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Secure business brings additional unexpected benefits

While even the smallest of businesses seem to understand the importance of cyber security, often physical security is overlooked. And while the benefits of securing your building, in terms of preventing theft or damage, should seem like justification enough there are additional advantages that you may not have anticipated. According to, strong physical security can also bring brand loyalty, customer trust, perceived professionalism and even increased productivity and job satisfaction among staff.

It claims that demonstrating a responsible approach to security shows customers that you take all forms of security seriously. Having measures such as an access control system with ID cards can reinforce your brand when customers come to your premises and create the impression of a company with ‘clout’. It can also make even the smallest business seem very well established and says that it’s worth protecting.

These ID cards can also, according to the article, give staff a feeling of belonging and being valued and helps them feel safe. In short “The cumulative impact of these benefits is to create an atmosphere where your staff feel safe and valued in their jobs, clients have confidence in your business and your company’s legitimacy is strengthened.”

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