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New Police burglary campaign offers advice for summer security

West Yorkshire Police’s campaign focuses on various things you need to be aware of during spring and summer months

West Yorkshire Police launches a new spring burglary campaign each year with advice for securing our homes over the summer months. Summer and winter each carry their own risks when it comes to home security. In winter, it’s dark nights that pose the biggest risk but during spring and summer the main issue is our complacency when the sun shines that compromises our security: leaving windows and doors open and spending time in the garden to name just a couple of things.

This year their campaign focuses on 6 key areas to be aware of when it comes to taking the right steps to secure your home.

1. Euro Cylinder Locks

Locks are your first line of defence against an intruder. Make sure yours are anti-snap locks and that they are installed correctly.

WYP spring burglary campaign - locks

2. Sneak-in Burglary

We all lock our doors when we go to bed but you should really keep them locked all the time, even during the day when you’re at home. It only takes a few minutes for a sneak-in thief to get in and out of your home.

WYP spring burglary campaign - sneak in burglars

3. Patio Doors

Patio, French or bi-fold doors are lovely in the summer, offering you an unobstructed view into the garden. However, if you get a great view out then a burglar may get a great view in and anything of value that you leave in view is at risk. Make sure you don’t leave valuables within sight of these doors, check that the locks are as good as those on your front door and consider curtains or blinds that you can draw at night.

WYP spring burglary campaign - patio doors

4. Car Security

It stands to reason that you should keep your car locked and don’t leave valuables on view but also be careful where you keep your keys in the house. Not only could you fall victim to relay crime (picking up the radio signal on your fob from outside the house) but many house break ins are committed to steal cars, especially if keys are on show, so don’t make it easy for them.

WYP spring burglary campaign - car security

5. Don’t advertise your stuff

It’s all too easy to throw down our stuff when we get home; phone, bag, wallet, car keys etc. But be careful about not leaving these, and other valuables, where they can be seen through windows as you’re just advertising what you have to steal.

WYP spring burglary campaign - out of sight

6. Garden Security

Pay just as close attention to your outdoor space as your home. Sheds and garages carry a much lower risk for burglars but they can still hope to come away with expensive bikes or tools plus they may find items in outbuildings or the garden that they can use to break into your house such as ladders, tools and furniture.

WYP spring burglary campaign - garden security

You can see the campaign, along with additional tips and advice, on the West Yorkshire Police website.