuable items are, without a doubt, the most appealing and easy to steal items for thieves. They are small, portable, and have great resale value.

Consider what you bring to the campsite and, unless it is necessary, leave all valuables at home where you know they’ll be safe. Just make sure you’ve taken the necessary security measures to protect your home while you’re away holidaying.


If, for some reason, you have to bring your valuables along, make sure they are kept out of sight and somewhere that passers-by can’t easily spot them.

If a burglar can’t see your belongings, they possibly won’t risk breaking in just to check whether you have something worth stealing.

Items such as money can be hidden in unusual places such as inside the fridge in food containers where thieves would most likely not look for valuables.

As for other items, they must be securely locked up when you’re done using them, especially during the night or when you’re away during the day.


Whether you’re camping in a tent, caravan, or motorhome, the first thing you must do when you arrive at the campsite is to familiarise yourself with the area and introduce yourself to the other campers.

This not just helps you build a sense of trust but can also be useful for having someone watch your belongings or update you about any suspicious activity in the area. You can return the favour and help keep a lookout for their vehicle when they’re away.

You need to be vigilant and keep a strict check on any suspicious activity around the campsite. There are certain things that burglars do when choosing a target to break into which might seem suspicious to someone observing them.

If you see random, unidentifiable people lurking around the campsite, don’t hesitate to inform others and the relevant authorities to take action.


When looking for ways to break-in, the doors and windows are the first things that burglars check since they are the main source of entry into a property or vehicle.

Vulnerabilities such as the absence of locks, or the presence of subpar ones, allows them to easily break-in, which is why door and window locks are an essential part of security and are considered one of the most basic forms of physical defence against intrusions.

When it comes to holiday parking security, you must pay special attention to your door and window locks and always close them when you leave the vehicle, even for a short time.

There are different types of locks that can be used as additional security to the already existing ones in caravans and motorhomes. They include:

  • Wheel clamps

A wheel clamp, as the name suggests, locks the wheel and demobilises the vehicle to prevent the wheels from turning and the vehicle from being stolen. It is best to use a brightly coloured wheel clamp so that it is visible and acts as a visual deterrent for thieves.

There are various types of wheel clamps available in the market, with some covering the entire wheel and some fitting between the spokes of the wheel.

  • Hitch locks

Hitch locks are another very popular addition to caravan security that prevents removing the caravan from a towing vehicle and also from attaching it to another one.

They are a popular method of deterring thieves and preventing the caravan from being stolen. Hitch locks are also quick and easy to attach and come in a range of sizes and designs for all kinds of caravans.

  • Door and window locks

High-security door and window locks can make it more difficult for thieves to break into your caravan or motorhome to take your belongings.

Special caravan deadlocks can be fitted on doors to prevent intruders from smashing the window and turning the door handle from inside.

When choosing the best door and window locks for your motor vehicle, you need to keep in mind the lock gradings, ratings, and brand.

Based on industry standards, locks are given gradings and ratings that determine the level of protection they offer, from grades 1 to 3 with grade 1 being the safest.

Another marker of quality is the BSI Kitemark which shows that the locks meet the applicable and appropriate British standards for quality, safety, performance, and trust.


Security safes are secure boxes that can be used to lock up valuable items to ensure they remain protected from threats such as theft, fire, floods, and other disasters.

You can find small security safes for caravans that add an extra layer of security to protect your valuables even if someone manages to break into your vehicle.

With so many types and varieties to choose from, security safes can be used to store anything ranging from money, jewellery, important documents, valuable items, as well as dangerous items such as guns and medicines that should be kept away from children.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, along with various locking mechanisms such as the traditional key-and-lock, mechanical combination locks, electronic combination locks, biometric locks, time locks, and time delay combination locks.


There is a reason why most thieves wait for nightfall to commit crimes. The dark provides a great cover and, even if someone sees them, they can run away without getting recognised.

The same goes for thieves targeting caravans and motorhomes parked at campsites. A dark parked vehicle means that either it is empty or the people inside are sleeping, giving thieves and intruders a great opportunity to break in.

LED bulbs, coupled with motion sensors, are a great investment for parking security in that they are efficient, easy to install, highly durable, and light up instantly as soon as someone comes near the parked vehicle.

This draws attention to not just the caravan occupants but also fellow campers on the site of the suspicious activity.


Security alarms are one of the best burglary detection and deterrence devices that can be installed in caravans and motorhomes to prevent thieves from targeting them.

There are a wide range of alarm systems, specially configured to be used in mobile homes, that work using a series of sensors that sound an alarm as soon as an intrusion is detected.

The main components of the system include the control panel, sensors, keypad, sounder, and batteries. There are different types of sensors attached to the system that pick up on various types and levels of intrusions. The most common types of sensors include:

  • Door and window sensors – to detect when someone tries to gain unauthorised access through them,
  • Motion sensors – to detect any movement or kinetic activity,
  • Glass break detectors – to detect the sound of breaking glass, and
  • Shock sensors – to detect vibrations in the area being broken into.

Placement of the sensors plays a huge part in how well they work and it is best to place them near the main entry points such as the doors and windows of the vehicles while making sure that their range isn’t blocked.

Some security alarms also come equipped with immobilisers that, in the event of an alarm trigger, block the motorhome’s engine from running. This way, even if someone attempts to break in, they won’t be able to drive away with the camper thanks to this great feature.

If you wish to always be informed about your motor vehicle’s security, even when you are away from it, it is a good idea to invest in smart alarms that enable you to receive notifications on your smartphone every time the alarm is triggered.

They offer a ton of options when it comes to flexibility and control, allowing users to connect all compatible devices including security cameras, lights, and other sensors (if any).

Depending on their features, smart alarms may be a bit pricey but are a great solution for holiday parking security that allow integrating all the security systems and controlling them from one central hub, and that too remotely.


Now that we’ve discussed how important holiday park security is, let’s talk about how important it is to install the right type of security systems for maximum results.

With the various types and brands of security systems out there, it can become quite challenging to choose the best one for your caravan or motorhome.

For that reason, it is best to leave it to the professionals who have experience working in the field and can provide you with the best services.

Installing the right security systems and adopting adequate measures will not just maximise your security but also help reduce your insurance premiums.

However, an important thing to note when installing add-ons such as locks and alarm systems is to not do unnecessary drilling to the vehicle since it can affect the warranty of the system.

Professional security specialists know the ins and outs of the trade and will help you gain maximum protection along with great reductions in your insurance premiums.


At Calder Security, we provide a comprehensive security solution for holiday parking that includes not just professional installation of security systems but also their monitoring, maintenance, and repair.

We are SSAIB approved installers and follow all the best practices in the industry. We do not compromise on quality and install only high-quality, state-of-the-art security equipment.

We offer various levels of monitoring via a 24-hour monitoring centre using Dualcom and BT Redcare signalling, which is the most secure alarm monitoring system and the largest supplier of intelligent alarm signalling services in the UK.

We understand the importance of having to regularly maintain security systems since the inability to do so might result in serious faults and consequent vulnerabilities.

We provide professional maintenance checks and reminders for when the checks are due to help you stay compliant with the law, and work fast to restore your security systems to excellent condition.

We are also members of the Master Locksmith Association (MLA) since 1976 and can work on a wide range of locking mechanisms.

We specialise in wooden, UPVC, and aluminium doors, and are the official suppliers for leading lock brands including Chubb, Yale, Securikey, and Garrison.

In addition to installation services, our professional locksmiths also offer repair services for when the locks become damaged or develop faults.

We offer professional locksmithing services that come with insurance which means that any damages done to your motor vehicle’s locks or doors will be covered.

Contact us here or call us on 0800 612 9799 for the best holiday park security to make your camping trips memorable, and for all the good reasons only!

Photo by Hert Niks on Unsplash