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A Month of Home Security Tips – A Look Back

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#SecurityTip Series Now Complete

During December we have posted a home security tip every day via Twitter and Facebook. Did you catch them? If not then we have re-capped all 31 of them here. Many are quite specific to Christmas but a lot are just common sense that apply all year round.

Let us know what you thought of the series and did you take any action as a result of them?

#SecurityTip 1: Nights get dark early now the clocks have gone back. Close curtains to make sure your valuables are not on display

#SecurityTip 2: Don’t leave valuables on display. Many leave curtains open to show off the tree but it can be an invitation to burglars

#SecurityTip 3: Been saving up all year? Full piggy banks are very tempting to burglars. Better to cash up and bank regularly

#SecurityTip 4: If you have an alarm, use it! Many don’t set it due to inconvenience, pets or are unsure how to operate it

#SecurityTip 5: Going out to lots of Christmas parties? Make your house look occupied by leaving lights on and even TV. Set the alarm too

#SecurityTip 6: Christmas shopping? Keep receipts separate to purchases so if the worst happens you can claim on insurance

#SecurityTip 7: Gifts need to be hidden from thieves as well as recipients! New items are desirable as they can be sold on or returned

#SecurityTip 8: Don’t leave purchases on view in the car. Opportunists may take them from there or come back to the house later

#SecurityTip 9: Keep windows and doors locked even during the day; approx 1 in 3 burglaries are committed via an unlocked door/window

#SecurityTip 10: Hide purchases from ALL prying eyes: both recipients and burglars will look in obvious places – under beds, in wardrobes

#SecurityTip 11: Buying high value gadgets and jewellery as gifts? Consider buying a safe to store them til the big day

#SecurityTip 12: Don’t advertise nights out or trips away on social media. You may as well put a sign on the door saying ‘empty property’

#SecurityTip 13: Partner/son/daughter out late at parties? Make sure they take a key – don’t leave the door unlocked for them

#SecurityTip 14: 9 out of 10 burglars are deterred by an alarm or CCTV cameras and won’t attempt to break in. Consider installing them

#SecurityTip 15: Using a ‘safe place’ for parcel deliveries while out? How safe is it really in a garden/outhouse? Better to re-deliver

#SecurityTip 16: Shopping with cash? Don’t draw out big sums and keep at home. Use cards or shop online to minimise the risk of theft

#SecurityTip 17: Gravel drives, ‘beware of dog’ signs, burglar alarms, lights and CCTV cameras will all put a would-be intruder off

#SecurityTip 18: Out late night shopping? Try to get home and turn lights on rather than going straight from work so it looks occupied

#SecurityTip 19: Having a drink over Christmas? A tipple can make you less security conscious so lock up before you drink up!

#SecurityTip 20: Are you checking in while out? Revealing your current location on social media says that you’re not home – very risky!

#SecurityTip 21: Beware carollers: some may use as an opportunity to see what you have. Don’t show valuables from front door

#SecurityTip 22: Just lighting up your house will deter burglars. Security lighting at the front and the back is a good idea

#SecurityTip 23: Burglars don’t have a conscience! They will steal on Christmas Day and they will take your kids’ toys. Don’t make it easy

#SecurityTip 24: Be especially vigilant on Christmas Eve when gifts are all together under the tree and therefore easy to grab

#SecurityTip 25: Merry Christmas! Remember though, burglars don’t care that it’s Christmas Day so hide gifts away if you go out

#SecurityTip 26: Teenagers at home? They get the best gadgets at Christmas which can make your house a target. Lock up well and hide away

#SecurityTip 27: Don’t advertise expensive gifts you received on social media. You can make yourself a target (+ nobody likes a show off!)

#SecurityTip 28: Away from home? Get your alarm or CCTV linked to your mobile phone so you can keep an eye on things while away

#SecurityTip 29: Burglaries are actually more common during the day. Don’t leave doors unlocked even if you are in. Set the alarm if out

#SecurityTip 30: Leaving windows ajar to run cables for outdoor lights? Burglars can take advantage and gain access via the smallest gap

#SecurityTip 31: Happy New Year! Stepping out to watch fireworks? Don’t let opportunists sneak in while you’re distracted – stay vigilant