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NHSM16 – Security Stat Round Up

All 31 security stats from the campaign

Throughout October we have been posting a daily security statistic as part of our campaign for National Home Security Month 2016. These stats have been curated from a variety of sources and shared daily via our Facebook page and Twitter profile.

Now that National Home Security Month has finished for another year you can see all the stats that we’ve shared here:

  1. 30% of burglaries happen via an unlocked door
  2. 26% of burglaries happen via an open window
  3. 25% of people feel they have to move home in order to feel safe again after a break in
  4. 20% said they didn’t feel comfortable being in the house on their own after a burglary
  5. 40% of householders in the UK have a burglar alarm
  6. 34% of those with burglar alarms don’t bother to set them
  7. It is estimated that 90% of burglars would choose to target a home without an alarm over those that have one
  8. On average, only 14% of burglaries in England result in an arrest
  9. 87% of burglary victims fail to have a single item stolen returned to them
  10. 25% of burglaries use so-called ‘lock snapping’
  11. 33% of people will experience a burglary at some point in their lives
  12. Only 22% of those burgled bother to report it
  13. 48% of people often don’t bother locking doors when they are in the house
  14. 64% of people sometimes leave doors locked when they are NOT at home
  15. 74% of victims of a distraction burglary live alone
  16. 77% of victims of a distraction burglary are women
  17. Burglaries increase by 9% on Valentine’s Day
  18. 9% of the population experienced a burglary last year
  19. Over 50% of people hide their valuables in the sock drawer, the wardrobe, under the bed or other obvious places
  20. 6% of those burgled are likely to be burgled again
  21. 50% of burglary victims will subsequently install a burglar alarm
  22. 30% of burglary victims will subsequently upgrade their home locks
  23. 30% of burglaries are conducted when there is someone at home
  24. 34% of burglars enter via the front door
  25. 22% of burglars enter via the back door
  26. 60% of burglars use social media to target people who are away from the property
  27. 60% of people burgled say their home feels tainted after a break in
  28. 65% of burglaries occur between 6am and 6pm
  29. Over 71% of burgled properties do not have a burglar alarm
  30. Burglaries increase by 20% when the clocks go back in October
  31. Burglaries increase by 22% on Bonfire Night – the highest increase of any night of the year

We will be posting a full round up of everything that we’ve done during NHSM shortly, including our donation to Remedi UK. The purpose of running NHSM during October is to raise awareness of home security issues at the time of year when burglaries tend to spike. The campaign may be over but of course, the issue of looking after your home security never ends and the tips that we’ve shared in our various blog posts are useful to adopt all year round. Hopefully these statistics demonstrate that.

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