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Advanced Features in Business CCTV Systems: A Guide

CCTV systems of today are more than just tools to monitor premises and capture crisp footage – they offer way more convenience and security through smart advanced features that push our understanding of the capabilities of CCTV cameras.

You might look at a CCTV camera and think that it’s merely recording footage, but advanced cameras are capable of so much more. They can not only record but also analyse video data simultaneously to determine threats.

Artificial intelligence in CCTV systems is a great example! Using artificial intelligence, CCTV systems provide advanced features such as facial recognition, gait analysis, smart monitoring, and auto threat reporting.

These features make CCTV systems not only smarter but more versatile and valuable for businesses because instead of a suite of security hardware, you can cover several security requirements using just an advanced CCTV system.

Read below to learn more about advanced features in business CCTV systems and how you can get the most out of these smart CCTV cameras:


When it comes to businesses, protecting business assets, employees, and customers is the top priority to build a positive brand image.

Businesses face several types of risks such as commercial burglaries, theft, intrusions, and vandalism. This is why almost every business opts for some form of security – and that type of security just so happens to be CCTV cameras.

CCTV cameras have been around for a long time and have played a fundamental role in curbing crime. The mere presence of these cameras is enough to deter crime and, statistically, businesses that install a comprehensive CCTV system are less likely to get robbed.

Even in the rare event that they do get robbed, the odds of identifying and catching the criminals just by using CCTV footage are very good!

However, to maximise security, it is best that you go for advanced CCTV cameras that provide various features that strengthen business security.

A robust business CCTV system with the help of advanced technology can help provide the following:

  • Prevention – Pre-emptive security is way better! Proactive security can help prevent crime and can significantly cut down the risk of loss for any type of business. Advanced CCTV systems are designed to prevent common security threats and mitigate the security risks associated with various businesses.
  • Deterrence – advanced business CCTV systems act as effective deterrents to criminal activity and cause criminals to think twice due to the fear of getting caught on camera.
  • Detection – advanced business CCTV systems can not only detect crime, but they can do it way faster than traditional security cameras. In other words, advanced business CCTV systems use various technologies and advanced algorithms to analyse threats on the fly and take quick actions automatically.
  • Response – Advanced business CCTV systems can significantly increase the response time for threats. In addition to recognising crime, they can simultaneously report the threats to the relevant stakeholders for immediate action. So, instead of people manually scanning for threats using CCTV footage, the camera can ascertain the risk level associated with an event and take immediate action.


Advanced business CCTV systems use upgraded hardware, better lenses, and more importantly, better software to provide comprehensive security.

Software technology has completely changed the way we approach security! Modern business CCTV systems use analytics, cloud-based management, and integrated systems to increase efficiency and provide proactive security for businesses.

Let’s look at some of the top advanced features found in modern business CCTV systems:


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are revolutionising the way businesses approach security. These technologies are enabling businesses to be more in control of business security and can provide comprehensive security solutions for all types of businesses.

In recent years, we have seen a switch from old-school analogue CCTV cameras to more advanced AI-integrated network/IP CCTV cameras.

These newer cameras are not only versatile, but they provide way more convenience than regular cameras that require constant and manual monitoring. Many businesses hire professional security personnel on-site to monitor security footage – but using newer CCTV hardware, these cameras automatically detect threats and take quick action.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning also enable cameras to record better-quality footage. Using advanced codecs and algorithms, modern CCTV systems produce higher-quality footage and even offer High-Definition Rendering (HDR) that further increases the quality and viewability of the footage.

Artificial intelligence also enables CCTV systems to process data and provide security analytics in real time. These CCTV systems can “think” for themselves and alert the authorities of any suspicious event or activity on the business premises.

Furthermore, machine learning also enables these cameras to constantly “learn”. In other words, the camera can be trained to distinguish between threats and non-threats. Since it can recognise faces, the camera can learn to omit trusted people and can only send notifications for unauthorised individuals.

Let’s look a closer look at how Artificial Intelligence in business CCTV systems results in better threat prevention and detection:

Advanced Threat Prevention

As mentioned above, using artificial intelligence, smart advanced business CCTV systems can significantly increase their response time and become more proactive. For example, the camera constantly scans for threats and if it notices any unusual activity, then the system can assess the risk level and take quick action.

For example, if the camera detects someone at odd hours around the business, it can save the footage and cross-check it later if the same person visits the premises again during odd hours. This type of activity would be deemed suspicious, and the system will automatically take a snapshot of the individual and record accompanying footage as well.

24/7 surveillance

The biggest feature of these advanced business CCTV systems is that they are self-monitoring. In other words, these cameras don’t need human intervention or supervision. They work independently and can provide security suggestions automatically.

Modern CCTV cameras achieve this feat using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The system picks up intrusions and anomalies on its own and provides 24/7, uninterrupted security for businesses.

Smart CCTV Functions

Advanced business CCTV systems can also be integrated with smart security systems to provide comprehensive smart security for businesses. For example, the CCTV system can work with other security hardware like keypad locks, biometric scanners, and burglar alarms.

If the security camera detects a threat, it can try to contain the threat to a certain area by automatically locking the doors and windows. The camera can also “talk” to security hardware like the burglar alarm and activate it remotely.

Real-time CCTV Alerts

Advanced business CCTV systems provide real-time security. You might think that with all these extra advanced features, the camera will be bogged down and provide low performance. On the contrary, these cameras perform multiple operations thanks to their advanced processing power – and some cameras may even process this data over the cloud as well!

This real-time processing enables the camera to send out live notifications to business stakeholders.


Old-school CCTV cameras use on-site hardware like hard drives or Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) to save video surveillance footage. However, thanks to advances in internet technology, this data can be stored online! This means that the security footage will be stored over the “cloud” and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, so long as you have a stable internet connection.

Cloud-based computing is redefining security worldwide and is enabling more than just how we store security footage. This technology can also enable business CCTV systems to process high-volume data in real time using cloud computing. In this scenario, instead of processing data using limited CCTV hardware, the data is sent over the internet in real-time where high-performance computers process the footage.


This has got to be one of the coolest features of advanced business CCTV systems. As mentioned above, modern business CCTV systems can communicate with other security hardware and work together to provide comprehensive business security.

This means that you can connect all security hardware to a central hub (usually a mobile app) and control every security hardware from the comfort of your phone. Smart integration can enable you to connect sensors, access control systems, detectors, smart locks, keypads, intercoms, elevator controls, CCTV cameras, and emergency lighting – all in one mobile application.

Modern businesses can benefit a lot from integrated security because they can fulfil multiple security requirements without adding additional security costs like hiring full-time security personnel.

This is why this technology is a big hit for small to medium-sized businesses that don’t have the space or the budget to hire additional personnel for security. While bigger companies will always benefit from human-based security measures, smaller businesses can use these smart systems to achieve comprehensive security without breaking the bank.

Using advanced system integration, you don’t have to go through the data collected by the alarm system, CCTV cameras, and access control systems separately while reviewing a threat. You can instead receive a security summary of the threat on your phone and review the actions taken by the security system automatically!

The best part about this technology is that it can be integrated seamlessly using popular services like Google Home or Alexa. We recommend that you pick a professional and experienced security company like Calder Security that deals in advanced business CCTV systems to seamlessly integrate every type of security hardware in your business.


Global warming and climate change have become a serious issue that threaten our way of life. Every year, carbon emissions caused by industries and commercial businesses contribute to the overall global greenhouse gas emissions. This is why it is pertinent that modern businesses take responsibility and switch to greener solutions – including security hardware!

The UK is on a mission to reduce carbon emissions and the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is committed to achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2050. The plan is to switch to renewable energy like solar or wind energy to achieve net emissions. So, where does security hardware fit in this plan?

Well, it turns out that the widespread use of security hardware is contributing to the overall power consumption of businesses which leads to an increase in their carbon footprint.

It might be hard to believe but if you consider the thousands of CCTV cameras installed across commercial establishments, you will understand the sheer electrical requirement of this hardware.

This is where advanced business CCTV systems come in. These CCTV systems can be integrated with smart solar solutions installed at the business and can actively decide where to draw power from. For example, the camera system can decide to switch to solar power during the day and switch to either battery power or the main grid depending on the battery storage level.

This way the system can work sustainably and provide uninterrupted security, even if there is a blackout from the power grid side!


Implementing advanced business CCTV systems can be challenging, especially for small business owners who have limited knowledge about these systems. The good news is that most of this advanced hardware is intuitive and easy to install – and if you pick the right security company, you can easily install your new CCTV system within a few hours.

Here is a guide for implementing advanced CCTV systems for businesses:

Risk Assessment

Before purchasing an advanced business CCTV system, we recommend that you conduct a thorough security risk assessment. This assessment will help highlight key areas in your business that require the most security and can also help you finalise the top advanced features that you need for your business.

Futureproofing and Upgrades

Always future-proof yourself when it comes to security hardware. Keep in mind that security hardware is evolving every year. However, instead of purchasing a new system frequently, it is advised that business owners invest in a future-proof system that receives regular updates.

The benefit of receiving updates is that these software upgrades can significantly improve the performance of security hardware. For example, newer software can enable old hardware to produce better-quality footage. Software upgrades can also enable cameras to record normal footage and use cloud computing to enhance the quality of the footage.

The best way to pick these upgradable systems is to opt for a known company that has been around for years and has a track record of providing constant updates. For the best experience, we recommend hiring a professional security company like Calder Security to help source all security hardware.


Of course, advanced features also mean slightly higher costs! Advanced security hardware can be a bit costly in terms of cloud storage, maintenance costs, and other software-associated costs. However, in the long term, this technology can prove to provide better value for money than regular cameras with limited capabilities.

We recommend that you consider your budget and discuss your requirements with a security company that can help you find the right advanced business CCTV system for your needs.


At Calder Security, we offer a comprehensive solution for CCTV cameras that are state-of-the-art and comply with CCTV laws and regulations.

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We conduct every aspect from surveys, design, specification, and installation ourselves, and our professional repair and maintenance services ensure that the CCTV systems work in optimal condition all year round, guaranteeing effectiveness and compliance with the law.

We also offer professional CCTV monitoring services that help detect criminal activity and security breaches as they are in progress for the appropriate action to be taken, even when the property is empty.

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