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New Blog Categories Added

We’re fairly prolific bloggers here at Calder Security; we like to add to the blog most weeks. We cover news items from the company, blog items around key topics in security – some relevant to homes and some to businesses – and within that we discuss specific areas such as burglary and CCTV. With over 80 posts at the time of writing, we decided it was time we allowed people to filter the articles more effectively so that they could quickly access the posts that they were most interested in. We have therefore created categories for all of the following:

News Articles | Blog Articles | Home Security | Business Security | Home Burglary | Business Burglary | Home CCTV | Business CCTV

Simply click on any of the above, you’ll find them at the top of the Blog page, to access a filtered list of all articles relating to that topic. It means that if you’re only interested in posts about home burglaries or business CCTV you can focus on those specifically.

Of course, if there are security topics that you don’t feel are properly represented here, please let us know!