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Business Fire Alarm Maintenance

Business fire alarms are subject to strict regulations when it comes to keeping them in good working order. Failing to have them serviced often enough can be a serious issue for any business.

Fire alarm maintenance Yorkshire

It is not enough to simply have a fire alarm in a business premises. The law states that it must be maintained properly and, depending on a number of factors, this can be anything up to 3 times per year. We understand fire regulations and will keep you compliant with all fire regulations. Because we understand the systems so well due to the complete service offered, we can service alarm systems to very high standards to keep them working well for as long as possible.

Why trust Calder Security for fire alarm maintenance?

  • Good knowledge of business fire regulations to help you be compliant
  • Will remind you when fire alarm services are due
  • SSAIB approved contractor
  • Security specialists since 1976
What can we offer?

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