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40 Security Facts: Burglar Alarms

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To celebrate 40 years in business we thought we’d give you 40 interesting facts about the services we offer; 10 facts each for burglar alarms, CCTV, locks and access control.

Here are our 10 interesting facts about burglar alarms:


  1. The first burglar alarm system was patented in 1853 by Augustus Russell Pope in the USA
  2. Around 40% of UK households have a burglar alarm installed but 34% of those rarely set it.
  3. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 burglars would choose to target a home without a burglar alarm over those with one
  4. Burglar alarms can be wired (wired into the mains electrics) or wireless (powered by battery alone). Wireless alarms are cheaper and quicker to install but do require a new battery every couple of years. Read a full wired v wireless comparison here.
  5. An alarm with a speech dialler can connect to a mobile phone to allow you to perform a number of tasks including notify you if your alarm is triggered, set the alarm remotely, ring in and listen and even issue an audible warning
  6. Many people think that they can’t use a burglar alarm if they have pets because they would trigger the alarm. This is actually not the case as you can have pet sensors installed which have been specially designed to recognise the difference between an animal and a person
  7. A house alarm system can be extended to include out-buildings and garages. These can be set even when the main house alarm isn’t set, for example in the evening when you’re still up and about but it’s dark outside and you want the garage to be alarmed
  8. A working burglar alarm that is regularly maintained will usually help to reduce home insurance premiums. A monitored alarm will reduce them further
  9. You can connect your alarm to your smoke alarm so that if your smoke alarm is triggered, so is your burglar alarm. This could alert people outside the home to a fire. A speech dialler could alert you if this happens when you’re away from the home
  10. You can link your alarm to your security lights so it will turn them on if the alarm is triggered, drawing even more attention to the property

With 40 years in the business we pretty much know all there is to know about burglar alarms and can supply alarms that offer all the kinds of features outlined above.

Our next ‘10 facts’ from our 40 facts series will be CCTV, followed by Locks then Access Control.

See our wired v wireless burglar alarm systems review article.

If you have any questions about burglar alarms, or any other of our security services, please give us a call on 0345 833 5543.

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