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Community urged to beware of sneak in burglars

We’ve just seen this posted on a local (Wakefield) community page on Facebook:

“I had an attempted burglary last Thursday evening at 7.30pm. I was home with my children and my husband had just nipped out. They tried coming through my back door but my dog barked to alert me. My teenage son scared them off whoever the next person may not be so lucky. Thankfully nothing was taken and no one was hurt.

I have spoken with the police and they have warned me that crime like this is on on the up in Wrenthorpe and has got worse over the last month. The police are on high alert for this area as it is so unusual.

I usually lock my doors but on this one occasion I didn’t and it has scared me for life. I am just wanting to make the community aware and to be extra cautious.”

This post highlights the importance of maintaining your security even when you are at home during normal waking hours. Burglary is not exclusively reserved for the middle of the night or when your home is empty. This is an example of an ‘insecure burglary’ – a burglary made via an unsecured door or window. We recently published a blog on the subject, including how you can prevent them. Read it here.

Now that spring is on the way people are often in and out of the house; hanging washing, gardening, kids playing etc but just be aware of the dangers and make sure that your home remains secure at all times.