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Business Fire Alarm Repair Services

British Standard BS 5839 states that any existing fire alarm system must be maintained properly, improved if necessary and cannot be removed. It is in every business’s interest to maintain their fire alarm properly.

Fire Alarm Repair Yorkshire

By law, fire alarm systems in businesses must be kept in good working order. Any issue needs resolving quickly because while ever a fire alarm does not function correctly, it leaves your staff, your premises and your stock, assets and equipment vulnerable. We offer fast repairs to all fire alarm systems, even if we didn’t install it in the first place.

Why trust Calder Security for fire alarm repair?

  • Because we also install and maintain fire alarms, our knowledge is extensive which means fast and efficient repairs
  • 24 hour call out service for customers
  • Can work on systems not installed or maintained by us
  • Security specialists since 1976
What can we offer?

Enquire About Our Fire Alarm Repair

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